Samsung Refrigerator Will Not Drain [How to Fix]

If you discover that your Samsung refrigerator will not drain, it is best to check the drain hole. This article shows how to do this easily.

Samsung refrigerator will not drain
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Where Is the Drain Hose on a Samsung Refrigerator?

The drain hose on a Samsung refrigerator is located behind the unit. It runs down from behind the freezer section, down the back of the refrigerator and to the bottom at the back.

There, it is connected to a tube from which the water from the defrost cycle passes and enters the drain pan. Subsequently, the water evaporates.

Samsung Refrigerator Will Not Drain – Quick Fix

If you discover that your Samsung refrigerator will not drain, check the defrost drain. It is likely that the drain is clogged. Dirt, debris or ice could clog the drain, preventing water from passing through.

To verify this, empty the refrigerator of every item, including racks and shelves. You will find the refrigerator’s drain hole at the rear wall of the unit.

If there is a layer of ice over the hole, gently pour hot water over the hole to defrost the ice. When the ice over the hole melts, it is time to melt the ice inside the hole.

Pour some of the hot water into a turkey baster or a syringe. Then, squirt the water into the hole until the ice in it melts completely.

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You know you have succeeded when water runs freely into the pan from the hole.

Dirt or Debris

But if it is dirt or debris clogging or blocking the drain hole, mix a measurement of bleach in water. Pour the mixture over the hole. Next, put some in a syringe or turkey baster and squirt it down the hole. This will dislodge the dirt fast.

Keep squirting the mixture down the hole until there is a free flow of the liquid into the drain pan. It is evident that the drain is clean and free of blockages.

Note: You can use a mixture of water and baking soda in the place of bleach and water.

If the water does not run free after doing this or the blockage is not dislodged successfully, contact Samsung Support center to report the issue and request service.

Quick Note

Make sure to unplug the refrigerator from the wall socket before checking the defrost drain for blockages. However, if you cannot reach the socket, trip the circuit breaker for that part of the house.

Leaving the refrigerator connected to power while working on it is dangerous as it could lead to electrocution. This is especially true if you are going to actively touch water.

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