Samsung Refrigerator Ice Maker Jams Up [How to Fix]

Having trouble unjamming your jammed ice maker? This article guides you on what to do if your Samsung refrigerator ice maker jams up.

Samsung refrigerator ice maker jams up
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Samsung Ice Maker Jammed – Quick Fix

If the ice maker of your Samsung refrigerator is jammed, try to defrost it to see if ice is causing it to jam. If you can clear the ice jam and reset the ice maker, it may resume normal operations.

To defrost it, put the refrigerator in forced defrost mode. This mode turns on the heating system of the refrigerator to defrost the freezer, evaporator and ice maker without waiting for the normal defrost cycle.

Press the Fridge button and the Energy Saver button simultaneously and hold them for about 8 seconds. The display will go blank and the refrigerator will start beeping.

Next, press the Fridge button to display different commands until you get to Fd, which is forced defrost. Allow the defrost cycle to run for about 5 to 10 minutes so that any ice causing the ice maker or even the ice bucket to stick will melt.

After this time, press the same buttons for about 8 seconds to take the unit out of the defrost mode. When you press them, the Fd command will appear again.

Press the Fridge button one more time so that the display will go blank. After about 15 seconds, the beeping will stop and the display, as well as the refrigerator, will return to normal operations.

It is important to note here that the combination of buttons to use to get the refrigerator into the forced defrost mode varies according to the model of the Samsung refrigerator you own. Therefore, check the defrost section of the user manual for steps to get your model into the defrost mode.

However, for most refrigerators, the Fridge and Energy Saver buttons appear and will work for this purpose.

Removing the Ice Bucket

To remove the ice bucket, determine if the ice maker model has a button or lever with which to release the bucket before lifting it out.

Take a look at the top corner of the bucket. If there is a lever or button, press it before grabbing the bucket at the bottom, lifting it slightly and pulling it out. But if there is no button or lever, simply grab, lift a little and pull out gently.

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Some ice buckets slide in like drawers under the ice maker. For those types, just slide it out from under the ice maker.

If the ice bucket is loose after the forced defrost cycle, it means ice caused it to jam.

Sometimes, ice forms in the ice bucket. It may be caused by warm entering into the ice maker compartment or irregular usage of the ice in the bucket. Checking the source of warm air is crucial to preventing the ice bucket and ice maker from freezing again.

If your Samsung ice maker tray, which is the same as the ice bucket, is jammed due to ice, a force defrost cycle should fix it. Alternatively, turn off the refrigerator for a few hours to allow the ice to melt. Doing this may also help the ice maker if it is frozen. And if you see a white wire hanging down from the ice maker after the ice clears, request service from Samsung.

Removing the Ice Maker

To remove the ice maker, unmount the screw that holds the cover of the wire housing in place. When the screw is off, pull the cover gently towards the front of the unit to loosen it. It will come off easily.

Next, move the wires out of the side of the compartment. Depress the clip that holds the wire harness in place to release the harness. Then, move it out of the way.

Now, unmount the one screw that holds the plastic air conduit of the ice maker in place. It is on the ice maker’s right side. The left side of the ice maker has a retainer clip holding it in place.

With a flat blade screwdriver, move the plastic conduit to the right and out of the way so that you can move the ice maker. Tread carefully here as the piece is usually stiff and using force may cause it to crack or break.

When it is out of the way, you may see a refrigeration coil running under the ice maker. Using the same flat blade screwdriver, pry downward on the coil gently to shift it away from the ice maker. This is so that it does not snag on the machine when you are removing it. Do this carefully as any damage means the whole unit damages and cannot be repaired.

Next, press and hold a clip at the top of the ice maker to loosen it. Then, pull the machine towards you a little while pressing it. Wiggle it a little if it is stuck so that it will come out but don’t force it. If the ice maker remains stuck or seems frozen solid, report the issue to the Samsung Service Center and request service.

Samsung Ice Maker Keeps Jamming – What to Do

If a Samsung refrigerator ice maker jams up regularly, test or reset it to see if it fixes the problem. To do this, press the test button on the ice maker. The location of the button will depend on the model of the Samsung refrigerator in use.

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A beep from the ice maker will alert you that the test has started. Allow it run its course, usually about 6 minutes, and at the end, another beep will alert you to the success of the test.

Next, give the ice maker time, between 24 to 48 hours, to resume full ice production. This will also give you time to monitor it to see if it jams again.

If doing this does not fix it, there are a few things to check and fix:

1. Gasket

The gasket on the ice bucket could be loose, weak or dirty. Inspect it to determine if it is time to replace it. If it does not sit tightly in place or there are gaps around it, replace it. And if it is dirty, clean it with warm water, mild soap and a soft cloth.

If the gasket is compromised, it will cause the bucket not to close well and this will let in warm air. Warm air usually carries moisture that enters the unit and freezes, leading to ice buildup around the ice bucket and ice maker.

2. Defrost Components

Check the defrost heater using a multimeter to see if it is working. It is responsible for melting ice off the evaporator coils, the freezer and around the ice maker. So if the ice maker jams due to ice, it could be because the heater is malfunctioning.

There are other defrost components to check, such as the thermostat and timer. But while the defrost system may not be the likeliest reason for the problem, it is good to verify that it is still working properly.

Samsung DA47-00244U Defrost Heater Assembly

3. Compartment

The compartment of the ice maker could also be compromised. There could be tiny cracks through which air enters the compartment and leads to an ice buildup.

Since you may not know how to determine this for sure, seal the compartment using the right silicone compound. It will block any leak in the compartment.

Here is a video demonstrating how to free a jammed ice maker in a Samsung refrigerator model…

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Note: Always stick to the instructions for your specific model given in the user manual.
These steps work for all types of Samsung refrigerators, including fridge freezers, french door refrigerators and FlexZone refrigerators.

How to Stop My Samsung Ice Maker from Always Jamming

Do the following to stop a regular ice jam in your Samsung ice maker:

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1. Increase the Temperature

The first thing to do is to check and increase the temperature setting in the freezer or refrigerator, depending on where the ice maker is. The temperature may be too low, affecting how quickly the ice maker freezes. Take it up one or two degrees and give the appliance time to adjust to the change.

2. Seal Cracks

If there are cracks in the ice maker or ice maker compartment, seal them with food-grade epoxy or other suitable sealants. You may need professional assistance to fix this issue, especially if you need to remove the ice maker. But replace te ice maker if the damage is extensive.

3. Fix the Water Line

The water line must be in the proper posiiton to deliver water when necessary. Improper positioning can cause a splash-back on the ice maker, which freezes around it over time.

4. Use the Correct Water Pressure

High water pressure may cause the water to overfill the ice maker and overflow. An overflow will freeze around the ice maker and make it difficult to use. Have a plumber fix the problem or use a pressure regulator to lower the pressure to the right point.

5. Replace the Inlet Valve

The water inlet valve supplies water ot the ice maker, regulating how much water enters the machine. But a defective valve can cause the icemaker to overfill and splash over, freezing over time. Therefore, test the inlet valve and replace it if it is defective.

Regular service and maintenance keep the ice maker and refrigerator in good condition. Schedule service as often as possible because you can detect and fix errors and issues before they become too serious.


It is not a normal occurrence for an ice maker to jam, especially due to ice. So if your Samsung refrigerator ice maker jams up, following the steps above will help resolve the issue.

However, if the problem persists even after doing all of the above, call in the professionals. Contact Samsung Service center to report the issue and request service or chat with us. We have qualified technicians with the experience to fix the problem.

When removing the ice maker, remember to unplug the refrigerator. It is a safety step so that there will be no accidental electrocution.

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