Frigidaire Refrigerator Leaking [Solved]

This article discusses the problem of Frigidaire refrigerator leaking. So, if you have this problem with your fridge, read on. We believe at the end of this article, you will have all the information to stop leaks in your appliance.

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Frigidaire Refrigerator Leaking Water – How to Fix

Listed below are the various ways you can fix your Frigidaire refrigerator that is leaking water.

1. Level the Fridge

This is the first thing to do if your Frigidaire refrigerator is leaking water. This simple step may be all you need to solve the issue.

The front part of the fridge is meant to be ¼ inches higher than the back of the fridge. If this is not the case, the rollers have to be adjusted to achieve this tilt.

Do the following to adjust the rollers of your fridge.

i. First, take off the grille below as this will make the rollers accessible to you. Depending on your model, you may or may not need a screwdriver to remove the grille.

ii. Now that you can access the rollers, use an adjustable wrench to adjust them. Turning it clockwise will raise the rollers while turning it anticlockwise will lower them.

iii. Adjust the rollers until the ¼ tilt is realized. You may use a level to ensure you have done it right.WORKPRO 3Pcs Spirit Level Set(9", 12

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iv. Put the grille back in place.

2. Unclog Drainage Tube

If your Frigidaire refrigerator is a self-defrosting one, then a clogged drainage tube is most likely the problem. The drainage tube transfers the water made during every defrost cycle to the drain pan. If food particles or ice get into the drainage tube, you may begin to notice water puddles on your floor.

To stop the leak, the drainage tube has to be unclogged. Fortunately, more often than not, you do not need professional help to do this.

How to Unclog Your Frigidaire Refrigerator’s Drainage Tube

These easy-to-follow steps will guide you to unclog your Frigidaire refrigerator’s drainage tube in minutes.

Step 1: Disconnect the appliance from the power supply to ensure safety.

Step 2: Since the location of the drainage tube is peculiar to models, you need to locate that of your model. You can use your manual to find out the tube’s location.

Or you can also check the most common places which the drainage tube is often located. These common places are, under the drawers, the back of the refrigerator or the floor of the freezer.

If you have difficulty locating the tube, we recommend you get the help of a repair technician.

Step 3: Once you locate the drainage tube, check what is causing the blockage. If it is ice; you may defrost the fridge, this article will show you how to.

Or you may set a hairdryer to the lowest degree and melt off the ice.

Step 4: If other debris like food is what is clogging the tube then use a turkey baster to flush warm water down the tube. Do this until the tube is clean or until you hear water running into the drain pan.

3. Check Water Inlet Valve

The water inlet valve may begin to leak if it is not fitted to the water line or if there is a crack on it.

Therefore, with the help of your owner’s manual, locate the water inlet valve. Check to see if it is properly connected to the water line, if it is not, then tighten it. Next, check for cracks on the valve, if you find any, then the valve has to be replaced.

In which case, we recommend you get the help of a service technician.

4. Check the Drain Pan

Every self-defrosting refrigerator model comes with a drain pan. The drain pan helps to collect the water that melts off the evaporator coils during each defrost cycle.

There is usually no need to empty off the drain pan because the condenser fans will blow warm air over the pan and dry off the water. However, due to a glitch, the pan may overflow.

In this case, you have to empty off the drain by yourself. If it happens again, it may be an indication of a more serious problem. Therefore, we advise you call a service technician if it does.

Also, if the drain pan gets cracked, the water in it will leak before the warm air from the condenser fans can evaporate it. So, check the drain pan for any cracks. If you find any, then the drain pan has to be replaced.

But whether you can replace the drain pan or not depends on your model. Either way, we recommend that you get the help of a professional if this issue is encountered.

5. Replace Leaking Water Tank

Check the water tank for any leak as this is another common reason most fridges leak. If there is a leak in the water tank, then it has to be replaced as soon as possible. Do not try to patch the leak up with glue as this will not stick to the tank.

Watch this video for instructions on how to replace the water tank of your Frigidaire refrigerator.

Note that the solutions above are applicable despite what part the fridge is leaking from. So, whether your Frigidaire refrigerator is leaking water under crispers, inside or outside, or from the doors, these solutions apply to them.

