Amana Refrigerator Leaking [How to Fix]

Water leaking from your refrigerator is not as serious a problem as you think; so do not panic. Matter of fact, it is one of the most common problems that can plague a refrigerator. As such, solutions to it are not farfetched. Our article discusses how you can solve the problem of your Amana refrigerator leaking.

GE GSS25GSHSS Side RefrigeratorAmana Refrigerator Leaking – What to Do

Do the following to stop your Amana refrigerator from leaking water:

1. Level the Refrigerator

The refrigerator not being properly balanced can cause water to leak underneath your Amana refrigerator. This is because the water in the drain tray can spill when the refrigerator rocks.

To fix this, the refrigerator has to be leveled. Fortunately, you can level your Amana refrigerator by yourself.

How to Level Amana Refrigerator

Do the following to level your Amana refrigerator:

Step 1: Remove the screw holding the grille at the bottom of the refrigerator and take it out. Skip this step if your model does not have a grille.

Step 2: The leveling legs will be visible with the grille removed. Turn them clockwise to raise them and counterclockwise to lower them.

Step 3: If reaching the nuts proves difficult, ask someone to help tilt the refrigerator a bit backward. And then adjust the legs to get the required tilt.

Step 4: Finally, use a level to confirm if the refrigerator is properly leveled. And then put the grille back on.

2. Thaw or Unclog the Drain

The drain transfers water produced during defrosting to the drain tray. Food small enough to enter the drain, like pea and other debris can clog the drain. Ice can also form a blockage in the drain.

When this happens, the water that should flow down the drain will overflow it and spill out.

The first thing to do is to determine the cause of the clog. If it is ice, then you may try thawing it with a hairdryer set at a low temperature. You may also simply defrost the refrigerator. This article discusses how to defrost your Amana refrigerator.

If the problem persists after this, then food particles may likely be the cause of the clog. To resolve this, do the following:

i. Open your refrigerator and locate the drain hole, if the hole isn’t visible we advise you call a repair technician for this repair.

ii. Push a plumber snake down the drain hole, twist, and pull out the clog.

iii. Finally, make a mixture of warm water and baking soda. Flush the mixture down the drain using a turkey baster. This will ensure the drain is completely clean.

Furthermore, most Amana models have drain heaters that prevent ice buildup in the drain. The drain heater may be faulty if the drain keeps getting clogged with ice.

If you suspect this, call a service technician that will help replace the heater.

3. Replace the Drain Tray

The drain tray is often located at the back bottom of the refrigerator. And it has the role of collecting the water produced during defrosting.

Leaks may originate from the tray if it is damaged or if the tray is so full that it is overflowing.

Usually, the water in the tray is meant to be evaporated by the condenser. However, this may not be the case if the refrigerator’s temperature is set too low.  So to resolve this, remove the back access panel of your refrigerator and take out the drain tray.

Empty the tray and turn up the temperature of the refrigerator. However, ensure you do not exceed 40 degrees Fahrenheit. As that is the recommended maximum temperature for your refrigerator.

If the drain tray keeps overflowing after this then call a service technician. As it may be an indication of a more serious problem.

4. Check the Door Seal

When warm air enters the refrigerator, the ice will melt and then drop to the bottom or door of the unit. The door seal prevents warm air from entering the refrigerator. However, the seal can get dirty, broken, or worn-out and become unable to seal properly.

This will result in warm air entering the fridge and causing it to leak. Inspect the seal. If it is dirty, clean it using mild detergent and a dishtowel. The seal should be replaced if it is broken or worn-out.

This door seal below is compatible with the following Amana refrigerator part numbers:10456860, 10456838Q, 10456838, 10456810Q, 10456810, ER12550116Q, Y10456838Q, 8170655, 8170646, 8170633, 12550116Q, 8170510, 8170398, 4344354, 12550116, 12529016, 10456860Q.

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How to Replace Amana Refrigerator Door Seal

Do these steps to replace the door seal of your Amana refrigerator:

Step 1: Open the refrigerator and use your fingers to pry off the top corner of the door seal.

Step 2: Still holding on to the top corner, drag the seal off the track. Inspect the door track and ensure there is no remnant of the seal on the track.

