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Miele Fridge Freezing Up [What to Do]

This article shows you what to do in the event your Miele fridge is freezing up.

Miele refrigerator freezing up

Why Is My Miele Fridge Freezing Up?

Your Miele fridge is freezing up due to any of the following reasons:

1. Temperature Control Setting

The setting of the temperature control affects how cold the fridge gets. If you set it too low, the refrigerator will become too cold eventually. Adjust the setting and give the fridge a day or two to adjust to the new temperature.

2. Air Damper

If the air damper doesn’t close or open the right way in order to properly control the flow of cold air, the fridge will get too cold. Check the damper manually to see if it is closing and opening at all. If it is stuck, you will have to replace the damper.

3. Thermistor

Without the thermistor, the control board cannot regulate power to the evaporator fan and compressor. Consequently, they can run too much and cause the fridge to freeze. Therefore, test it with a multimeter. See if its resistance changes as the fridge temperature changes. If it does not change and there is no continuity, the thermistor is faulty and should be replaced.

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4. Door Seal

A torn, dirty or weak refrigerator door seal will leave the refrigerator compromised. Change the seal if it is weak or lose and clean it with warm water and mild soap if it is dirty. This is to enable the door close properly and keep it airtight. That way, the humid air won’t enter and condense, causing the freezing.

5. Condenser Coils

Clean the condenser coils twice a year. This is to keep the compressor from having to work extra hard in order to keep the refrigerator cool.

The coils dissipate heat from the refrigerator but if they are dirty, they can’t perform well. So, the compressor will pick up the slack and try to keep the unit from getting warm. But sometimes, this extra work from the compressor makes the unit too cold, freezing it.

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Important Note: Accurate diagnosis of the cause of the freezing is important. If you misdiagnose the cause, repairs could cost you much more than a new refrigerator. So, contact a qualified technician who can help you find the fault and fi it permanently. Doing this is also recommended if your refrigerator has an active warranty.