How to Level a Frigidaire Refrigerator [Quick Guide]

If you are looking for how to level a Frigidaire refrigerator, this article will guide you on quick and easy ways to do this.

how to level a Frigidaire refrigerator

How to Level a Frigidaire Refrigerator Door

If you are looking to level your Frigidaire refrigerator door, do the following:

Step One

Open and hold the refrigerator door at a 90-degree angle and remove the bottom grille.

Step Two

Locate the adjustment screws. Consult your user manual to know the exact location of the adjustment screws for your refrigerator model.

Step Three

To raise the door, turn the adjustment screw clockwise. And turn it counterclockwise to lower it.

Step Four

After adjustment, ensure the door gasket seals tightly and the door opens and closes freely. Then, make readjustments if there is a need.

Keep in mind that before adjusting your refrigerator door, you have to empty the door shelves. That will lighten the weight of the door.

Additionally, you may need an extra hand to prop up the refrigerator door as you are making the adjustments. Furthermore, if your appliance has two doors such as a side-by-side, ensure the doors align with each other.

For further or specific instructions on how to level a Frigidaire refrigerator door, see your user manual.

If you no longer have the manual, this video shows how to level a refrigerator door…

How to Level a Frigidaire Fridge

Below are steps to follow in order to level a Frigidaire fridge:

Step One

Take off the base grille from the fridge. You can either pull it out or pry off the clips/screws securing it before removing the grille.

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Step Two

Locate the leveling legs at the base of the appliance. Then, determine whether to use a screwdriver or wrench for the adjustment.

However, sometimes, you may not require these tools if you can rotate the legs freely.

Step Three

Now, rotate the legs clockwise to raise the refrigerator and counterclockwise to lower it.

If you are unable to easily access the legs, let an extra hand tilt the appliance backward. But be careful not to tilt the fridge too far back to avoid injuries or damage to the unit.

Step Four

Use a level gauge to measure the sides of the fridge to ensure they are even. Place the level on top of the fridge (not on the door but close to it). If the fridge is even from left to right, the level gauge will be flat. Otherwise, keep adjusting the legs until the two sides are even.

Step Five

Measure the slope from the front to the back. Then, ensure the front part of the fridge is 6mm higher than the rear.

Allowing the extra 6mm for the front part of the fridge helps the door to shut automatically. It also enhances the running of the appliance.

Step Six

Return the base grille to its position and fasten the clips/screws if you removed any.

It is important to note here that some fridges have both leveling legs and rollers. If you have such a fridge and it is stationary, the leveling legs should sit firmly on the floor, not the rollers.

How to Level a Frigidaire Fridge With Wheels

To level a Frigidaire fridge with wheels/rollers, follow the steps below:

Step One

Remove the grille at the front base of the fridge. That will expose the adjusting screws on top of the rollers. Find out if you need a screwdriver or wrench, or you just have to pull out the grille.

Step Two

Use a wrench or screwdriver to turn the adjusting screws clockwise to raise the rollers. If you want to lower them, turn the screws counterclockwise.

Step Three

Use a level gauge to measure the leveling of the refrigerator. Place the level on top of the fridge parallel to the door. Ensure the bubble on the level gauge is at the center after making your adjustments.

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However, to check the leveling from front to back, the bubble should be on the front line of the gauge. It can also be a little bit beyond the line.

On the other hand, if your appliance has both rollers and leveling legs, adjust the leveling legs. The legs are usually next to the front rollers.

Turn the legs clockwise to raise them and counterclockwise to lower them when necessary.

The importance of adjusting the leveling legs is so the fridge sits firmly on the floor when it is stationary.

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How to Level Doors on Frigidaire Side-by-Side Refrigerator

For your Frigidaire side-by-side refrigerator, here are steps to level the doors:

Step One

Close the refrigerator doors, and remove the base grille. Keep pulling the grille out until its holding clips release it.

Step Two

Open the refrigerator doors to the extreme, and use your hands to push down the top of the grille. That should pop off the grille from the refrigerator.

Now, pull the grille away from the refrigerator. This gives you access to the adjustment screws. The screws are at the right and left front corners of the appliance. That is true for refrigerators that do not have adjustable hinges.

However, if your refrigerator has adjustable hinges, you will have access to the adjustable bolts. The bolts are under the hinges.

Remove the set screws close to the bolts and place them in a secure location.

Step Three

Turn the adjustable bolts or the adjustment screws directly beneath each door to the right to raise the door. Then, turn them leftward to lower the refrigerator doors.

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Step Four

Test the door adjustment. Open and close the appliance door, and ensure nothing is obstructing its movement. Also, ensure that the door gasket seals properly. Otherwise, make corrections where necessary.

Furthermore, to enhance the swinging of the refrigerator door, adjust its height if necessary. Then, return the set screws to their positions. Replacing the set screws will stabilize the doors’ heights.

Step Five

Replace the bottom grille to its position. Remember to open the door wide before attempting to replace the grille.

How to Level Doors on Frigidaire French Door Refrigerator

Here is how to level doors on a Frigidaire French-door refrigerator:

Step One

Open the drawer to create about 3 to 4 inches of space. Then, remove the base grille from the refrigerator to reveal the door adjustment screws. Most times, you can pull the grille off. But other times, you may have to unthread the screws or clips fastening the grille.

Step Two

For each door, turn the adjustment screws beneath it clockwise to raise the refrigerator door and counterclockwise to lower it. You need a socket wrench or a flathead screwdriver for the adjustment. This is especially true if your refrigerator does not have adjustable hinges.

However, if your refrigerator has adjustable hinges, remove or loosen the small screw beneath the hinges.

Between the hinges and the refrigerator is a cog-like washer. Turn the washer, with your fingers, clockwise to raise the door. Then, turn it counterclockwise to lower the door.

Afterward, tighten or replace the hinge screw.

Step Three

Check all the sides of the doors, and ensure that each door gasket laps and seals tightly to the cabinet. If not, re-adjust the doors where necessary.

Step Four

Return the base grille to its position.

If you are more of a virtual learner, follow the steps in this video to level the doors on your french-door refrigerator…

Important Notes…

For safety from electrocution, disconnect the refrigerator from the power source before working on it.

Additionally, work with one or two more persons when lifting or moving the refrigerator to avoid back injuries.

If you doubt the steps in this article, check your user manual, if it is still handy, for specific instructions. Otherwise, contact Frigidaire and give them your refrigerator model number. They can send you a soft copy of the user manual.

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