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Fisher & Paykel Fridge Freezing Everything [Quick Fix]

Is your Fisher & Paykel fridge freezing everything up quickly? This article shows you how to fix it in no time and without stress.

Fisher & Paykel fridge freezing everything

Fisher & Paykel Fridge Freezing Everything – Quick Fix

Try the following if your Fisher & Paykel fridge keeps freezing everything:

1. Check the Fridge Temperature Control Setting

To check the setting of the temperature, locate the controls, usually on the inside wall of the fridge. Press the compartment button, choose the fridge compartment, then check the buttons below the compartment button to know if the temperature is set at the required point. If this is not so, you can go ahead to reset it.

To reset your fridge temperature setting, find the controls of the fridge, press the compartment button and choose the fridge option. Go to the buttons below the compartment button and press (-) or (+) to set it at the mid-range.

However, this depends on your desired temperature preference and the default fridge temperature value. This is usually about 37 degrees Fahrenheit to 40 degrees Fahrenheit. When the fridge’s temperature is set low, it tends to freeze up everything. So, it is best to always set it mid-range.

Similarly, you can always check the user’s manual for clarifications and simple instructions on how to reset your fridge temperature without stress.

2. Clean the Condenser Coils

To clean the condenser coils of your Fisher & Paykel fridge, open up the fridge and carefully pull out the grill or cover underneath it. Then, clean the grill with a damp towel or wash it with warm water and vinegar.

After this, unplug the fridge and turn it to expose the back. Undo the screws on the back panel and gently pull it out. Get a vacuum cleaner with a brush attachment and clean the coils.

Next, reattach the back panel and drive in the screws, reposition the fridge, and switch it back on.

Cleaning the condenser coils of your fridge prevents the accumulation of dirt and dust on the condenser coils. When there’s dirt on the coils, the condenser will be forced to keep working without any regulation. As a result, there would be the continuous production of cold air. This process causes the fridge to freeze up quickly.

The location of the condenser coils may vary depending on your Fisher & Paykel fridge model. Therefore, be sure to know the location before determining how to clean them.

3. Inspect the Thermistor

To inspect the thermistor, disconnect the fridge from the power supply and take the shelves out of the unit. Locate the control panel at the ceiling of the fridge and undo the screws. Carefully detach the thermistor from the wire connector and bring it out.

Using a multimeter, check to see whether or not the thermistor is still working properly. To use a multimeter, put the thermistor in a cup of cold water and affix the wires to the probes of the multimeter.

Next, check the result displayed on the multimeter. If the result displayed exceeds the required value on the tech sheet of the fridge, it implies that the thermistor is faulty or malfunctioning.

To fix or replace it, get a thermistor that suits your Fisher & Paykel fridge model. Unplug the refrigerator and undo the screws on the control panel. Remove the old one and carefully install the new thermistor. Place it in the right position, fix the control panel cover, drive in the screws, then reassemble to fridge shelves.

When you notice that your fridge is freezing everything, it could be that the thermistor is not sending signals or readings to the control board. As a result, the refrigerants continue to work tirelessly without any regulation.

However, it is not all Fisher & Paykel fridge models that come with thermistors. So, if yours does not have any, do not fret. It is probably not configured or manufactured with one.

4. Replace the Control Thermostat

To replace the control thermostat of your fridge, get a suitable thermostat for the model. Locate the controls. Loosen the screws beside the controls and carefully pull out the frame a little. Hold the thermostat and disconnect it from the wire connector. Install the new thermostat and fix it in the right position. Push the frame back in and tighten the screws. Then, test-run it.

To test-run your new thermostat control, allow the fridge to work for about 24 hours on the stipulated temperature range. If it cools well and remains at a steady point, you know the thermostat is functioning.

Another way to check the thermostat’s functionality is by checking its continuity using a multimeter. If the value of ohms resistance rests at zero, the thermostat is still working but if it exceeds zero, it is malfunctioning.

When the thermostat of a fridge is faulty, it automatically means that the temperature of the fridge is not being regulated or checked. It also implies that the controls of the fridge will not work. So, even if it is set at the right temperature range, it will not work within that range. As a result, it can freeze up everything you put into it.

If it still freezes after resetting and adjusting the fridge temperature, thermostat replacement will be required.

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5. Check the Door Gasket

To check the door gasket of your Fisher & Paykel fridge, get a piece of paper or a dollar. Close the fridge door on any of these and try pulling it out. If you can pull it easily or even at all, the gasket should be replaced. This is because it is weak.

A faulty door seal causes humid air to seep into the fridge easily. The moisture in the air freezes inside over time. And if this continues, everything in the fridge will freeze easily and quickly because of ice buildup.

Also, frequently opening the door may have the same effect as well as cause warmness. It is important, therefore, to cut down how often the door is opened.

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Important Note

A Fisher & Paykel fridge may be freezing everything because of the arrangements of items inside it. So, if you still notice that it is freezing everything, try stacking your fridge differently. It is possible that some items are not in the right position.

To place items correctly in a fridge, place your soups and solids in the bottom part of the fridge. Place fruits, vegetables, and perishable items in the middle, and drinks at the top.

Also, ensure that you do not place items directly in front of the air vents. When items are placed there, they freeze quickly.

In case the fridge is still under warranty, you can contact them for expert advice, technical assistance, repairs, and replacement service.

We also have well-trained technicians here to help you fix any refrigerator problem that is beyond your control.

It is important to get a professional to fix refrigerator problems when they are too technical. This is especially needed when you have no training or experience in fixing technical things.

Do not forget the peculiarity of your Fisher & Paykel fridge model. Ensure you always get a suitable replacement for any part of it you choose to change.