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Frigidaire Countertop Ice Maker Leaking – Problems and Solution

The following are possible reasons your Frigidaire countertop ice maker is leaking.

1. The inlet pipe is leaking.

2. The ice maker inner tubes are leaking.

The first step in fixing your leaking ice maker is to determine where the leak is coming from. Disconnect the ice maker from the power source and make sure the appliance is as dry as possible.

Not all models have an inlet pipe, but if yours does, check to see if it is the origin of the leak. If it is, then you need to replace it. Simply disconnect it from the valve, and then put a new one in its place.

If you find that the leak is coming from the inner tubes that send water to the whole system, then you need the help of a service technician.

However, you may decide to get a new ice maker altogether if your appliance is old because the leaks may be an indication of aging.

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Frigidaire Chest Freezer Leaking Water – What to Do

The major reason your Frigidaire chest freezer is leaking water is a blocked drain tube/hole. Another possible reason is an ice buildup at the bottom of the freezer.

Therefore, the first thing to do if your Frigidaire chest freezer is leaking water is to defrost the freezer. Empty the freezer and turn it off until the ice is fully melted.

If the problem persists after you have defrosted the freezer then the drain tube/hole has to be unblocked.

How to Unblock Frigidaire Chest Freezer Drain Tube and Hole

Do the steps below to clean out the drain tube and hole of your Frigidaire chest freezer:

Step one: You first have to locate the tube. Most of the time; the tube is located at the back of the freezer. And you may have to remove the back panel to get to the tube.

Step two: Straighten a wire hanger and push it down the tube. Push out as much debris as you can while working from this angle.

Step three: Empty the freezer of all items and unplug the freezer from the power source. Check for the drain hole once the freezer is empty.

Step four: From the entrance of the drain hole, still using the wire hanger, push out the clog you can.

Step five: Make a mixture of warm water and mild detergent and then flush it down the tube to clean it.

Frigidaire Wine Cooler Leaking Water – Why and Solutions

The major reason your Frigidaire wine cooler is leaking is because the condensation buildup is too much in the cooler.

When this happens and there is any gap or leak in the appliance, no matter how little, the water will spill out.

To prevent excess buildup of condensation in your wine cooler, ensure you do not open your wine cooler too often. You may also put a plate of baking soda in the cooler; this will help absorb the excess moisture.

A silica packet or a few packets of calcium chloride can help to absorb the moisture as well.

Even though you try to keep the condensation in the wine cooler to the bare minimum, it may sometimes get too much. And this will spew out if there are leaks in the appliance.

Frigidaire Wine Cooler Leaking Water – Solution

If your Frigidaire wine cooler is leaking water, check the following:

i. Door Seal

Inspect the door seal, if it is dirty, it will cause the wine cooler to not close off properly. Clean it as best as you can.

If you notice a leak or tear in the seal, then it has to be replaced. Order a new door seal that is compatible with your wine cooler model. Peel off the old seal and put the new one back in its place.

ii. The Wine Cooler

Check the body of your cooler to see if there is any kind of puncture or damage on it. If you find any, then you may get a service technician to have a look at it and see if any fixes can be made.

However, we will advise you to replace the wine cooler as the crack or leak may not be easily fixed.

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Frigidaire Refrigerator Leaking Water from Water Dispenser –What to Check

You need to check the water supply line and the vinyl tubing if your Frigidaire refrigerator is leaking from the water dispenser.

Water Supply Line

The water supply line may cause the water dispenser to leak if there is air trapped in it. This is because; the trapped air will build up pressure that will cause water to come out of the water dispenser opening.

Therefore, the air trapped in the water line has to be released to solve this problem. Do the following to release air from the water line

i. First, place a bowl underneath the dispenser.

ii. Hold and then release the dispenser trigger at a 5 seconds interval.

iii. Keep doing this until the water starts to flow. If trapped air in the water line was the cause of the problem, this should solve it.

Vinyl Tubing

If there is a tear in the vinyl tubing, the leak will appear like it is coming from the water dispenser. Inspect the vinyl tubing for leaks and if you find any, then replace it. Simply remove both ends of the tubing from the valves they are connected to and put a new one in its place.

