Norcold Refrigerator Freezing Up [Quick Fix]

Learn how to fix a Norcold refrigerator that is freezing up by reading this article.

Norcold NR751BB Nr751Bb Dc Refer 2.7 Cu Ft

Norcold Refrigerator Freezing Up – How to Fix

If your Norcold refrigerator is freezing up everything in it without any explanation, here is what to check:


To check if the thermistor in the Norcold refrigerator is the cause of the freezing problem, turn the setting of the temperature of the unit to a middle point. Then, disconnect the thermistor. If the temperature in the refrigerator changes from freezing to cool, you know the thermistor is defective.

Contact a technician to change the thermistor for you if it is not a change you can do yourself. However, if you are going to change the thermistor yourself, be sure to turn the refrigerator off by unplugging it from its power source. You can also do this by shutting off the circuit breaker for that part of the house.

Here is how to replace the thermistor of a refrigerator…

But if you adjust the temperature of the refrigerator and disconnect the thermistor yet the unit keeps freezing, then you know the thermistor is not the problem. You can have a service agent from Norcold or any other qualified technician check the control panel in front of the unit. It is possible it has become defective.

Door Seal

Before you replace the control panel, ensure the refrigerator door seals properly. If there is even the tiniest crack or hole in the door seal, it will let humid air into the refrigerator. Slowly but surely, the moisture in the humid air will cause an ice buildup in the refrigerator which will freeze everything with time.

Clean the door seal if it is dirty and replace it if it is worn or cracked. Be sure the door is closed properly every time it is opened and keep from opening it too often. Decide what you want before you open the door.

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