Samsung Ice Maker Auger Not Turning [How to Fix]

If there is no ice from your ice maker, it is likely the auger is faulty. In this article, we discuss a Samsung ice maker auger not turning and how to fix it.

Samsung DA97-11092B Genuine OEM Ice Maker Assembly for Samsung Refrigerators

Samsung Ice Maker Auger Not Turning – Quick Fix

Do the following if the auger in your Samsung ice maker is not turning:

Step 1

Open the door of the freezer and remove the ice bucket. There is a chance that the bucket is full from the last ice making cycle, especially as you have not been able to dispense it. Therefore, remove the bucket bearing this in mind.

Step 2

Turn the ice maker off by lifting the shut-off arm up to the off position. Alternatively, press the ice maker’s power button if it has one.

Step 3

If your refrigerator has separate levers for dispensing water and ice, press that for ice. But if it has only one lever for both water and ice, press the button labelled Ice on the door of the dispenser.

Next, activate the switch of the freezer door. Doing this will get the dispenser to dispense ice, even though the ice maker is off.

Then, push the lever for dispensing ice and take a look at the auger for signs of life. If it does not turn at all, it could be that it is frozen.

Step 4

You need to remove the ice maker before you can remove the auger. When you do this, unmount the screws that hold the auger in place at the inside rear of the compartment using a nut driver. Disconnect the harness that holds the wires in place before pulling the auger out.

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Step 5

Lay the auger on a thick rag or towel because of the water dripping from it. Allow it to dry completely and the temperature to increase up to room temperature.

Now, try to turn the shaft of the auger. If it is in proper working order, it should turn freely. So if it turns, it means the auger is good; ice was probably preventing it from turning.

However, if the shaft does not turn, it means the auger is bad and should be replaced as soon as possible.

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