Fisher and Paykel Refrigerator Leaking [Solved]

Read this article if you have a problem with your Fisher and Paykel refrigerator leaking water. The focus of the article is to examine each possible reason for this problem and how to solve them. In the end, we believe you will have all the information you need to fix your refrigerator.  

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Fisher and Paykel Refrigerator Leaking – What to Check

Check the following parts of your refrigerator if your Fisher and Paykel refrigerator is leaking water:

1. Drain Tray

The drain tray is underneath the unit and it collects condensed water. The drain tray is likely the cause of the leak if your Fisher and Paykel refrigerator is leaking water from the bottom.

The tray will leak if:

i. It is damaged

ii. It is overflowing

iii. The refrigerator is not leveled.

The drain has to be assessed to confirm if it is the cause of the leak. To do this, removed the back panel of the refrigerator and locate the tray. Dismount it and check for cracks, do not overlook even the littlest of cracks. Replace the tray if any crack is found.

If you notice the tray overflowing then take it out and empty it. However, the tray overflowing is due to a glitch, often because the temperature of the refrigerator is set too low. And so the compressor which has the duty of blowing warm air to evaporate the water in the tray is unable to.

Therefore, to prevent the reoccurrence of this problem, increase the temperature of the fridge. Usually, the maximum temperature for refrigerators is 40 degrees Fahrenheit. So, be sure not to exceed this.

If the drain tray keeps overflowing after this, then consult a service technician. As this may be an indication of a more serious issue.

Lastly, if the refrigerator is not properly leveled, it may occasionally rock. When this happens, the water in the drain tray may spill out of it. Use a carpenter’s lever to see if the unit is leveled. The refrigerator should be leveled if it is not.

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How to Level a Fisher and Paykel Refrigerator

Level your Fisher and Paykel refrigerator in the following steps:

Step 1: Remove the screw holding the grille at the bottom of the refrigerator and take it out. Skip this step if your model does not have a grille.

Step 2: The leveling legs will be visible with the grille removed. Turn them clockwise to raise them and counterclockwise to lower them. Adjust the legs to get the required tilt.

Step 3: Finally, use a level to confirm if the refrigerator is properly leveled. Put the grille back on if it is.

2. Drainage Tube

The drainage tube is responsible for transporting the water produced during defrosting to the drain tray. The tube can get clogged by ice, food particles, and other debris. This often results in the tube overflowing with water.

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The solution to this is to unclog the tube by inserting a clog removal tool into the tube entrance inside the refrigerator. If you cannot locate the drainage entrance then we recommend you call a repair technician to do the repair.

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Once you have the clog removed, flush warm water down the drain to ensure it is completely clean. If ice is the reason for the clog, defrosting the refrigerator will solve the problem. Check out this article for how to defrost your Fisher and Paykel refrigerator in minutes. Or you may heat the drainage tube with a hairdryer set at a low temperature.

3. Door Seal

The most common reason a Fisher and Paykel refrigerator is leaking water outside the unit is a leaking door seal. The door seal has the duty of keeping moisture out of the refrigerator.

However, the seal can get worn-out or dirty and unable to seal off properly. This will cause warm air to enter the unit, the excess moisture will then gather outside the refrigerator.

Inspect the door seal, if it is dirty, use a dish cloth and mild detergent to clean it. If the seal appears worn-out then replace it to resolve the problem.

How to Replace Fisher and Paykel Refrigerator Door Seal

To replace your Fisher and Paykel refrigerator’s door seal, do the following:

Step 1: Open the refrigerator and use your fingers to pry off the top corner of the door seal.

Step 2: Still holding on to the top corner, drag the seal off the track. Inspect the door track and ensure there is no remnant of the seal on the track.

Step 3: Get the new seal, ensure it is a perfect fit for your refrigerator. Start fitting the new seal in place from either of the top corners.

Step 4: Work your way around the track, press the seal firmly to the track to make sure it locks in place.

Step 5: Finally, double-check and ensure there is no excess fold or bumps around the seal track.

