Leaking Samsung Ice Maker [How to Fix]

Wondering how to fix a leaking Samsung ice maker? This article is a clear guide to fix this problem quickly and easily.

leaking Samsung ice maker
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Samsung Ice Maker Leaking – What to Do

If the ice maker in your Samsung refrigerator is leaking water, even when you are getting ice, check the following:

1. Ice Jams

Delay in the delivery of ice can cause it to stay in the ice chute, melt and refreeze into a misshapen way. This ice blocks the chute and new ice cannot get by. Over time, it melts and drips from the ice maker, giving the impression that the ice maker is leaking. Sometimes, the water could drip into the ice bin.

Melt the ice in the chute and in the ice tray using some warm water. You can also try using a wooden spatula to break the ice in the chute with a gentle but firm force. Remember to place a rag or towel closeby to catch water from the melting ice.

2. Water Line

The line or pipe through which the refrigerator gets water could be loose or damaged. Turn off the water supply and tighten every point of connection for the tube.

Then, check to see if there is any hole at any point along the tube. If there is, replace the tube. The hole or loose connection will explain why the ice maker is seemingly leaking.

3. Ice Maker and Fridge

If the ice maker is not installed properly or the fridge is not level, it could cause a leakage. An improperly installed ice maker could cause its components to be improperly aligned. Water could spill from it and leak onto the floor of the unit.

With a laser or bubble level, check to see if the ice maker is uneven and level it correctly. Check the user manual for steps to align the ice maker properly if you are not sure about how to do this. Alternatively, contact Samsung to request assistance.

4. Defrost Drain

Check the drain to see if there is a layer of ice over it, keeping the water from the defrost cycle from draining. If this is the case, it will explain the leak you see.

Pour some warm water down the drain using a turkey baster. Make sure to pour the water until it runs free and clear. Clean out the drain using a stiff wire to ensure no debris is in the way of water draining.

5. Dispenser and Water Filter

Make sure the water filter is changed if it is over 6 months old. If you have never changed it, it could be the cause of the leak. A clogged water filter could cause water to leak from the unit. Also, check the water filter housing to see if there is a crack anywhere. It can also explain the leak.

Additionally, if the dispenser has a problem, it will look as if the ice maker is leaking. Pour water down the chute inside the door of the unit and see if it leaks without being dispensed. Contact Samsung to make a complaint if this is the case or have one of our technicians fix the problem.

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6. Ice Mold and Water Valve

The water inlet valve has to be aligned correctly to the ice mold inside the ice maker. This way, water fills the mold directly so that it can freeze and produce ice. If the valve is not correctly aligned, water could spill over and leak from the ice maker directly before it freezes.

Inspect the mold and water valve alignment. Nudge each one into place if there is a need to do it. This reduces the chances of water overflowing or spilling from the ice maker.

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Quick Note

Sometimes, damage to the ice maker causes a leakage. Therefore, be sure the ice maker is in good working condition. There should be no cracks or dents on the machine. Replace the entire assembly if there is any damage.

Contact Samsung or a professional refrigerator repair agent if none of the steps above work to fix the leak. They are in the best position to determine the cause of the leak and fix it permanently.

Some repairs need you to unplug the refrigerator. So it is important to do this to avoid electrocution, especially as it involves water.

Also, note that some parts could retain electric power even after unplugging the unit. Therefore, touch the unit carefully. Use work gloves if you have a good pair.


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