Samsung Ice Maker Broken [How to Fix]

There are a few issues that could make you believe your Samsung ice maker is broken. In this article, we discuss these issues and how to fix them.

Samsung Ice Maker Broken
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Samsung Ice Maker Broken – Quick Fix

The following are possible issues a Samsung ice maker can have to make it appear broken and how to fix them:

Samsung Ice Maker Is Making No Ice

Do the following if your Samsung ice maker is making no ice:

1. Be Sure the Ice Maker Is On

Check the Ice off icon to see if it is lit. If it is, it means the machine is off so cannot make ice. This will make it seem as if it is not working.

To change the lit status of the icon, read instructions from the user manual for the Samsung refrigerator you own.

Also, if your refrigerator has an Ice On icon, make sure it is lit so that the ice maker can make ice. Usually, top freezer refrigerator models have this icon.

2. Ensure the Water Pressure Is Sufficient

To determine if the water pressure of the dispenser is sufficient, try to dispense water ¾ of a water glass in 10 seconds. The speed at which this happens lets you know whether the pressure is enough.

If the dispenser cannot fill ¾ of a glass with water within 10 seconds, try to adjust the pressure. Call a plumber to help you fix this.

You can also check the water filter to see if it is in the right working order. Remove it and check the head for any damage. Also, check to be sure it is the right type of filter for a Samsung refrigerator.

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In addition, if the filter has not been changed in the last 6 months or ever at all, replace it as soon as possible. An old water filter is clogged and unable to function properly.

Therefore, it is capable of preventing water from flowing to the ice maker. Consequently, the ice maker won’t have water with which to make ice.

Finally, if there is no water at all from the dispenser, check the connection of the water line. If the refrigerator has two water lines, check to see if they are cross-connected. This is especially for RS27T and RS22T refrigerator models, which have different water lines for water and ice.

3. Ensure the Ice Bucket Is Properly Seated

Remove the ice bucket from the refrigerator and empty it if there is ice in it. Then, reinsert it, making sure it clicks into place.

This is because if the bucket does not seat properly, the ice maker may detect it as not being present. So it may not make ice.

4. Reset the Ice Maker

When all the other repair methods fail, resetting the ice maker may work. To do this, press the test or reset button on the machine. The location of the button varies depending on the model of the Samsung refrigerator.

Hold the button until the ice maker chimes, which is usually about 10 seconds. The chime means that the machine has gone into test mode.

If the ice maker is in good working condition, ice should dump into the ice bucket during the test cycle. So if ice does not drop and water does not enter the ice maker, it is likely to be defective.

After the test, there should a second chime, indicating that the test was successful and the ice maker is working fine.

But if there is no chime, disconnect the refrigerator from power, wait about two minutes and plug it back in. Then, reset it again by pressing the test button. If there is still no second chime, the ice maker could be damaged and needs to replaced.

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Buy a new part for replacement or contact Samsung Service center to report the issue and request service.

Note: Allow 24 hours to pass after resetting the ice maker before determining if it is working fine. That is the time it takes for the machine to resume normal operations.

Samsung Ice Maker Is Not Making Enough Ice

Do the following if your Samsung ice maker is not making enough ice:

1. Dispense the Ice

Ensure you dispense the ice from the bucket once it is full. This will make it possible for the ice maker to make more ice.

Also, if the ice bucket is not full yet the ice machine is not making more ice, shift the ice forward in the bucket. Doing this creates space at the back of the bucket so that the ice maker can make and dump the ice. Otherwise, the machine will read that there is no need for more ice.

2. Check the Water Pressure

To check the pressure of the water, see if you can dispense water ¾ of a glass. If this happens, the pressure is enough. But if not, check the water filter. This is especially true if you have never replaced it or have not replaced it in the last 6 months.

Take the water filter out of the refrigerator and dispense water again. If you can dispense within 10 seconds, replace the filter.

If the water pressure is lower than 20psi, the water inlet valve won’t be able to open to allow water to flow into the ice maker. As a result, there won’t be water for the ice maker to make ice.

If your refrigerator has no dispenser, then run water straight from the water line. Turn the water supply off and disconnect the line. Then, run water out of the line after turning the water back on.

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The speed at which the water fills the glass tells you if the pressure is right. So, replace the filter if the pressure is low.

However, if the water filter is sufficient, have a plumber adjust the pressure to the right level.

3. Make the Refrigerator Level

If the Samsung refrigerator is not level, it can cause some issues including the ice maker not working. This can make the machine appear broken.

Therefore, properly level the refrigerator. If you are not sure how to correctly do this, consult the user manual for the unit or contact Samsung for assistance.

4. Close the Doors

Closed doors make for better ice production. In other words, the ice maker works optimally with the doors closed. This is because the temperature in the unit maximizes when there is no escape of cold air or entrance of warm air.

Here is a video on how to fix a Samsung ice maker if air is getting into it…

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Know When to Replace the Ice Maker

If you troubleshoot the Samsung ice maker and reset it yet it does not work, it may be time to replace it.

However, before you do this, have a qualified refrigerator technician take a look at it to determine what is wrong. Then, you will know if a replacement is needed.

It is important to note here that regular maintenance checks of the ice maker will keep it from becoming broken. This is because you will be able to catch faults and errors before they do irreparable damage.


A Samsung ice maker that is broken may make little ice. But most times, it will make no ice at all. And since ice makers can hardly be fixed, a replacement is the best way to go.

Check the different parts of the ice maker to see if any individual part is defective. This could cause the ice maker to appear broken. If the part is replaceable, it is better than having to buy the entire assembly.