Frigidaire Refrigerator Has Low Water Pressure [How to Fix]

If a Frigidaire refrigerator has low water pressure, it can be frustrating to dispense water. Thankfully, there are ways to fix the problem yourself.

Frigidaire Refrigerator Has Low Water Pressure
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Frigidaire Refrigerator Has Low Water Pressure – Quick Fix

A few factors cause the water pressure in a Frigidaire refrigerator to drop. A partially or fully closed shut-off valve can cause the pressure to become slow. This means water cannot get through freely so the force is inhibited.

If you have been using the water filter for a long time – longer than 6 months – it is time to replace it. Sediments clog the filter so when water passes through it, the sediments form an obstruction. Consequently, the flow is reduced.

The water filtration system in your home could be causing a drop in water pressure. If you installed the reverse osmosis system, low water pressure is one of the adverse effects you may see.

A clogged or obstructed water supply line restricts how well the water flows. If there is an obstruction inside the line or it just isn’t working anymore, water cannot get through freely.

If your refrigerator depends on well water for supply, the cut-off and cut-on pressure of the system may be affecting the pressure of the water.

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How to Increase Water Pressure in Frigidaire Refrigerator

Here are steps to try in order to increase the pressure of water in a Frigidaire refrigerator. This is an elimination process:

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Step One

Find the shut-off valve of your refrigerator. It controls the water supply of water through the water supply line. Close it fully, making sure it is tight as you do so.

Then, open it fully until the valve can turn no more. Afterward, observe the pressure of the water in the refrigerator. It may be that you did not fully open the valve, thereby restricting water flow.

Step Two

Remove the water filter in the refrigerator and install a new one. The problem could possibly stem from the fact that the filter is old or of the wrong type.

The new filter must be from Frigidaire or any other trusted refrigerator replacement parts dealer. Buy one using the model number or type of your refrigerator.

If the pressure improves, you know the filter was the origin. Otherwise, don’t waste a perfectly good water filter.

Step Three

If the water filtration system you have in your home keeps restarting, retest it after some time. Normally, the system should not affect the water pressure.

But if you suspect this, retest and give it time to reboot. Doing this should normalize its operations and restore sufficient pressure.

You can also choose to install a separate water line that is totally dedicated to your refrigerator. It should have no connection to the filtration system. Another option is to use a bypass plug to increase the water pressure.

Step Four

Turn the shut-off valve off and disconnect the refrigerator’s water supply line. Next, channel the supply line’s open end into a bucket before turning the water supply on.

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If the water flow is not steady and strong, the line needs to be replaced. You can also check to see if the shut-off valve has any clogs. If you find any in the valve, replace it.

Step Five

Adjust the cut-on and cut-off pressure on the pumping system of the well water to increase it. How you will make the adjustment will depend on the type of pumping system you own.

However, there are usually detailed instructions from the manufacturer on how to do this. But if you are not sure, have a certified technician fix it.

Away from the above possible fixes, an improperly leveled refrigerator leads to many issues, including low water pressure. Therefore, it is important to level the unit according to the specific procedure for Frigidaire refrigerators.

If none of these fixes work for your refrigerator water pressure, request service from Frigidaire. You can also choose to use any of the appliance technicians we have.

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