Frigidaire Water Filter Leaking In Fridge – Reasons and Solutions

There are four major reasons why the water filter in your Frigidaire fridge is leaking.

1. There is a crack in the water filter housing

Visually inspect the water filter housing for any crack. Note that no matter how little the crack is it may be the cause of the leakage. If you find a crack, then the water filter housing has to be replaced.

How to Replace Frigidaire Refrigerator Water Filter Housing

Do the following steps to replace the water filter housing of your Frigidaire refrigerator:

Step one: For safety, turn off the appliance and disconnect it from the power source.

Step two: Switch the main water valve on the wall off.

Step three: Remove the back panel using a nut driver.

Step four: With an open-end wrench, remove the water line from the fridge. Also, disconnect the other end of the water line from the water inlet valve.

Step five: Open the fridge and unscrew all nuts holding the water filter cover. Push it and then pull it out.

Step six: You will have full access to the water filter housing at this point. So, remove the screw at the top of the filter housing and then gently pull it out.

Step seven: Screw the new filter housing in place. Reassemble your fridge by doing the above procedure in reverse order.

2. The water filter has a missing or torn seal

To find out if this is the case, uninstall the water filter and inspect if the seal is missing or torn. If it is, the water filter has to be replaced. Read this for how to replace the water filter of your Frigidaire refrigerator.

3. The water filter was not fixed properly

Solve this problem by uninstalling and reinstalling the water filter. This time, ensure you fix the filter in the filter housing properly.

4. The water filter is not compatible with fridge’s model

It is important that when you shop for parts of your refrigerator, you only buy those compatible with your model. If the filter is the wrong size for the filter housing, it will not fit properly and will eventually leak.

If this is the case, replace the filter with one compatible with your fridge.



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Frigidaire Ice Maker Fill Tube Leaking – Solution

If the fill tube of your Frigidaire ice maker is leaking, it has to be replaced.

How to Replace Frigidaire Ice Maker Fill Tube

Do the following steps to replace the fill tube of your Frigidaire ice maker:

Step one: Turn off the appliance and disconnect it from the power source. To avoid water leaks, switch off the water supply.

Step two: Adjust the refrigerator so you can access the back. Then locate the water supply tube. The water supply tube will guild you to the freezer inlet which is usually at the top right corner.

Step three: A plastic nut or compression filling usually holds the supply tube. Turn the compression filling anticlockwise and pull it out.

After you do this, the fill tube can now be removed. Slightly twist the fill tube anticlockwise and the locking tab will be released. You can then pull out the fill tube.

Step four: Put the new fill tube in place, ensure it is aligned firmly in position.

Step five: Repeat the instructions in reverse order and then put the refrigerator back on.

Frigidaire Refrigerator Water Line Leaking – How to Fix

A tear on the water line of your Frigidaire refrigerator will cause it to leak. When this happens, the water line should be replaced.

How to Replace Frigidaire Refrigerator Water Line

To replace the water line on your Frigidaire refrigerator, follow the steps below:

Step one: Locate the water shut-off valve and shut it off.

Step two: With a wrench, remove the old water line from each end.

Step three: Get the new water line and using a wrench also, fit it back in position.

Frigidaire Refrigerator Leaking Brown/Black Liquid – Why and Solutions

There are two major potential reasons your Frigidaire refrigerator is leaking brown or black liquid. These are:

1. A dirty drain pan

If the drain pan is dirty and has a crack on it or begins to overflow, then the leaks will be dark-colored. In the case of a cracked drain pan, the pan has to be replaced. To replace the drain pan, you may need the help of a technician.

If the temperature of the fridge is set too low, it will produce too much condensation that will not evaporate easily. And this will cause the drain pan to overflow.

If the drain pan is overflowing, manually take it out, and empty it. Next, clean it using a kitchen sponge and water, and then place the pan back.

2. Leaking compressor

If the refrigerator stopped cooling at the same time you noticed the leak, then the leak may be oil. And the origin of the leak may be the compressor. Check out this article for more infomation on your Frigidaire refrigerator not cooling.

A leak from the compressor means it has been broken. While the compressor can be repaired or replaced, it may be very expensive. Getting a new fridge may be a lot easier.


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