Frigidaire Fridge Freezing Everything [How to Fix]

Ever noticed your Frigidaire fridge freezing everything? Do not fret! In this article, we will tell you the possible causes and show simple things you can do to fix the problem.

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Frigidaire Fridge Freezing Everything – Solutions

Below are common solutions to a Frigidaire fridge that is freezing everything:

1. Set Temperature

Set your fridge’s temperature to 35-40 degrees Fahrenheit, which is about 2-5 degrees Celsius. This is a decent temperature for food preservation. Setting your fridge to the coldest degree will drop the temperature to a freezing point. And if the setting is higher than this, the compartment will become too warm.

Allow about 24 hours for the temperature to stabilize any time you change your fridge’s temperature setting.

2. Stock up Fully

If freezing persists after you’ve set the temperature, then ensure that your fridge is sufficiently stocked up. A fully stocked fridge better absorbs the cold air circulating in the refrigerating compartment. When there is little food in the fridge to absorb the cool air circulating in it, there is a high chance the food will freeze.

3. Replace Fridge Door Seal

Replace torn or worn-out door seals immediately you notice them. These seals help lock cold air in. Leaking seals will make your fridge work twice as hard to maintain a steady temperature. Sadly, this can cause the refrigerator to be too cold and freeze food.

Fixing leaky seals will not only keep food from freezing but save energy, too.

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4. Clean Condenser Coils

Clean the condenser coils thoroughly if they are dirty. To clean the coils, switch off the fridge and pull it away from the wall to create space. You will see the coils right behind it. Clean them gently but thoroughly, and maintain this routine bi-yearly, at the very least.

Dirty coils make the compressor work even harder, causing more cold air than is needed to circulate inside the fridge.

If this is the problem, then the freezing issue should be resolved. If not, let us look at another solution.

Replace Defective or Malfunctioning Parts

Another reason why your fridge is freezing everything could be a result of a defective part. If that is the case, the malfunctioning part, when identified, should be replaced.

1. Malfunctioning Thermistor

Use a multimeter to test the thermistor’s continuity and resistance. The thermistor’s resistance should change once there is a temperature change. If the resistance remains the same, it means the thermistor is faulty and needs to be replaced.

You can change your fridge’s temperature using the temperature dial. However, a faulty thermistor will supply erroneous voltage to the refrigerant system. This will make the system work continuously, thereby making the refrigerator’s temperature too cold.

The thermistor is the part that reads and monitors the refrigerator’s temperature and sends the reading to the control board. The temperature regulator board then directs current to the refrigerant system using the reading. The components of the refrigerant system are compressor, start relay timer, and evaporator and condenser motor.

2. Bad Temperature Control Thermostat

As the compressor is working, switch the temperature dial to the highest temperature setting and listen for an audible click.

Hearing this click means the thermostat is working just fine and it shows the cooling system is shutting down. But if you don’t hear the click, the thermostat could be bad so should be replaced.

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You can also use a multimeter to test for continuity just to be sure the thermostat is bad. If the continuity remains the same at all set temperatures, it means the thermostat no longer works so should be replaced. A temperature control thermostat cannot be repaired or serviced, so it must be replaced once it is faulty.

A faulty temperature control thermostat causes the compressor to work more than required, making the fridge freeze food.

3. Damaged Damper Assembly

Check to see if the air damper control is functioning properly. You can find it between the freezer and fresh food compartments. If the damper is stuck open, it means it is damaged and needs to be replaced.

The air damper assembly controls the amount of airflow from the freezer compartment to the fridge. If it remains stuck open, it will only mean one thing: items in the fridge will easily freeze. This is because of the constant cold air flowing in from the freezer.

4. Faulty Evaporator Unit

You can find the evaporator unit behind the rear panel of the freezer section. Open this panel to examine the motor and the coils for any fault.

Using your hand, turn the fan blades to check for life. The blades spinning well suggests the motor is still in good condition. But if they are not spinning well, it suggests the motor is not in good condition.

If the latter is the case, then you will have to use a multimeter to check the windings. If there is no continuity, you will have to replace the motor because it is faulty.

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However, if the motor is not the problem, then it could be the coils. Frozen coils are an explanation for the frost buildup, and should be thawed manually. Unplug the fridge for at least 24 hours; this will ensure the ice defrosts. Then, plug it in again to see if freezing persists.

Frozen coils show something is wrong with the defrost system, and it should be looked at as soon as possible.

5. Problem with Defrost System

Any bad part of the defrost system affects the freezing power of the unit and will require a qualified technician to take a look. Why? Checking the defrost system is technical because it consists of a control board, a timer, and a heater. Only experts can handle this.

6. Faulty Main Control or Temperature Control Boards

When defective, main control or temperature control boards may supply constant current to fan motors and the compressor. This will, in turn, keep fan motors and the compressor working continuously. Consequently, the fridge becomes too cold and eventually freezes.

Control boards are hardly ever the problem, so, ensure that you have tested all the commonly faulty components first.

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If you are asking yourself: Why does my Frigidaire fridge keep freezing everything, then know that low temperature, dirty coils, broken door seal, defective parts, and improper stocking are answers to your question.

Contact Frigidaire service center if you have tried all the solutions above yet your Frigidaire fridge continues to freeze everything. This is best if you still have an active warranty for your fridge or in doubt of the solutions given.

Alternatively, we have qualified and experienced technicians here who can help fix the problem. You can chat with any of them.