4. Water Tank

The water tank should be your first stop if your Fisher and Paykel fridge is leaking water inside. The water tank is made of plastic hence; it is susceptible to tear and leaks. Open the refrigerator, locate the water tank and inspect it for leaks.

The tank has to be replaced if any leak is found on it. Luckily, you can carry out this repair by yourself.

How to Replace Fisher and Paykel Refrigerator Water Tank

The following steps will guide you to replace the water tank of your Fisher and Paykel refrigerator

Step 1: Turn off the water supply and unplug the refrigerator from the power source. Also, remove the shelves in the refrigerator to create more workspace.

Step 2: Take out the PC duct cover. And then remove the PC sensor. Also, remove the water tank cover if present.

Step 3: Put a putty knife on top of the tank and lift the clip holding the water tank. And then remove the tank.

Step 4: The water lines should be accessible at this point. So disconnect them and take the tank out completely.

Step 5: Install and reassemble the refrigerator by doing these steps in reverse order.

5. Water Inlet Valve

The water inlet valve allows water to all components of the refrigerator. If water is leaking from the back bottom of your refrigerator then the inlet valve may be the cause.

Remove the refrigerator’s back access panel and check if the leak is from the valve. If it is, then it is either because the water pressure is low or the water inlet valve is defective. In either case, the valve will be stuck open hence the leak.

The water pressure is meant to be a minimum of 20 psi to ensure the water inlet valve shuts off properly. Test the water supply by doing the following:

i. Switch off the water supply and disconnect the water line from the valve.

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ii. Then hold the water line over a bucket and turn the water supply back on.

iii. If the water jets out strongly then the pressure is okay, if the flow is weak then the water pressure is low.

Replace the water supply line as it may be the cause of the problem. If that doesn’t solve the problem, change the water source.

The water inlet valve is defective and stuck open if the problem persists. In this case, the valve has to be replaced. However, if you are not confident in your technical skills call a repair technician for this repair.

How to Replace Fisher and Paykel Refrigerator Water Inlet Valve

To replace the water inlet valve of your Fisher and Paykel refrigerator, do the following:

Step 1: Unplug the refrigerator to avoid electrocution and shut off the water supply. Turn the refrigerator from the wall to have full access to the back of the appliance.

Step 2: Disconnect the water line from the valve using an open-end wrench. Next, remove the screws holding the back panel in place and take it off.

Step 3: With the back panel removed, locate the water inlet valve and unthread the screws holding the valve in place. Next, carefully pull out the valve.

Step 4: Now, disconnect the wire harness connected to the valve. You may use a small flat head screwdriver to pop the wire harness out.

Step 5: Disconnect the water line from the valve. The valve should be completely free at this point.

Step 6: Put the new inlet valve in place and reattach the water line to it. Plug the wire harness back to the inlet valve. And thread the screws holding the valve back in place.

Step 7: Put the access panel cover back on. Finally, attach the water line back to the valve using an open-end wrench.

This video is a visual representation of all that has been discussed in this section

Fisher and Paykel Fridge Water Dispenser Leaking – Solutions

The following are solutions to the most common reasons Fisher and Paykel fridge water dispenser leak water:

1. Flush the Water System

When you change your water filter, there is a tendency for air to get stuck in the water line. When this happens, water will overflow the line because of the pressure build-up.

The solution to this is to flush the water system, and you can do this by dispensing about 10 liters of water. This should remove the air in the water line and stop the leak.

Also, ensure you flush the water system after each filter change to prevent this problem from happening again.

2. Empty the Dispenser Catch Tray

The dispenser catch tray collects water that drips out of the dispenser before it completely shuts off. This tray can become too full that it begins to overflow. The catch tray should be removed and emptied to solve this problem.

3. Secure the Water Connections

Check all the water connections in your refrigerator and ensure they are properly secured.

Fisher and Paykel Fridge Water Filter Leaking – Why and Solutions

If your Fisher and Paykel fridge water filter is leaking then it could be due to one of the following:

1. Missing or Torn seal

Remove the filter and inspect the seal. If it is missing or torn then the filter should be replaced to solve the problem.