Step 3: Get the new gasket, ensure it is a perfect fit for your refrigerator. Start fitting the new gasket in place from either of the top corners.

Step 4: Work your way around the track, press the gasket firmly to the track to make sure it locks in place.

Step 5: Finally, double-check and ensure there is no excess fold or bumps around the gasket track.

5. Check the Water Inlet Valve

The water inlet valve opens to supply water to all components of the refrigerator. If you trace the leak to the valve then it is because the valve is stuck open. This can happen when the valve is defective or when the water pressure is low.

The valve requires a minimum of 20 psi to shut off properly. Use a water pressure regulator to check the water pressure. Or you may do the following in the absence of a pressure regulator:

i. Switch off the water supply and disconnect the water line from the valve.

ii. Then hold the water line over a bucket and turn the water supply back on.

iii. If the water jets out strongly then the pressure is okay, if the flow is low then the water pressure is low.

The water line or the water source itself may be the cause of the low pressure. Therefore, change the water source. If the problem persists then the water line should be replaced.

The water inlet valve is simply defective if changing the water source and water line does not solve the problem. In which case, the valve has to be replaced.

The water inlet valve below is a perfect fit for your Amana ASD2522WRB04 and ED5LHAXWT00.

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You may attempt to carry out this repair by yourself. However, if at any point the repair becomes too complex, pause and call a service technician.

How to Replace Amana Refrigerator Water Inlet Valve

The following easy-to-follow steps will guide you to replace your Amana refrigerator water inlet valve:

Step 1: Unplug the refrigerator to avoid electrocution and shut off the water supply.

Step 2: Turn the refrigerator from the wall to have full access to the back of the appliance.

Step 3: Disconnect the water line from the valve using an open-end wrench. Next, remove the screws holding the back panel in place and take it off.

Step 4: With the back panel removed, locate the water inlet valve and unthread the screws holding the valve in place. Next, carefully pull out the valve.

Step 5: Now, disconnect the wire harness connected to the valve. You may use a small flat head screwdriver to pop the wire harness out.

Step 6: Disconnect the water line from the valve. The valve should be completely free at this point.

Step 7: Put the new inlet valve in place and reattach the water line to it. Plug the wire harness back to the inlet valve. And thread the screws holding the valve back in place.

Step 8: Put the access panel cover back on. Finally, attach the water line back to the valve using an open-end wrench.

 This video is a visual representation of how to replace your Amana refrigerator water inlet valve

6. Call the Manufacturer

Some Amana refrigerator models come with a duckbill check valve. This valve is designed with a narrow opening that easily traps particles and ice.

Some persons suggest that the valve can be cut open to make the opening larger. However, we strongly advise against this. This is because the larger opening will allow warm air to enter the freezer section of your unit. And this will ultimately cause your refrigerator to operate harder.

The best solution to this problem is to call the manufacturer as some customers with this valve design are eligible for compensation.

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Amana Refrigerator Ice Maker Leaking Water – Solution

The ice maker assembly should be replaced if your Amana refrigerator ice maker is leaking water. This is because; a part of the ice maker may be faulty. However, the ice maker comes as an assembly, and getting a part may be difficult.

Replacing the ice maker is not complex so you may attempt to DIY.


How to Replace Amana Refrigerator Ice Maker

Do the following to replace the ice maker assembly of your Amana refrigerator:

Step 1: Disconnect the refrigerator from the power supply to prevent electrocution. Also, turn off the water supply.

Step 2: Open the refrigerator and take out the ice bucket so you have better access to the ice maker. Then, switch off the ice maker by taking the shut-off arm to the off position.

Step 3: Use a ¼ nut driver and unthread the screws holding the ice maker in place.

Step 4: Disconnect the wire harness connected to the ice maker and the refrigerator. The ice maker should be completely free at this point.

Step 5: The new ice maker assembly will not come with a shut-off arm. So, remove the shut-off arm, from the old ice maker. Also, remove the wire harness, press it in and depress the clip to do this.

Step 6: Attach the wire harness and the shut-off arm to the new ice maker.

Step 7: Take the new ice maker to the refrigerator and connect the wire harness to it. Remount the ice maker, and then screw it in place.

