Hotpoint Fridge Freezing Up [How to Fix]

Fridges do come with some glitches, such as cooling and freezing problems. So, read our article on how to fix a problem with a Hotpoint fridge freezing up.

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Hotpoint Fridge Freezing Up – What to Do

Here are the parts to check for faults if your Hotpoint fridge freezer keeps freezing up:

1. Air Damper Control

Take a look at the air damper between the freezer and fridge to see if it is closed or open. If it is open and doesn’t close, then it has developed a fault and should be replaced.

The damper is supposed to close and open in order to let the right amount of cold air into the fridge. If it is always open, too much cold air will enter the fridge and cause it to freeze over time.

2. Temperature Control Thermostat

Turn the thermostat anti-clockwise from the lowest temperature setting to the highest temperature setting. You should hear a click when you get to the highest point. If you don’t hear this click, take a multimeter and test the thermostat for continuity. If there is no continuity, replace the thermostat.

A faulty thermostat won’t be able to send voltage to the compressor and fan motors. Because of this, the refrigerant could run more than necessary to make up for the lag of the compressor and fans. Consequently, the fridge will get too cold.

3. Thermistor

Check the thermistor’s continuity with a multimeter. You should see the resistance change with the fridge temperature. If the resistance doesn’t change and you see no continuity, replace the thermistor.

The thermistor reads the temperature of the air and sends its findings to the control board so that the board can properly regulate how the compressor and evaporator fan operate. If the readings are wrong, the compressor and fan could run too much and freeze everything in the fridge eventually.

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The main control board and temperature control board can also become defective and cause the freezing problem. However, check them after you are sure the parts listed above are in good working order.

While checking all of these parts, make sure that the gaskets are functioning properly. If they are not, warm air will penetrate into the fridge, condense and refreeze over time. Additionally, avoid opening the fridge freezer doors too often in order to maintain the temperature and keep humid air out.

Hotpoint Frost Free Fridge Freezer Freezing Up – Solution

A frost-free fridge should not freeze; if it does, the problem is with the defrost system. Start with the defrost timer because it is responsible for advancing the system into a defrost cycle. So, if it becomes defective, the entire system will not work, even if the heater and thermostat work.

Move the timer counterclockwise using a small flat-head screwdriver. Wait for the fridge to begin defrosting or advance out of the defrost cycle. If the fridge fails to advance out of the defrost cycle within thirty minutes, the timer is sfaulty. You can also test it with a multimeter to check for continuity and replace it if there is none.

Check the defrost thermostat. It is supposed to allow the defrost power on during the defrost cycle so that it can melt ice off the evaporator coils. If it doesn’t work, the heater won’t come on and the coils will frost over. This will eventually lead to the fridge freezer freezing up.

You can also check the defrost heater, especially if the timer and thermostat are in good condition. You should test it with a multimeter to check for continuity. Consider replacing it if there is no continuity. The heater turns on to warm the evaporator coils so they do not freeze. If the heater fails to work, the entire fridge may have cooling issues.

Here is a video that shows how to accurately diagnose the fault with a frost free fridge freezer and how to fix it…

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Hotpoint Freezer Freezing Up – What to Check

If your Hotpoint freezer is freezing up, check the following parts:

1. Defrost Timer

Turn the defrost timer with a flathead screwdriver or your hand until you hear it click. The compressor and the fans will go off and the defrost heater will come on if it is working well. If the heater comes on, you know the timer is defective and should be replaced. Why? The timer is supposed to go into the defrost mode automatically. Having to turn it manually means it is faulty.

2. Defrost Heater

Test the continuity of the defrost heater with a multimeter. If there is no continuity, then you know the heater is faulty. Replace it.

Without a good defrost heater, the coils will have frost all over them and cause the freezer to freeze up.

3. Defrost Thermostat

Before the defrost heater can come on, the thermostat has to feel the coldness of the evaporator coils and alert the heater. If it can’t do this, the heater won’t be able to defrost ice. So frost will build up and cover the coils, eventually making the freezer to freeze up.

In addition to the above, be sure that the freezer door seal is working well. If the seal is weak, warm air with lots of moisture will enter regularly. Over time, the condensation from the moisture will form ice in the freezer.

Also, keep from opening the freezer door frequently. That is another way moisture-laden warm air will enter the freezer.

Furthermore, avoid storing water-rich foods or hot foods in the freezer. The wet foods will drip water into the freezer, contributing to the ice buildup. And the hot food will melt frost in the freezer, which will condense and cause unnecessary freezing.

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Regular maintenance usually keeps the freezer working well. Therefore, you should schedule service to check the fridge’s components and see those that need repairing. Contact the Hotpoint Service Center to report the issue and schedule service. Alternatively, use an independent service agent for further assistance.

Hotpoint Refrigerator Ice Maker Freezing Up – Quick Fix

1. Water Inlet Valve

Check the water inlet valve. If there is a leak, some water will leak down slowly to the ice fill tube. The water will freeze and cause the tube to be blocked. This is despite the fact the valve is closed. Also, use a multimeter and check if the solenoid of the ice maker is working. Replace the valve if it is leaking or if the solenoid is defective.

2. Ice Fill Tube

Additionally, be sure the ice fill tube is tilted slightly to the front. If it is not, water will not flow freely out of it. It will stay in it and freeze.

3. Water Line

A clogged water line can also cause the ice maker to freeze up. Clogging makes the water line unable to deliver a good water flow to the ice maker. Without a good water flow, the ice maker will be unable to drop the already-made ice cubes from the evaporator plate. Due to this, poorly-formed ice cubes cause the ice maker to freeze up.

This problem will need a repair technician. So contact one or call the Hotpoint service center to request for one.

4. Ice Bin

You can also check the ice bin. A malfunctioning ice bin will not be able to stop the ice maker from producing more ice until it dispenses all the ice it is already carrying. So the ice maker will keep producing ice until the ice bin fills up and the ice backs up into the ice maker. It will get plugged and freeze up.

Get a qualified technician to take a look at it if you suspect this is the problem. You can avoid this problem by servicing the ice maker at least twice a year.


Unplug your fridge or freezer before touching it for diagnostic work or repairs. And be sure to call for help from a qualified technician if the work is proving too difficult.

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