Water Coming Out of Samsung Fridge Freezer [How to Fix]

Is water coming out of your Samsung fridge freezer? This article details what the problem is and how to fix it easily and quickly.

water coming out of Samsung fridge freezer
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Water Coming Out of a Samsung Fridge Freezer – Solutions

If water is coming out of or dripping from a Samsung fridge freezer, check the following factors:

1. Door Sealing Properly?

Check the door to see if it is sealing properly. If it is not, it means the seal is weak or loose. To make sure of this, open the door of the fridge freezer and close it on a piece of paper. You can also use a dollar bill for this part.

Try to pull the paper or bill out without opening the door of the unit. If you successfully pull it out, replace the seal.

Also, move your hand up and down the edge of the unit’s door. If you feel cold air rushing out. This will also tell you if the seal is weak. Replace it if this happens.

Additionally, clean the seal properly. Dirt can keep the door from closing and sealing tightly. Repeat the cleaning process regularly to keep the seal clean.

If the door does not seal fully, cold air will escape and warm air will rush in. This will cause the ice in the fridge freezer to melt, forming water. Eventually, the water will begin to come out of the unit, especially when it is too much.

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2. Fridge Freezer Not Level?

Check to see if the fridge freezer is leveled properly. What does this mean? It means that the front of the unit should be raised slightly higher than the back.

This is to enable the water from the unit can flow smoothly to the drain hole at the back of the unit and into the defrost pan at the bottom. You will also know if the unit is level if the door is able to swing shut on its own.

So if this is not the case with the fridge freezer, consult the user manual for the unit to see instructions on how to fix the leveling issue. Otherwise, contact Samsung to report the issue and request assistance.

3. Water Connections Tight?

The water lines and water inlet valve connections at the back of the fridge freezer could be loose. Therefore, check the connections to ensure they are tight and water is not leaking from them. If they are not, tighten them or have a professional advise you on what to do.

Samsung DA62-02360B 2 Way Water Valve






4. Defrost Drain Clogged?

Check the defrost drain at the back wall of the freezer section to see if there is ice or debris clogging it. If there is, pour some hot or warm water over it to melt the ice or flush down the dirt. The water is usually more effective on the ice.

You can also mix some bleach or baking soda in water and pour it down the drain. Doing this will clear the dirt quickly and easily.

Another way to remove dirt from the drain is to use a stiff wire and push the dirt down the hole out the other side. Do this before pouring water down the drain so that it will be effective.

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Water will flow back into the fridge freezer and come out of the unit if the drain is blocked. Particles of food and other debris, as well as ice, can form this blockage. So ensure to check the drain from time to time to see if it is free of obstructions.

However, if none of the above fixes the problem, contact the Samsung Support center to report the issue and request service.

Water Under Samsung Fridge – What to Do

If there is water under your Samsung fridge, check the defrost drain. It is likely to be clogged with dirt or covered with a layer of ice.

To thaw the ice, pour hot water over it until it melts. But do this carefully as the water could damage the fridge.

And to remove the dirt, pour a mixture of water and bleach or vinegar down the drain to flush the dirt out.

In addition, ensure nothing obstructs the defrost drain to prevent this problem. If ice covers it regularly, it means something is wrong with the defrost system. You should test the components one by one to find the defective ones and replace them.

However, it is important to point out here that ice cubes could fall and roll under the fridge during ice dispensing. If this is the case, the ice melts and forms water which becomes a puddle under the fridge or flows out.

Therefore, be sure there is no ice under the fridge. And also see that there is no other external water source that could be flowing under the fridge, making it look as if water is coming from the fridge.

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Water Connection to Samsung Fridge – How to Fix It

If you are looking to make a water connection to a Samsung fridge, take the following steps:

Step 1

Shut the ice maker off and turn off the main supply of water to the fridge. Then, find the closest cold water line.

Step 2

Take the 3/16 inch plastic white tube you will find at the back of the unit and connect it to the water line. Next, take the compression nut and slip it on to the plastic tube.

Step 3

Mount the union to the tube before tightening the compression nut. Be sure not to make it too tight. Next, slide the compression nut and sleeve on the copper tube. Now, make the compression nut tight on the union.

Step 4

Turn the water supply on and see if there is any leakage. If there is none, insert the water filter. Next, turn on the main supply of water and the shut-off valve of the supply line. Then, dispense water for about 6 minutes to clean the lines and remove air, if any.

Step 5

Check inside the fridge to see if water is leaking from the water filter. If there is a leak, remove the filter and reinsert it properly. Check the user manual for the fridge to see instructions on how to do this correctly.

Important Note

If water is coming out of a Samsung fridge, it is important to find the origin and fix it. Constant dripping can damage the fridge beyond repair over time.

Contact Samsung if the issue continues even after following the steps above. Alternatively, chat with any of our technicians who are readily available to assist you with fixing the problem.