How to Take Out Samsung Fridge Shelves [Quick Guide]

This article is a guide on how to take out Samsung fridge shelves in the event you want to wash or clean them. Read to learn how.

how to take out Samsung fridge shelves
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How to Take Out Samsung Fridge Shelves

To take out the shelves from a Samsung fridge, open the door wide, hold the shelf front and pull it out a little towards you. Next, lift it and gently slide it out of the fridge. Do the same for every shelf.

For the glass shelf above the crisper drawers, open the door of the fridge fully and remove the drawers. Next, lift the shelf up on one side using one hand and slide it out gently using the other hand.

However, if the setup of the drawers is complex and you need to unscrew the shelf, take the following steps:

Step 1

Take out the door bins at the bottom. Now, remove the crisper drawers. Tilt the drawers a little to the fridge center and slide them out as you do so.

Step 2

On the drawer divider or water filter housing, there are two tabs. Find them, one tab on each side of the housing, right behind the wheel. Push the two tabs and hold them inwards to lift out the shelf from the housing.

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Step 3

To dislodge the shelf from the fridge’s back wall, lift it a little and pull it out a little towards you. To take it out of the fridge completely, tilt a side of the shelf down and pull it out.

Now, you can clean the shelf before putting it back into the fridge.

But if you would rather remove the glass completely from the frame, lay the glass shelf with the back facing up. Find the two retainer clips at the right and left corners of where the white frame meets the glass, at the back. The clips look like squares.

Step 4

Turn the glass shelf again, with the front facing up and remove the retainer clips from the front. Each retainer clip is held in place by two tabs.

Remove each clip by pushing the tab closest to the shelf center, at the same time lifting its back corner a little.

Putting enough pressure on the tab will cause the clip to fall so you can loosen the shelf on that side. Do the same for the other clip.

Step 5

When you remove the two clips, lift the shelf gently, separating the frame from the glass.

For a Foldable Shelf

To take out a foldable shelf from a Samsung fridge:

Step 1

Slide the front of the shelf up to make it fold.

Step 2

Lift the shelf up and gently pull it out of the fridge while it is still in that folded state.

To put the shelf back, put it on top of the angled frame inside the fridge. Then, press it down to unfold it.

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Samsung Freezer Shelf – How to Remove

Removing the Shelf from a Bottom-Mount Freezer

To take out the foldable shelf in a Samsung bottom-mount freezer:

Step 1

Lift the shelf’s front side up a little and gently slide it out.

Step 2

Next, twisting it diagonally, remove the shelf completely from the fridge.

For models that have ice trays, you have to remove the ice tray. Next, lift the shelf in the freezer up a little and slide it out.

Removing the Shelf from a Top-Mount Freezer

To take out the shelf from the freezer of a Samsung top-mount fridge, open the door fully. Next, pull the shelf toward you, lift it up and slide it out of the freezer.

Here is a video on how to remove the shelves on the door of a Samsung refrigerator…

Important Note

If you are going to take the glass shelf apart from the plastic frame, be careful not to break the glass. It breaks easily and can cause injury.

And if you are going to clean a glass shelf, don’t use hot water to do this, at least not immediately. Since it is just coming out of the fridge, it is cold so hot water could cause it to crack or, worse still, break.

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Therefore, give it a little time to get warm if you must wash with hot water or use cold water to wash it.

In addition, damaging any of the retainer clips during removal means the glass is in danger of sliding out at any time and shattering. So, use it with caution.

Furthermore, avoid taking out the shelves when it is not necessary. Doing this increases the chances of damaging the clips or breaking the glass. But if you absolutely have to, do so carefully.

Most importantly, unplug the fridge before removing the shelf. It keeps you from getting electrocuted, even accidentally. You can plug the fridge back in while you wash it but washing it won’t take long so it may not be necessary.


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