Step 8: Test run the ice maker to ensure it is working properly. Finally, put the ice bucket back in place.

Amana Refrigerator Water Line Leaking – Why and Solution

The water line of your Amana Refrigerator is leaking because of one of the following:

i. The line is not tightly secured

ii. The line is bent

iii. The line is damaged

Inspect the line and tighten the connection if that appears to be the problem. If the line is bent or cracks then it should be replaced. Simply disconnect the line from each end and then attach the new line in its place.

Amana Refrigerator Water Filter Leaking – Reasons and Solutions

The following are the most common reasons why an Amana refrigerator water filter is leaking:

1. Damaged Water Filter

Take out the water filter and examine it properly. The filter should have a seal at the head. If it doesn’t, then it is damaged. Also, if the seal is present but appears torn, it will result in a leak.

The solution to this problem is to replace the filter.

2. Old Water Filter

If you have been using the filter for longer than recommended then it may be the cause of the leak. This is because the filter accumulates clog overtime. Simply cleaning the clog will not solve the problem.

The filter should be replaced in this case. Also, ensure you replace your water filter as often as recommended by your manufacturer.

3. Water Filter was not Installed Properly

If the filter was not properly installed in the filter head, then water may leak out of the gaps. The filter should be uninstalled and reinstalled to solve this problem.

Ensure you fix the filter properly this time. You may read your owner’s manual for a detailed guide on how to replace your unit’s water filter.

4. Water Filter is not Compatible with your Refrigerator

When you buy a water filter that is smaller than the recommended filter for your refrigerator, it may spring a leak.

Replace the filter with one compatible with your refrigerator to fix this problem.

5. Water Filter Head has a Crack

If the water filter is not the cause of the leak, then it may be the water filter head. To troubleshoot this, take out the water filter and then inspect the head. The filter head has to be replaced to stop the leak.

Do these steps to replace the water filter head of your Amana refrigerator:

Step 1: For safety, unplug the refrigerator. Also, turn off the water supply.

Step 2: Take out the water filter by turning it counterclockwise. Remove the screw holding the water filter head in place. Pull the head forward to release the locking tab.

Step 3: Shift the refrigerator from the wall so you will have access to the back of the appliance. Next, unthread the screws holding the back access panel in place and then take off the panel.

Step 4: Locate the water inlet valve and remove the water lines from it using an open-end wrench.

Step 5: Go back to the front of the appliance and gently pull out the damaged filter head and tube assembly.

Step 7: Get the new filter head. Next, feed the water lines into the hole at the back of the refrigerator. Snap the new filter head into place and then rethread the screws to hold. Also, reinstall the filter.

Step 9: Connect the water lines back to the inlet valve. Finally, replace the back access panel and screw it in place.

Amana Refrigerator Water Dispenser Leaking –Solved

The following are the most common reasons Amana refrigerator water dispenser leaks water and how to solve them:

1. Loose Water Connection

If the water line that supplies water to the dispenser is not properly secured, it will cause a leak. Locate this water connection and ensure you tighten it to stop the leak.

2. Full Dispenser Catch Tray

The dispenser will appear to be leaking if the catch tray is full and overflowing. The catch tray collects the water that drips out of the dispenser before it closes off completely.

The dispenser catch tray should be removed and emptied if it is full.

3. Trapped Air in Water System

During filter change or installation of the dispenser, little air bubbles can get trapped in the water system. When this happens, the pressure in the water line will become too much that water will begin to spill out the line.

To solve this problem, the water system has to be flushed. Do the following to flush the system:

i. Place a bucket underneath the dispenser.

ii. Press and hold on to the dispenser trigger for about 5 seconds. Then release the trigger and repeat after a 5 seconds interval.

iii. Keep at this until you have dispensed about 3 gallons of water. This should be enough to flush out the air and solve the problem.

Note that this procedure should be done after every filter change. This is to make sure that the problem of trapped air in the water system does not reoccur.

Finally, if your Amana refrigerator keeps leaking after you have tried out these fixes, then call a service technician. Furthermore, if you have been using your refrigerator for a long time now, you may consider getting a new one.