How to Turn Off a Samsung Refrigerator [Quick Guide]

If you have an interest in learning how to turn off a Samsung refrigerator, then this article is for you. Read to learn how to do this quickly and easily.

how to turn off a Samsung refrigerator
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How to Turn Off the Freezer in a Samsung Fridge

In a Samsung fridge, you cannot turn off the freezer alone. This is because both the fridge and freezer share the same cooling technology and condenser. And the coldness that you feel in the fridge section comes from the freezer section through the damper control.

Therefore, you can’t turn one off without turning the other off, too. But even if you can turn off the freezer alone, the fridge will have no other means of cooling. So, it will become warm.

How to Turn Off a Samsung Fridge

To turn off a Samsung fridge, you either unplug it from the power source or shut down the circuit breaker through which the fridge accesses power.

It’s important to note here that some Samsung fridges have power buttons on the top of the fridge door. These buttons could be used to either switch on or switch off the fridge without unplugging from the power source or shutting down the circuit breaker.

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How to Turn a Samsung Refrigerator On and Off

Connect the power cord to a suitable wall outlet to turn your Samsung refrigerator on and off. Ensure the refrigerator has a dedicated circuit away from other appliances to enable it to run efficiently. Turn it off by disconnecting the power cord from the wall outlet. This applies to all Samsung refrigerator models.

If you are looking for how to turn off a Samsung refrigerator without unplugging it or powering down the circuit breaker, look for a power button. Some Samsung refrigerator models have a power button; check the control panel or consult the user manual for its location. Press this button to turn the refrigerator on and off.

Why Did My Samsung Fridge Turn Off?

The following are possible reasons why your Samsung fridge turned off:

1. Damaged Power Cord

Check to see if the power cord is fully plugged into the power source. If it is not, unplug it fully and plug it back in, making sure that it is fully in this time.

Then, check to see if the fridge has come on. If it hasn’t, check to see if the cord has any damage to it or is burnt. If it is, replace it or call a Samsung Service Centre nearest to you to report the issue.

Samsung 3903-000519 Refrigerator Power Cord

2. Shut-Down Circuit Breaker

Check to see if the circuit breaker that controls the supply of power to the fridge’s wall outlet is tripped off. If it is, unplug the fridge before switching the circuit breaker back on. Then plug the fridge back into the wall outlet.

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3. Sudden Power Surge

Sometimes, at the restoration of power, surges could happen and it could result in the damage of the unit or some other part of the fridge.

Contact the nearest Samsung Service center to report and request service the issue if such a thing happens. This is especially true if the unit is still under an active warranty.

Note: Some newer models of Samsung fridges come with built-in stabilizers that regulate power, thereby making it possible to avoid damages from surges.

How to Turn Off the Water Filter Light on a Samsung Refrigerator

There are several methods of turning of or resetting the filter light on a Samsung refrigerator. This article on how to reset the filter light on your Samsung refrigerator explains the various methods in easy steps. You will also learn how to replace the water filter in your Samsung refrigerator from this resource.

How Do I Turn Off Forced Defrost on a Samsung Refrigerator?

To turn off the forced defrost mode on a Samsung refrigerator, press and hold the Power Freeze/Freezer and Energy Saver buttons simultaneously for about four seconds. The refrigerator should beep and the display should show Off as it resets. Then, the refrigerator will come out of the defrost cycle and return to its nromal operating mode.


If you are looking for how to turn off a Samsung refrigerator, take care not to touch the condenser, the compressor or any other electrical part at the back of the refrigerator with wet hands as this could lead to instant electrocution.

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Also, be mindful that you do not stand on wet surfaces as you make contact with a fridge. This can also result in electrocution

Remember to contact any Samsung Service centre nearest to you for repairs in the case of damage(s) to the refrigerator’s unit or part. Alternatively, chat with any of the refrigerator repair agents here. They are readily available to assist you with any appliance question you have.

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How to Turn Off a Samsung Refrigerator – Related FAQs

1. How to Turn off Samsung Fridge without Unplugging

To turn off a Samsung fridge without unplugging, you either switch off the power source or shut down the circuit breaker through which electricity is supplied to the power source.

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