How to Unclog a Frigidaire Refrigerator Drain Line [Quick Guide]

This article deals with issues with a clogged or obstructed refrigerator drain line. If you are looking for how to unclog a Frigidaire refrigerator drain line, you’ve come to the right place.

How to Unclog a Frigidaire Refrigerator Drain Line

How to Unclog a Frigidaire Refrigerator Drain Line

To unclog the drain line on a Frigidaire refrigerator, take the following steps:

Step 1

Disconnect the refrigerator from electric power and leave it unplugged. Since the most likely reason for the clogged drain is ice, it means you need to thaw it.

You can also activate and run the refrigerator’s defrost cycle. However, if the evaporator coils have an accumulation of ice on them, it means the defrost system is not working properly. Therefore, running the defrost cycle may not be very effective.

Step 2

Melt the ice in the drain line by using hot water if defrosting it manually is too long a process. Take a turkey baster, fill it with hot water, and squirt the water down the drain line continuously until all the ice melts.

Another option you have is to use a hair dryer or a heat gun. However, this method is not as safe as defrosting manually or using hot water and the baster.

Step 3

When all the ice dissolves, determine whether or not the drain line has debris in it. If it does, clear it using a stiff wire. Straighten it and push the debris out of the line with it. Run hot water down the line as you do this until the water runs clear and free.

Step 4

Clean the drain pan and disinfect both the line and the pan. To do this, mix a teaspoon of recommended baking soda into two cups of hot water and pour the mixture into the line with the baster. Pour some into the pan under the unit, too. Don’t stop until both parts are clean.

If you are going to keep the drain line from clogging regularly, clean the refrigerator often to remove food crumbs. And fix the defrost system, especially if the cooling coils are frozen. Additionally, increase the temperature on the freezer a little as low temperatures cause quick and easy freezing.

This video shows practical steps to unclog the drain on your Frigidaire refrigerator…

How to Clean a Frigidaire Refrigerator Water Line

The following are steps to follow in order to clean a Frigidaire refrigerator water line:

Step 1

Disconnect the refrigerator from electric power and shut off the supply of water to the unit. Next, unscrew the line to the ice maker but leave that of the water dispenser to the nozzle.

Step 2

Wash the water reservoir with a mixture of one cup of recommended vinegar and a gallon of clean water. After doing a thorough washing, flush or rinse the reservoir with clean water at least twice. Doing this rids the reservoir of the smell and taste of vinegar.

Step 3

Pour a little of the mixture down the water line to rid it of bacteria, dirt, and any other type of debris. This mixture is strong enough to clean without eroding the fragile plastic line.

If you have never cleaned the water line, and you should do this regularly, you may want to repeat the process of cleaning it with the mixture a few times before rinsing it. And when you are rinsing, run water through the line several times to remove the vinegar completely.

It is important to clean the ice bucket with warm water and vinegar after cleaning the water line. This is especially true if you have never clean the bucket. Rinse it well and dry it.

Make sure to dry the bucket thoroughly after washing it to remove every trace of moisture. Otherwise, the moisture will freeze and form frost or ice inside the bucket and cause problems.

How to Unclog Water Line in a Frigidaire Refrigerator

If a water line in a Frigidaire refrigerator is clogged, it is most likely with ice. So to unclog it, get a cup or two of hot water, along with a turkey baster. Fill the baster with hot water and squirt it down the line until the ice melts.

This method can also work if there is debris inside the line by loosening it. This way, it can easily slide out with the water running through the line.

Another way to unclog it is to use a hair dryer, a steamer, or a heat gun. Channel the heat to the water line, making sure to move it up and down so the heat is not concentrated on one spot. If it is, it could damage the line irreparably if it is made of plastic.

How to Remove and Replace the Water Line from a Frigidaire Refrigerator

If you are looking to remove the plastic water tube or hose that runs from under the kitchen sink to the refrigerator, do the following:

Step 1

Disconnect the refrigerator from electric power and remove items that may fall inside the refrigerator. Close the door after this.

Step 2

Move the unit to give you access to the tube at the back. Turn the water off under the sink and place a bucket to catch any dripping water. With a wrench, loosen the tube fitting from the end that has the valve. Next, pull the tube out and slide off the fitting from the tube.

Step 3

Now, loosen the tube fitting at the refrigerator end and detach the tube out of the refrigerator port. Take a new tube and attach one end of it to the valve under the sink. Secure it with a new fitting, making sure the open end faces the end of the tube. Tighten it with the wrench.

Step 4

The other end of the hose with a washer goes into the refrigerator port. Screw the fitting to it and tighten the fitting with the wrench.

Before moving the refrigerator back into position, turn the water on to check the tube. If you notice water dripping, tighten the tube’s fittings. Do this until there is no drip, even with the water valve fully turned on.

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