Samsung Refrigerator Humming [How to Fix]

Some Samsung refrigerator noises are normal while others are not. Find out why your Samsung refrigerator is humming and how to fix it.

Samsung refrigerator humming
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Samsung Refrigerator Humming – Solution

If your Samsung refrigerator is humming, here are possible faulty parts and what to do:

1. Compressor

Typically, a compressor runs and stops at intervals. While it is running, it makes a low humming sound. It is just an indication that the compressor is functioning well. Also, as the compressor increases its speed and decreases it, it makes this noise. However, it is considered normal.

When it should become a worry is when the humming noise is loud. If it is interrupting conversation or causing the refrigerator to vibrate, have a refrigerator technician check the compressor to see if it is faulty. Replace it if it is.

You can also contact Samsung Support center and request service, especially if the refrigerator has an active warranty.

2. Water Pressure

High water pressure causes a loud humming sound to come from the ice maker as water fills it. Normally, while the water runs into the ice maker, it makes a low and comfortable humming sound. In fact, you can hear it but not as a disturbance.

But if the sound becomes loud and causes concern, try to reduce the pressure of the water as it runs into the ice maker.

If you cannot reduce the pressure, enlist the services of a plumber to do this. Otherwise, find a qualified refrigerator technician to take a look at the unit and fix the problem and stop the loud humming noise.

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To know when the pressure of the water is at the right point, try to dispense water to fill ¾ of a glass. If this happens within 10 seconds, the pressure is right. But if it fills faster or slower than this, work on the pressure until it is right.

3. Fan Motors

Check the motors of the condenser fan and the evaporator fan. If there is anything stuck in them, they can make this humming noise. Remove debris from them if there is any to stop the noise.

And if any of the motors is faulty, it can also make this noise loudly. The motors are supposed to run smoothly so any such noise is an indication that they should be replaced.

In addition, check the blades of the fan. For the condenser fan, debris or dirt jammed in them could make them noisy. Therefore, clean them thoroughly, removing dirt as you do so.

And for the evaporator fan, ice could build on the blades. So when they try spinning, they hit the ice and make the humming sound because they are jammed.

Therefore, thaw the ice by defrosting the refrigerator manually. You could also use a hair dryer to melt the ice quickly but this should be done with caution.

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4. Ice Maker

Turn off the ice maker in the refrigerator and check if the water line is connected. If it is not or if it is but not correctly, connect it properly. The ice maker makes this humming sound when it is empty but tries to start. Doing this also keeps the ice maker from damage.

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Quick Note

It is important to know when to seek professional help. If your Samsung refrigerator is humming, buzzing or making any other unusual or loud noise, contact Samsung Support center and request service.

You can chat with any of our appliance technicians who are readily available to offer their expert service and advice.

Stop! Before checking any part of the refrigerator, unplug it from the wall outlet. This is to protect you from possible electrocution. Even then, be aware of the parts of the refrigerator that can retain some electricity after the unit is unplugged.

Additionally, if you have work gloves, wear them as an extra layer of protection, especially against sharp parts of the unit.


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