Water Not Coming through Samsung Fridge [How to Fix]

If you are looking for how to fix the problem of water not coming through a Samsung fridge, look no further. You have come to the right place.

water not coming through Samsung fridge
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No Water Coming Out of a Samsung Fridge – Quick Fix

Check any of the following parts if you find that water is not coming from a Samsung fridge:

1. Water Supply Line

If the water supply line or tube in the door of the freezer is frozen, the dispenser won’t be able to dispense water. So check the tube by looking for a connection point at the top or bottom of the door of the freezer.

When you find it, see if you can disconnect it. If you do, blow air through it. The air should pass through freely if the line is not frozen. So if the air does not pass through, you know the line is frozen.

Unplug the unit and allow it to sit unplugged for some minutes or up to one hour. Doing this will thaw the ice in the line.

Then, check to see if the freezer temperature is lower than 0 degrees Fahrenheit. If it is, increase the temperature setting to 0 degrees Fahrenheit, at least. But don’t let it exceed 10 degrees Fahrenheit.

If it is too cold inside the freezer, the water line which is in the door of the freezer will freeze. Consequently, the water dispenser won’t be able to dispense water because there is no free passage for the water.

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i. Water Line Off

The water line that passes through the back of the fridge to supply water to the dispenser could be turned off.

To check this, move the fridge away from the wall behind it. Find the connection of the water line and follow it to where it connects to the house’s water supply.

Next, check the valve that shuts it off and see if it is open. If it is not, turn it to open it and try the dispenser again.

ii. Air in the Line

However, if the valve is open, there is also a chance that there is air in the water line. So if the line in the freezer door is not frozen and the line behind the fridge is open yet the Samsung fridge is not dispensing water, then remove the air in the line.

Press the lever of the dispenser and hold it for about 2 minutes. This will flush the system and remove air from the line if there is any.

2. Water Inlet Valve

There may simply not be any water for the dispenser to dispense. And this may be due to the fact that the inlet valve is not functioning properly.

To determine this, check the water pressure from the housing supply. It should be 20psi at least or the valve won’t be able to open to supply water. If the pressure is not up to the recommended level, have a plumber come out, inspect the problem and fix it permanently.

However, if the pressure is sufficient, test the valve using a multimeter to check for power. If there is power yet the valve is not opening enough to allow water through, replace it.

3. Water Filter

Check the water filter to see if its installation is correct. Your user manual will give you instructions on how to correctly install the water filter for the model of the Samsung fridge you have. If you don’t install it correctly, the water dispenser won’t work. So no water will come from the fridge.

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Make sure that the filter has been replaced in the last 6 months and that the choice of a water filter is compatible with a Samsung fridge.

If the installation is correct, then inspect the filter to see if there is any damage to the head. Replace the filter if there is.

4. Door Switch

With a multimeter, test the door switch of the unit to see if there is continuity. If there is no continuity, replace the door switch.

Here are two things the door switch of the freezer does: it turns the light of the freezer on when you open the door and it turns off the water and ice dispenser.

If the switch malfunctions, these two things won’t work properly. What this means is that the water dispenser won’t be able to dispense water. This is because when the door of the freezer closes, the switch should depress enough to turn the water and ice dispenser back on.

So if it is depressed yet the dispenser doesn’t work, replace it. But if it is not getting depressed properly, you may have to improvise a way to properly depress it so that dispense will turn on and release water from the fridge.

Tip: You can add a silicone cabinet door bumper to the block responsible for depressing the switch if the problem is that the switch does not depress enough.

5. Dispenser Switch

Check the switches of the dispenser to see if any one of them is defective. Using a multimeter, test them for continuity. Replace anyone that has no continuity.

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6. Water Tank

Check the water tank to see if there is any water in it. If there is no water in it or you don’t know the location of the water tank, contact Samsung Service center to report the issue.

However, most Samsung fridges have a water tank at the rear of the lower drawer. So if you find there is water in it, check to see if it is frozen. If this is the case, contact Samsung Service center to report the issue and request service.

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7. Dispenser Control Board

Check the control board of the dispenser system to see if there is any damage or burn marks on it. Take a look at the solder points on the board; burn marks tell you the board is damaged.

However, if you are in doubt about correctly testing the board, chat with any of our technicians for further guidance.

The control board controls all the functionality of the system. But don’t be quick to discard the board; ensure you test all the other components of the system first before settling for the board.

Quick Note

It is easy to misdiagnose the cause of a Samsung fridge not dispensing water. Therefore, if water is not coming through your Samsung fridge, it is important you find the best help to fix the problem permanently.

It is also important to know when to unplug the fridge during troubleshooting and repairs. This is necessary to avoid electrocution. If you cannot reach the wall socket which powers the fridge, shut the circuit breaker down.