Magic Chef Refrigerator Freezing Everything [Solution]

When functioning properly, your Magic Chef Refrigerator could be very helpful. But if it starts to over-freeze, this might constitute a setback. Therefore, this article shows you how to fix a Magic Chef refrigerator that is freezing everything.

Magic Chef MCBR440S2 Refrigerator, 4.4 cu. ft, Stainless Steel

Magic Chef Mini Fridge Keeps Freezing Everything – What to Do

If your Magic Chef mini fridge keeps freezing everything, some of the first things to do are:

1. Correct the Temperature Setting

Reset the refrigerator to its recommended temperature setting. The recommended or appropriate temperature of the freezer is 0 degrees Fahrenheit, while that of the fresh food section is between 37 and 40 degrees Fahrenheit.

You can set the temperature through a digital interface or through an analog control knob. It depends on the one which the model of your Magic Chef Refrigerator has.

If it has a digital interface, all you have to do is to watch the digit change as you adjust it. And if it is analog, just rotate the control knob to the corresponding calibration.

The control knob may take the form of a dial or a slider calibrated one to five or one to nine. The higher you turn it, the cooler it gets. So, if it over-freezes, you should turn it down the scale.

If the problem persists even after correcting the temperature setting, then:

2. Check the Thermostat

Use a Digital Multimeter (DMM) to check for electrical faults in the thermostat. Insert the DMM’s test probes in the appropriate wires. Turn the control knob of the thermostat from one extreme to the other. The meter reads “O.L.” when the thermostat reaches the off position. It reads 0.000 as you start rotating the control knob clockwise.

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If the meter fails to read “O.L.” when you have properly turned off the thermostat’s control knob, then that the thermostat is stuck. In this case, you need to replace it.

On the contrary, if the meter reads “O.L.” when the control knob is turned off, then, the thermostat is good.

Apart from the temperature setting and the thermostat, over-freezing is also traceable to the thermistor.

3. Check the Thermistor

To confirm whether your thermistor is faulty, study the changes in the temperature of the refrigerator within a short while. If there are regular jumps in temperature, it is an indication that the thermistor is bad.

Diagnose further by using a multimeter to confirm that the thermistor’s resistance is directly proportional to the refrigerator’s temperature. If this is not so, replace the thermistor.

The thermistor is the device that reads the temperature of the air. It sends the temperature data to the control board of the refrigerator. It is this temperature reading which the thermistor supplied that determines how the control board would regulate the refrigerant system.

A faulty thermistor implies wrong temperature reading. The control board, however, goes ahead with this wrong temperature reading. Hence, the control board keeps the refrigerator’s evaporator fan and compressor working even when the unit is cool enough. This is bound to cause over-freezing.

If the thermistor is defective, replace it with a sound one. If it is okay, then:

4. Inspect the Damper Control Assembly

Just look carefully at the damper, and make sure it is not broken or stuck. It is located inside the refrigerating section.

If it is stuck in the open position and does not close automatically, replace it.

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It is the damper that modulates the cold air entering the refrigerator section. Cool air enters at the opening of the damper and is restrained from the section when the damper closes.

The damper is supposed to allow only the quantity of cool air that is required to keep the content cool. But in a situation where the damper gets stuck in an open state, then cold air will continue to enter the refrigerator unrestrained. It is this excess cool air that brings about freezing in the refrigerator.

If the damper is faulty, change it. But if it is perfect, then:

5. Test the Strength of the Gasket

To test the strength of the gasket, get a piece of paper, open the door of the refrigerator, place the paper on the jamb and close the door.

Next, see if you can successfully pull the piece of paper out. If you can, the gasket is no longer strong or is damaged. Replace it as soon as possible.

The gasket or seal keeps the refrigerator air-tight. This means that cold air in the unit does not escape easily and warm air outside does not enter. This way, the unit is able to maintain the right temperature and does not overwork itself.

But if the gasket is loose or weak, the temperature becomes compromised. Because of this, the refrigerating system will have to work harder to keep it cold. in the process, there could be over freezing.

However, if the refrigerator still freezes everything after fixing or replacing the gasket, then:

6. Check the Main Control Board

It is uncommon for the main control board to get bad. But when it does, it could cause over freezing. However, be sure other components of the refrigerator are working fine before checking the board.

A faulty main control board continues supplying the compressor and the evaporator fans with voltage indiscriminately. This makes the components overwork. When they overwork, over-freezing is sure to result.

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Apart from the components, there are other causes of over freezing in a Magic Chef refrigerator. Below are ways to fix them appropriately:

7. Place Fruits and Vegetables in Fresh Food Section

Do not place your fruits and vegetables in the freezer. Rather, place all the contents that you do not intend for freezing, in the fresh food section.

8. Avoid the Freezer Vent

The fresh food section gets its coolness from the freezer vent. It is from the freezer vent that cold air enters this section. If you place food in front of the freezer vent, it will freeze. So, keep the fresh fruits and vegetables some notches away from the freezer vent

9. Load the Refrigerator Properly

If your Magic Chef Refrigerator is largely empty, cool air entering the fresh food section falls to the base of the refrigerator. This makes fruits and vegetables at the bottom become quickly frozen. So, you should always load your fridge to its optimum capacity.

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Important Note

Do not repair the fridge if it is still under warranty. Repairing it can deprive you of the right to have its faulty parts replaced by the producer at no extra cost.

Take safety measures like unplugging the refrigerator from its source of electric power before replacing any part.

When replacing faulty components in a Magic Chef refrigerator that is freezing everything, order from licensed dealers, and even so, specify the model number or (if it applies) the part’s serial number.

Finally, we have our online agents to attend to your specific needs pertaining to refrigerator repairs. Feel free to chat with them while embarking on the repairs.


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