Maytag Fridge Freezing Everything [How to Fix]

If your Maytag fridge is freezing everything, it is important to find out the cause and how to fix it. This article outlines why it is freezing everything and how you can fix it.

Maytag fridge freezing everything
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Maytag Fridge Freezing Everything – What to Do

Do the following if your Maytag fridge is freezing everything:

1. Check the Control Thermostat

To check the control thermostat of your Maytag refrigerator, locate the thermostat beside the fridge controls, loosen the screws and pull it out.

Get a cup of cold water, put the thermostat in it and fix a multimeter to the wires. If it produces a rhythm that sounds like an alarm or the ohms resistance level remains at zero, it implies that it has continuity.

But if the ohms resistance goes beyond zero, it implies that the thermostat is not functioning properly.

This test is called a continuity test. It determines if the thermostat still has continuity. If it still has continuity, it is functioning properly and vice versa.

However, before using a multimeter, ensure that it has been properly adjusted to the lowest ohms.

If you are using an analog multimeter, rotate the arrow to the lowest setting for ohms resistance. Calibrate the meter by putting the probes on each other, then reset the needle by the side of the multimeter to allow the red line to rest on zero. When this is done, the multimeter is ready for use.

On the other hand, if you are using a digital multimeter, reset the arrow to the lowest level of resistance. You can place it on the tone icon if you have that option on your multimeter, then affix it to the thermostat to see the result.

What the Thermostat Does

The thermostat is the on/off control that resets the compressor. It is a brain box that sends signals to the compressor that the fridge is too cold or too warm.

When it is too cold, it automatically regulates the compressor and stops it from releasing excess cold air and vice versa. So, when it is faulty, the compressor is forced to work harder than necessary.

To fix this issue, buy a thermostat that suits your Maytag fridge model, detach the screws, remove the old one, straighten the wire connector, and fix it appropriately on the new thermostat.

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Position it properly, then drive in the screws and reassemble your fridge. When doing this, always take note of the color of the wires so that you do not mix them up.

2. Examine the Thermistor

To examine if your Maytag fridge thermistor is still working, disconnect the fridge from the power supply, offload the items in it and remove the shelves.

Find the air vents on the wall of the fridge, undo the bolts with a screwdriver, then pull out the frame gently. After that, locate the thermistor and detach it from the wire connector gently. Next, use a multimeter to test it.

To use a multimeter, dip the thermistor into a cup of water, fix the probes of the multimeter into the wire connector of the thermistor. Pay attention to the reading on the multimeter. If the level of resistance displayed on the multimeter differs by more than 10% from the stipulated range, it is not functioning properly.

Also, if it does not read at all, it is damaged and needs a replacement. When the thermistor is malfunctioning, the evaporator and compressor will have to work longer than usual because no signal is sent to the control panel. Hence, there is no regulation.

To replace it, disconnect the fridge from power and remove all the shelves. Loosen the screws holding the frame of the air vents and carefully pull out the water filter and the old thermistor. Then, disconnect the wire and fix the plug into the new thermistor.

Once this is done, you can test-run your fridge for 24-hours to check if it is now working properly.

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3. Inspect the Ice Maker

To inspect the ice maker, unplug the fridge from the switch and ensure that the water supply is turned off. Open the freezer, locate the ice maker box, check the arm, and make sure it is down. Switch it on, then check the temperature.

The temperature is usually below 10 degrees Fahrenheit, though this depends on the type of Maytag refrigerator model you have. If the temperature is below the stipulated degree, it will cause the release of excess ice that can escape into your fridge and cause everything to freeze.

To fix this, straighten and adjust the water supply pipe and reset the temperature to the stipulated range as stated in the user’s manual.

4. Monitor the Damper Control Assembly

To monitor the damper control assembly, remove all the items in the fridge. Locate the damper control assembly at the back wall of the fridge.

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Next, get a screwdriver to detach the frame. Then, remove the frame carefully and check for spaces or shift in the Styrofoam position. If there is any, you will need a damper repair or replacement.

The damper control assembly, as the name implies, controls the flow of air in and out of the fridge. When it becomes defective, it allows the inflow of excess cold air from the freezer into the fridge. As a result, everything you put in it freezes in no time. So, when you notice this, it should be tightened or replaced.

To replace a damper control assembly, purchase a suitable damper assembly for the Maytag model, offload the fridge, and remove all the shelves.

Loosen the screws on the frame and detach it from the water filter. Uninstall the old one and disconnect it from the wire connector. Fix the new one, plug it into the wire connector, and adjust it to the right position. Put back the frame, drive in the screws then reassemble the shelves.

When doing this, be sure that the damper control holds firmly against the fridge wall to prevent any flight of excess cold air into the fridge.

5. Tighten the Door Seals

To tighten the door seals, spread a blanket on the floor or get a flat surface. Turn the refrigerator to lie on its back. Carefully inspect the door seals, then use the appropriate screwdriver to tighten the top and bottom hinges.

This is not a difficult task. However, you must know the type of screwdriver that will have the ability to tighten the knots correctly.

To check the tightness of the door seals, you can use paper or a dollar bill. Insert the dollar bill or paper into the door seals. If it falls off or has extra space it implies that the seals are not tight. This calls for immediate action especially if the door seals are damaged and cannot be repaired.

To replace it, turn off the refrigerator and offload the items in it. Remove the hinge cap and loosen the screws on it.
Next, pull off the freezer door and set it aside. Loosen the screws of the fridge door and pull it out. Then, place it on a flat table or surface, undo the screws on the door to separate the frame from the door.

Gently pull off the old door seal or gasket using a screwdriver. Reline the new seal around the door, starting from beneath. Tuck it into the right position to have a smooth pane on the lining. After that, adjust it, drive in the screws, reassemble the door, then attach the door back to the fridge.

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The gasket makes it possible for everything you put in the fridge to stay fresh and cool.

6. Rearrange Items Properly

To rearrange items properly in the fridge, understand the degree of coldness in each part of the fridge. The lower part of the fridge is the coldest, so don’t place light or perishable items there. The upper part is not too cold, and this makes it suitable for items such as fruits and drinks.

Also, when you place items directly in front of the air vents, they freeze because cold air hits them directly. The air vents allow the free passage of air between the freezer and the fridge.

Hence, be sure the items in the bottom of the fridge can accept cold air without freezing.

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Important Note

It is important to check the condenser coils if a Maytag fridge is freezing everything. Therefore, if all other parts of the fridge have been inspected and there is no change, check out the condenser coils.

The condenser coils regulate the flow of heat to the fridge. If they are dusty or dirty, they begin to malfunction by allowing the compressor and condenser fan to work harder. As a result, the fridge gets colder until it gets to the point of freezing.

To fix this, get a fridge coil brush and vacuum cleaner. Find the condenser coils behind or beneath the fridge. Unplug the fridge and use a screwdriver to loosen the grills. Vacuum the coils by blowing dry air on them. Brush it with the condenser coil brush, wash the grill with soap and water, dry it with a clean towel, and fix it back to the fridge.

If you still have an active warranty with Maytag, you can contact them to get expert advice, repair services, and help on how to fix it.

However, you can also engage the services of a professional fridge repairer or agent if your Maytag fridge is freezing everything. We can get some experts here to fix any fridge problem you may have.

Always ensure that you stick to the directions stated in the user’s manual to give you more helpful suggestions on how to fix the issue.