My Bosch Fridge is Freezing Everything [Solution]

If your query is ‘My Bosch fridge is freezing everything’, this article details what causes the problem and how to fix it quickly.

my Bosch fridge is freezing everything

My Bosch Fridge Is Freezing Everything – Quick Fix

If your Bosch fridge is freezing everything, here are the steps to take in order to fix it:

1. Place Fresh Food Away from the Vent

Fresh food and other items should be kept away from the vent. Cold air from the freezer enters the refrigerator through the vents. Therefore, if you place fresh food directly facing the vent, they will all freeze.

2. Make Sure the Door Closes Properly

Only when the fridge’s door is air-tight is it properly closed. It is the work of the gasket to make the door air-tight when closed. Therefore, it is important to test the gasket’s effectiveness.

To do this, close the door on a sheet of paper; try pulling the paper out without opening the door. If the paper comes out easily or even at all, the gasket is weak. If you notice this in your Bosch fridge, change the gasket.

With a damaged gasket, the door of the fridge which seems closed is actually open. And when humid air enters the fridge, it causes frost.

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3. Check the Temperature Control Thermostat

Confirm if the temperature control thermostat has a fault by rotating it. As you do so, you should hear a click on reaching the highest temperature setting.

If the thermostat of your Bosch fridge is sound, you will hear the click. It is faulty if it fails to click. At this point, test the thermostat for continuity with a digital multimeter. Its lack of continuity proves it is defective.

The temperature control thermostat increases or decreases the fridge’s temperature. It performs this function by regulating the voltage which passes to the evaporator fan motor, compressor and condenser fan motor.

From the above, you can see that a damaged temperature control thermostat causes over-freezing. This is caused by the fact that the refrigerant system continues to run unrestrained, and as such, results in the over-freezing of food.

4. Load Enough Content

Load your Bosch fridge to its optimal capacity, about ¾ of the way. If, however, the fridge is largely empty, do not put fruits and vegetables at the bottom. This is because, whereas hot air rises, cold air falls. As the cold air falls, the food at the bottom gets all the coldness and, therefore, gets frozen.

5. Verify the Thermistor’s Soundness

Test the thermistor’s resistance using a multimeter. This is to ascertain the soundness of the thermistor. A sound thermistor’s resistance changes as the refrigerator’s temperature changes. Also, ensure that the thermistor is sound by checking for continuity.

The failure of the thermistor’s resistance to change as the temperature of the refrigerator changes shows that it is defective. Alternatively, if the thermistor shows no continuity, it is faulty. If it is faulty, then replace it.

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The thermistor is sensitive to the temperature in the refrigerator. The thermistor reads the temperature and sends the control board the reading. The control board regulates the refrigerating system, but it relies on this temperature reading.

If damaged, the thermistor gives wrong temperature readings. As a result of this, even when the board should stop the evaporator fan as well as the compressor, it makes them continue working optimally. This leads to the freezing of food.

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6. Check the Main Control Board

It is rarely the case that the main control board is the cause of an over-freezing issue. Even when it is the cause, it can only be detected by an elimination process. The elimination process involves testing all other components that are relevant to the freezing process. When you are satisfied that none of these components is responsible for the problem, then change the board.

The brain of the refrigerator is the main control board. It controls the supplies of voltage to every unit in the fridge as their needs arise.

The main control board that is faulty continues to supply compressor and evaporator fans needlessly high voltage. This makes them overwork, and when they overwork over-freezing results.

7. Check the Fridge’s Damper Control

Take a look at the damper control assembly to see if it in the open or closed position. If it is in the open position and does not close at all, then replace it. This is because it is broken.

The damper’s function is to allow cold air to enter the refrigerator section from the freezer. When the temperature of this section falls to a point, the damper closes to prevent cold air from entering the refrigerator section.

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The damper opens and closes to admit only the volume of cool air required to keep food contained in the refrigerator cool. So, a damper that hangs open gives a constant vent of cold air into the section. Cool air allowed in excess into the refrigerator makes everything in it freeze.

8. Dust the Refrigerator’s Coil

To clean the coil, turn the refrigerator, and you will find the coil behind it. Remove its dust and grime by the instrumentality of the canister vacuum cleaner.

The passage of time allows dust to accumulate on the coil. Consequently, the accumulated dust strains the compressor, making it overwork. This causes the content of the fridge to freeze.

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If a Bosch fridge is freezing everything, then you can trace the problem to one of the following: the damper control, temperature control thermostat, main control board and thermistor.

If you have to replace any of the components, avoid buying the wrong parts. Ordering with the fridge’s model number or parts number will help in getting the appropriate replacement.

Replacing with the inappropriate parts could cause other problems, including over freezing. Thus, make sure you get the appropriate type for your fridge’s model.

Lastly, prevent recurrence of the problem of over-freezing by simply preventing the causes that have been listed above.


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