Kenmore Refrigerator Freezing Everything [Solved]

Is your Kenmore refrigerator freezing everything suddenly? This article shows you why and what to do to solve the problem.

Kenmore Refrigerator Freezing Everything

Kenmore Refrigerator Freezing Everything – What to Do

Do the following if your Kenmore refrigerator keeps freezing everything:

1. Adjust the Temperature Settings

To adjust the temperature settings of your Kenmore fridge, find the controls of the fridge and identify the temperature control knob. Check if it is set at the mid-setting “3”.

If it is not, turn the temperature control knob to bring it back to the mid-setting. This will take it one setting lower than the previous one.

Some Kenmore refrigerator models have different control knobs for the freezer and fridge. Therefore, when adjusting the temperature, be sure you are adjusting that of the fridge.

Also, be aware that if the freezer temperature is too cold, it will affect the temperature in the fridge. This makes it important to always consult the user’s manual before adjusting your fridge temperature.

A glance at the user’s manual helps you to understand the settings of the fridge and how it works. At the mid-point setting, the fridge remains at a normal temperature of 37 degrees Fahrenheit.

But after adjusting the temperature settings, allow the fridge to work for about 24-hours to determine if the temperature is now at the recommended level.

2. Check the Air Damper

To check the air damper of your Kenmore refrigerator, open the fridge and check the top left corner of the fridge.

Locate the air damper control assembly there and place your hands under it. If the cold air coming into the fridge from the freezer is too much, then the air damper is loose or malfunctioning.

Once you notice this, it is advisable to tighten or replace the damper control assembly. To tighten it, unplug the fridge from the power supply. Defrost the fridge and bring out the shelves.

Next, undo the screws with the right screwdriver and remove the frame and other parts. Check to see if the damper is resting firmly on the refrigerator wall. If it is not, you might just need to tighten the screws and fix the parts back.

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However, if it is broken and cannot close or open by itself, replace it with a new part.

To replace it, buy the correct damper for your Kenmore model. Remove the plug from the switch and unpack the fridge. Loosen the screws and detach the parts covering the damper control.

Next, pull out the old one gently from the wires and install the new one. Fix the parts back and drive in the screws.

The air damper of a refrigerator controls the flow of air between the compartments. This aids the proper circulation of cold air within the fridge. When it is not tight it allows too much cold air into the fridge. This causes everything in the fridge to freeze.

Note: Damper assembly parts vary depending on your model of the Kenmore refrigerator. Be sure you get the right one.

3. Inspect the Thermostat Control

To inspect the thermostat control, disconnect the refrigerator from the power supply. Then, get a suitable screwdriver to undo the screws of the unit’s control knobs carefully.

Next, pull out the frame gently and locate the thermostat. Use your hand to support the frame if you cannot pull it out completely. Disconnect the wire from the thermostat and its coil with a screw from the back of the panel.

Next, remove the plastic capillary around the coil, then connect the thermostat cable to a multimeter to check its resistance capacity.

If there is no resistance and no continuity, replace the thermostat with a new one as soon as possible.

To replace it, get a compatible thermostat for your Kenmore model. Unplug the refrigerator and loosen the control knob panel or frame with suitable screwdrivers. Locate the old one and remove it gently.

Use the same capillary plastic tube covering the coil of the old thermostat for the new one if it does not have any. Connect the new thermostat to the wires and position it correctly. Pull back the frame and tighten the screws.

The thermostat is the device that regulates and controls the temperature in the fridge. If it is not functioning properly the temperature level of the fridge will be unstable. This also stops the timer from turning off and turning on appropriately.

You can test-run by monitoring the fridge for a temperature decrease 4 hours after the repair.

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4. Check the Defrost Heater

To check the defrost heater, unplug the fridge and remove the shelves. Locate the evaporator, usually behind the inside back panel of the freezer section of the fridge.

Undo the screws on the panel, pull it out gently, and place it aside. Remove the aluminum straps beneath the evaporator, take out the styrofoam, then disconnect the defrost heater from the wires.

Get a multimeter, either digital or analog, and plug the ends of the defrost heater into the clips of the multimeter to check for continuity. If it does not have any, it implies that it is defective.

To replace it, simply fix a new defrost heater to the wire connector from where you removed the old one. Be sure to position it the way the old one was. Replace the inside back panel of the freezer, drive in the screws, and reassemble the shelves.

The defrost heater helps to melt cold air that flows into the fridge through the evaporator. When it becomes faulty the cold air remains clogged on the evaporator causing the release of excess ice into the fridge.

5. Ensure the Defrost Timer Is Working

To ensure the defrost timer of your Kenmore fridge is working, switch off the fridge and allow it to defrost completely. Remove the shelves, and find the defrost timer frame at the top right corner of the controls.

Use a screwdriver to unmount the screws on the controls and bring out the knobs gently. Then place a pollen knife in between the control frame and the fridge to pull out the frame carefully.

After pulling it out, allow it to tilt downwards a little, then pull out the defrost timer pins from the wire connector plug. You can now check if it’s bad or not.

To check if it is bad, use a screwdriver to rotate the small round knob on the timer. Listen to see if it still ticks and produces the sound of a ticking clock. If it does not, it is probably stuck or no longer working. You can also use a multimeter to check for its level of continuity.

To fix this, you will need to get a new defrost timer. Then, fix the wire connector to the new one and replace the disassembled parts.

Test the new one with a multimeter before fixing it to be sure it is properly working.

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This video demonstrates how to replace the defrost timer on a Kenmore refrigerator…

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6. Test the Thermistor

Your Kenmore refrigerator may be freezing everything because of the thermistor. Therefore, if you adjusted the temperature and changed the defrost timer yet it still freezes everything, check the thermistor.

Test it by checking its resistance along with the fridge’s temperature. It should change as the temperature of the unit changes. However, if it remains the same, it is defective and should be replaced.

To do this, get a suitable thermistor for your Kenmore fridge model. Unplug the fridge and disassemble the shelves. Loosen the screws on the control panel and pull it down

Next, uninstall the old thermistor carefully from the wire connector and fix the new one. Replace the panel you removed earlier, tighten the screws, then reassemble your fridge.

The thermistor is responsible for sending signals or temperature readings to the control panel. Once it is defective, the control panel has no accurate temperature reading and can force the evaporator and condenser coils to keep working harder for longer hours.

It helps to take a picture of how the connections are before disconnecting wires and other parts. This way, you can retrace your steps successfully when reassembling them.

Important Note

If you just bought your refrigerator, ensure that you leave it at the factory setting. This setting has been done in a way to prevent any malfunctioning in the temperature. But if it has been tampered with, consult your user’s manual to get the correct temperature range.

Also, with an active warranty, you can contact Kenmore customer service to get expert advice, repair services, and help on what to do.

However, you can also engage the services of an expert refrigerator repair agent if your Kenmore refrigerator is freezing everything. We can link you up with some experts here to fix any refrigerator problem you have without delay.

Always ensure that you arrange the things you are putting in your refrigerator properly. Do not place them directly in front of the air vents.


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