How to Remove Glass from Samsung Fridge [Quick Guide]

If you want to remove glass from your Samsung Fridge, especially the shelf, it could be a bit tricky. But this article guides you on how to easily do this.


How to Take Out Glass Shelf from a Samsung Refrigerator

To take the glass shelf out of a Samsung refrigerator, take the following steps:

Step 1

Switch off the fridge and disconnect it from the wall outlet. If you cannot do this, shut the circuit breaker down.

Step 2

Leave the fridge doors wide open. This is because you’ll need nothing in your way as you carry out this task.

Step 3

Slowly and carefully pull out the glass shelf right above the bottom one. It needs no special skill to remove.

Step 4

Remove the fruits and vegetable drawers which are right under the bottom glass.

Step 5

Attached to the plastic housing dividing the two fruits and vegetable drawers are two release tabs which are right under the front edge of the glass. Use either your fingers or screwdrivers to press in the release clips simultaneously. They’ll release the glass shelf.

Step 6

You’ll also need to release the retainer clips which are found at the inner edge of the glass, where the glass meets the plastic part of the lowest shelf unit.

To remove these retainer clips, put your finger or a screwdriver under them and push them out, one after the other, to the top of the glass.

Otherwise, you may remove the whole of the bottom glass unit from the fridge and place it on a wide and balanced surface. Flip it upside down and use a screwdriver to push them out from their sockets one after the other.

Whichever way you choose to do it, be careful with the clips because they are expensive to replace if they are broken.

Step 7

Now, detach the glass from the white frame. Do this carefully so it does not break or cause injury. Place the glass aside and clean it carefully.

Avoid using hot water to wash it. Otherwise, it could crack or break in the process.

Samsung Refrigerator Glass Shelf Replacement – Quick Guide

To replace the glass shelf in a Samsung refrigerator, follow these steps:

Step 1

Place the plastic frame on a wide and balanced surface.

Step 2

Gently and carefully slide the cleaned glass into the grip at the front edge and set it in place at the back edge of the plastic frame.

Step 3

Next, re-install the retainer clips. Insert them into their openings one after the other, and gently press in until there’s a click.

Step 4

Carefully lift the entire unit and return to the refrigerator. Then, gently slide it into its shelf hold until the back edge of the plastic frame meets the back wall of the refrigerator.

Step 5

Now, gently press the middle section of the front edge of the glass shelf to snap into the release tabs attached to the plastic housing dividing the fruits and vegetable section.

Step 6

You may re-install the other glass shelves into their appropriate places in the upper shelves. Also, replace the fruits and vegetable drawers under the bottom glass unit.


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Important Note

If you are looking for how to remove glass from a Samsung fridge, this guide is detailed enough to take you through the simple process.

Disconnect the refrigerator from electric power before removing or replacing the shelves. Do this by unplugging it from the wall outlet or tripping the circuit breaker. This helps prevent accidental electric shock.


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