2. Water Filter is not the Right Size

The water filter may be the wrong size for your refrigerator. When this is the case, the filter will not sit properly in the filter housing. And so water will leak out of the gap between the filter and the filter housing.

The filter should be replaced in this case. Always ensure to buy the right filter for your refrigerator when you filter shop.

3. The Water Filter is old

The water filter has a recommended duration in which it should be used, this is mostly 6 months. If you use the filter longer than the recommended period it will begin to gather clog.

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Do not clean the filter, rather replace it to resolve the problem. Ensure you replace the filter as often as recommended to prevent this problem from reoccurring.

Check out this water filter that is compatible with every Fisher and Paykel refrigerator with a model number that begins with E522, E442, RF522, E422, E402, RF610.

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4. Water Filter was Installed Incorrectly

The water filter will leak if it was reinstalled incorrectly. To resolve this, uninstall the filter. And then check your user’s manual for how to replace your refrigerator’s water filter. Ensure you follow the instructions when reinstalling the water filter.

5. Water Filter Housing is Cracked

If the water filter is not the problem then the filter housing may be cracked. Take out the filter and check for cracks. Unthread the screws holding the filter housing in place and take it out if any crack is found. Buy a new filter housing and put it in place of the cracked one.

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Fisher and Paykel Fridge Ice Maker Leaking – What to Do

Check the water inlet valve and water line connections if your Fisher and Paykel refrigerator ice maker is leaking. If the water inlet valve is defective then replace it. A section of this article discusses how to do this.

A part of the ice maker assembly may be faulty if you do the above and the problem persists. In which case, the entire assembly has to be replaced.

How to Replace Fisher and Paykel Ice Maker

The following steps will guide you to replace the ice maker assembly of your Fisher and Paykel refrigerator.

Step 1: Disconnect the refrigerator from the power supply to prevent electrocution. Also, turn off the water supply.

Step 2: Open the refrigerator and take out the ice bucket so you have better access to the ice maker. Then, switch off the ice maker by taking the shut-off arm to the off position.

Step 3: Use a ¼ nut driver and unthread the screws holding the ice maker in place.

Step 4: Disconnect the wire harness connected to the ice maker and the refrigerator. The ice maker should be completely free at this point.

Step 5: The new ice maker assembly will not come with a shut-off arm. So, remove the shut-off arm, from the old ice maker. Also, remove the wire harness, press it in and depress the clip to do this.

Step 6: Attach the wire harness and the shut-off arm to the new ice maker.

Step 7: Take the new ice maker to the refrigerator and connect the wire harness to it. Remount the ice maker, and then screw it in place.

Step 8: Test run the ice maker to ensure it is working properly. Finally, put the ice bucket back in place.

If your Fisher and Paykel refrigerator keeps leaking after you do all the above, consult a repair technician. Or you may simply buy a new refrigerator if your refrigerator is old. This is because the leaking problem may indicate that the unit is worn-out. Check out the Fisher and Paykel refrigerator below.

Fisher and Paykel Refrigerator Door Seal Leaking – Quick Fix

Check the content of the refrigerator door bins. You may have one or more items leaking down the door and out through the door seal. Clear the bins of all items and close the door. Wait a few minutes while monitoring the appliance to see if the leaking door seal problem continues.

If it does not, the problem is solved. You must reduce the items in the door to lessen the weight and stop the leakage. But if it continues leaking, which is unlikely, you may need to service the refrigerator. Contact the manufacturer to report the issue and request service.

Fisher and Paykel Ice Maker Leaking Water When Making Ice

The problem may stem from the refrigerator not being level. Improper leveling causes minor problems, such as the ice maker leaking water. Another possible cause is a punctured or faulty water line. Consult the user manual to fix the leveling issue or replace the water line if damaged.

You can also check the water line connection to the water inlet valve and ice maker. There may be a loose point from which water leaks. If you are unsure what to do, hire an appliance technician to check the faults and make the necessary adjustments.

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