How to Reset Fisher and Paykel Refrigerator [In Minutes]

In a few minutes, this article will teach you how to reset Fisher and Paykel refrigerator. You will also learn how to change and reset the water filter.

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How to Reset Fisher and Paykel Refrigerator

To reset Fisher and Paykel refrigerator follow the steps below:

Step 1: Open your fridge.

Step 2: Look for the switch that controls the refrigerator’s temperature.

Step 3: Switch it off by turning the control.

Step 4: Unplug your fridge from the outlet.

Step 5: This will cause the refrigerator to reset.

Step 6: Leave it like this for 10 to 15 minutes before plugging it back into the outlet and turning on the temperature switch.

How to Change Fisher and Paykel Water Filter Cartridge

Follow these steps to change Fisher and Paykel water filter cartridge:

Step one: Hold the water filter cartridge and twist it anticlockwise.

Step two: Detach the cartridge from the filter head by pulling it down.

Step three: Get rid of the old cartridge properly.

Step four: Take away the protective cap on the head of the new water filter cartridge.

Step five: insert it into the filter head by pushing it upwards.

Step six: Then turn the cartridge clockwise to lock it into the filter head.

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How to Reset Fisher and Paykel Fridge after Changing Water Filter

Do the following to reset Fisher and Paykel Fridge after changing the water filter:

  1. Locate the Alarm Mute button on the fridge’s display.
  2. Also, look for the “Warmer” icon.
  3. Then press and hold both icons at the same time for 4 seconds.
  4. This will cause the external and internal filter indicators to reset.
  5. The filter change indicator that was being displayed will turn off after this.

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How to Reset Fisher and Paykel Fridge Alarm

To reset Fisher and Paykel Fridge Alarm, do the following:

  1. Locate the Alarm Mute button on the display.
  2. Press it once. Once you do this, the ALARM MUTE light will become illuminated.
  3. 20 minutes later, the mute will automatically reset. When this happens, the door alarms will operate normally.
  4. To manually unmute the alarm, press the Alarm Mute button once. The ALARM MUTE light will then go off.

Note that the alarm will always sound when the fridge door remains open after 90 seconds. If the freezer door remains open after 60 seconds. If one of these doors remains open, the alarm will make a beeping noise every 30 seconds. This will continue for 5 minutes. Then after that, the alarm will sound continuous and the compartment light will go off.

To turn off the alarm at any point, simply close the door provided the ALARM MUTE isn’t active.




How to Reset Fisher and Paykel Fridge – FAQs


Where is the Fisher and Paykel Fridge Reset Button

There is no reset button on the Fisher and Paykel Fridge. To reset the fridge, you will have to do it manually.

How to Reset Fisher and Paykel Refrigerator Ice Maker

To reset Fisher and Paykel refrigerator ice maker, all you need to do is switch on or switch off the ice maker. Just press the “Ice on/off” button to do this.


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