No Ice in Samsung Refrigerator [How to Fix]

Is there no ice in your Samsung refrigerator and you don’t know what to do? This article details how to fix this issue quickly and easily.

no ice in Samsung refrigerator
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No Ice from Samsung Fridge – Quick Fix

If a Samsung fridge is not producing ice, check the ice maker. The following are what to do to fix the problem:

1. Be Sure the Ice Maker Is On

The icon labelled Ice Off should not be lit if the ice maker is on. So if it is lit, it means the ice maker is off. To change it, consult the user manual of the refrigerator.

For refrigerators with top-mount freezers, you will see the icon labelled Ice On. It should be lit if the ice maker in the fridge will produce ice.

2. Ensure the Water Pressure Is Sufficient

If the pressure of the water is low, the ice maker won’t get water from the inlet valve. Consequently, the fridge won’t be able to give out ice.

To determine if the pressure is sufficient, try to dispense water into a cup ¾ of the way within 10 seconds. Being able to do this means the pressure is sufficient.

Otherwise, adjust the pressure to increase it. If you are not sure about how to do this, have a plumber or refrigerator repair agent come out and fix it for you.

You can also check the water filter. A clogged filter affects the pressure of the water. If you have not changed the filter in more than 6 months, it could be causing a problem with the water pressure. So change it.

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And if you have changed it recently but it is the wrong type of filter or it is improperly inserted, use the right type and make sure to insert it correctly. Your user manual has instructions on how to replace the filter.

3. Be Sure There Is Ice In the Bucket

If there is no ice in the ice bucket, the fridge won’t have any ice to dispense. Therefore, check the ice bucket to be sure there is ice in it.

If there is none, set the ice maker to make ice. But if there is ice in the bucket but the fridge is not dispensing it, then there is a problem with the dispenser.

a. Is the Bucket Properly Seated?

Make sure that the ice bucket is set properly in the fridge. If not, the motor that pushes ice out won’t connect with the bucket. So even though the motor works to bring ice out, there will be no ice.

Is the Opening of the Dispenser Blocked?

Ice or debris could block the opening of the dispenser, preventing ice from coming out. If you are not sure about this, pour some water down the opening. It should clear anything in the way. When the water runs free and clear, empty the ice bucket and dry it totally before putting it back.

b. Is the Child Lock On?

The child lock prevents the dispenser from working. If it is on, the icon that is a padlock will be illuminated. For some models, there is a dispenser lock that locks the dispenser.

To disable any of the locks, check the user manual of the fridge for instructions to follow.

c. Is the Wire Harness Connected Properly?

If you ever removed the fridge door and since then, the unit has not dispensed ice, the wiring could be wrongly connected. Also, if you cannot hear the auger motor when you try to dispense ice, check the wiring.

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For steps to fix the wiring, read the user manual of the fridge for instructions to follow.

Samsung DA97-08223D Ice Bucket Tray Assembly, White





4. Reset or Test the Ice Maker

If there is no ice in your Samsung refrigerator, check the manual of the fridge to find the location of the test or reset button for the Samsung fridge model you own. When you find the button, press and hold it for about 10 seconds or until there is a chime.

This chime indicates the start of the test of the ice maker and the test runs for about 6 minutes. Ice should drop into the ice bucket as the water valve fills the ice maker with water. This shows that the ice maker is in good working condition.

When the test cycle ends successfully, there will be another chime to indicate this. This way, you know that the ice maker successfully reset.

However, if there is no chime when you press the test button and hold it or there is no chime at the end of the cycle, disconnect the fridge from power. Wait for about 2 minutes before powering the fridge back up.

If no error codes appear on the display, try running the test or reset cycle again. If there is still no chime, report the issue to the Samsung service center and request service.

Note: Give the fridge about 24 hours after resetting the ice maker for it to resume normal ice production. You will know this when the ice maker produces at least 2 ice trays within 3 hours.

This does not mean that the ice maker won’t make ice within that time. But dispense the ice often so that the ice bucket does not get too full. Otherwise, the machine will interpret that the bucket is full and stop making ice.

If there is still no ice after this time, report the issue to the Samsung Support center immediately.

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Samsung Ice Maker Gives Water – What to Do

If the ice maker in your Samsung refrigerator gives only water and no ice, do the following:

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1. Be Sure There Is Ice

It is possible the ice maker has no ice to dump in the ice bucket. That means the ice maker is not making any ice.

2. Make Sure to Select Ice

But if there is ice in the ice maker or ice bucket but you are getting only water, make sure you select ice. Sometimes, when selecting ice on the panel, you could mistakenly select water.

If you select ice, switch from cubed ice to crushed ice and try to dispense the two types. This should tell you if the ice dispenser is the problem.

3. Inspect the Wire Harness

If the wire harness of the dispenser and control panel is wrongly connected, the dispenser won’t be able to dispense anything. The harness is found atop the left door of the refrigerator.

Using a Philip screwdriver, unscrew the screws holding the cover of the door hinge in place and remove it. Next, disconnect and reconnect the harness to ensure it is properly fitted this time. Fit the cover of the door hinge back in place and mount the screws again.

Instructions in the user manual will guide you on how to do this.

If doing all the above does not fix the problem of the ice maker dispensing only water, contact Samsung Service center to request service.

Note: Samsung RS22T and RS27T refrigerator models usually have 2 water lines. If you cross-connect them, the functions of the ice and water dispenser won’t work correctly. So if you have any of these models, check the water lines if the dispenser has had this problem since installation or if it has never worked.


If there is no ice in a Samsung refrigerator, make sure the ice maker is in good working condition. And ensure that water is going into the refrigerator.

In addition, request service from Samsung if you are not sure about fixing the problem, especially if there is an active warranty. As an alternative, chat with any of our professional technicians for assistance.