Fisher and Paykel Fridge Freezing Up [Quick Fix]

This article explains how to quickly fix a Fisher and Paykel fridge that is freezing up. Read to learn what to do.

Fisher and Paykel fridge freezing up
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Fisher and Paykel Fridge Freezing Up – How to Fix

If you find that your Fisher and Paykel fridge is freezing up all of a sudden, check the following things:

Door Seal

A broken, worn or weak door seal will not be able to keep the cool air inside the fridge from escaping. It will also not be able to keep the humid outside air from entering the fridge. And when the humid air enters, it forms condensate and freezes again. And if this continues, there will be an ice buildup. Food will keep freezing in the fridge

Be sure the seal is not dirty or worn. Clean it with warm water and mild soap if it is dirty and change it entirely if it is worn. Always shut the door of the fridge tightly after opening it. And keep from opening the door too often. This is another way through which warm air laden with moisture enters the fridge.

Temperature Setting

It is possible you or someone else inadvertently reduced the temperature of the fridge. This will make the fridge freeze easily and quickly.

So it is good to check the setting on the control panel in front of the fridge to see what the temperature reads. Adjust it if it is too low. But if it is set to the right temperature, try adjusting it a degree or two higher and see if it helps solve the freezing problem. This is especially true if the weather is cold.

This video shows how to accurately adjust the temperature of your Fisher and Paykel fridge…


Check the placement of the contents of the fridge. If it is too packed, the circulation of air will be poor and this can contribute to freezing the fridge. Rearrange the contents to make for better air circulation and reduce the contents if the fridge is too packed.

It is also possible the contents are close to the air vents or are resting on the rear wall of the fridge. If this is so, rearrange them away from the vents and the wall. These are usually the coldest parts of the fridge so freeze things faster.

Condenser Coils

If the coils are accessible and are dirty, vacuum them well and dust them thoroughly. Dirty coils will not be able to release the heat from the refrigerant so it doesn’t carry it to the fridge.

This way, the refrigerant runs with the heat and the compressor has to work extra hard and long to keep the fridge from getting warm.

While this works sometimes, other times, the extra work from the compressor makes the fridge too cold to freezing point. Additionally, it could wear the compressor out too quickly.

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Fisher and Paykel Freezer Freezing Up – What to Check

Here are the parts to check for faults if your Fisher and Paykel freezer is freezing up:

Check the Strength of the Door Seal

Use paper or a dollar bill to check the strength of the seal. Close the door of the freezer on the paper or bill and pull on it. If it pulls out, the seal is weak or broken. You need to change it.

If the door seal is not in proper working order, the freezer will freeze quickly. This is because warm air that easily carries moisture will slowly but surely seep into the freezer. The moisture in the air will condense and refreeze. With time, it will cause the freezer to freeze quickly.

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Check How Often the Door Is Opened

The frequency at which the door of the freezer is opened will also determine how cool or freezing it is. Avoid opening the door frequently; decide what you want from the freezer before you open the door.

While frequent opening can make the freezer not to cool properly, it can also make the freezer freeze too quickly and easily. Humid air will enter easily and the moisture will condensate on the cold walls. Then, the moisture will freeze along with the melted frost caused by the warm air.

Check the Content to Be Stored

Hot food will melt frost and then, the melted frost will refreeze. Additionally, water-laden food will drip water into the freezer which will freeze. If this happens all the time, then the freezer will freeze quickly.

Therefore, allow food to get cold before putting it in the freezer. And store water-rich or water-laden foods in containers or bags that can catch the water before storing them. After some time, you can empty the containers so the water doesn’t freeze.

Check the Temperature Setting

Setting the temperature of the freezer below the recommended point will cause the freezer to freeze quickly. Take a look at the temperature control to see where you set it. Move it to 0 degrees Fahrenheit if it is lower than that. Wait to see if the freezing problem is solved. If not, try to set it a little higher and check the result.

Important Note

While freezers can build up ice or frost sometimes, even frost-free ones, it is important to note that freezers are supposed to freeze. It is normal for ice to build up as long as a freezer is in use and is turned on. However, when the ice builds up to 6 millimeters, defrost it manually.

Remember to turn the fridge off before you begin to check any part of it. A fridge carries water so should be handled with care. Therefore, unplug it from the wall socket or shut off the circuit breaker that controls the part of the house where you placed the fridge. Always do this no matter how minor the repair.

In addition to the above, consult a qualified repair technician if you notice that any part of the fridge is not working as it should. And if you can get a Fisher and Paykel service agent to take a look at the fridge, that would be best. This is especially true if you still have an active warranty.