LG Refrigerator Leaking [How to Fix]

Is your LG refrigerator leaking from the bottom, lower drawers, water dispenser, or the ice maker? Then this article is the right place to get all your answers. We will discuss possible reasons for this problem and how to solve them.

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How to Fix Leaking LG Refrigerator

The following are ways to stop your LG refrigerator from leaking water.

1. Clean the Defrost Drain

The defrost drain is what carries the melted water to the drain pan after each defrosting cycle. The defrost drain can get clogged with food particles and other debris.

If this happens, the water that is meant to flow through it will go back up and leak down to the floor. In this case, the defrost drain has to be unclogged to stop the leak.

How to Unclog a Defrost Drain

The following are steps to help you unclog your defrost drain in a few minutes:

Step one: Disconnect the refrigerator from the power supply to avoid electrical shock.

Step two: Next, check the appliance for the defrost drain. It is mostly found at the rear end wall of the freezer but this may vary in models.

Step three: Once you locate the defrost drain, use a damp cloth to clean its entrance. Sometimes the debris at the entrance of the defrost drain is the cause of the clog. And simply cleaning this may solve the problem.

Step four: Make a mixture of warm water and baking soda. Then use a turkey baster to flush the mixture down the defrost drain. Do this until you hear water running into the drain pan.

To prevent further reoccurrence of a blocked defrost drain, always:

i. Clean off the debris and frost off the defrost drain entrance.

ii. Defrost your refrigerator as often as possible if your model is a manual defrost one.

iii. If you have an automatic defrost model, check the drain for frost from time to time.

2. Replace Leaking Water Tank Assembly

Your LG refrigerator may be leaking due to a leak on the water tank assembly. The water tank cannot be repaired so if there’s a leak on it, the water tank has to be replaced.

Before replacing the water tank, ensure you check the tank for a tear or leak.

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How to Replace the Water Tank Assembly of an LG Refrigerator

To replace the water tank assembly of your LG refrigerator, follow these steps:

Step 1: Disconnect the appliance from the power socket to avoid electrocution. Also, switch off the power supply to the fridge.

Step 2: Open the fridge; the water tank assembly should be underneath a cover held in place by one screw. Loosen the screw and take out the cover to access the water tank assembly.

Step 3: Gently pull out the water tank and then remove all tubes connected to it.

Step 4: Get the new water tank assembly, ensure it is compatible with your fridge’s model. Next, connect the tubes to the new water tank.

Step 5: Replace the cover and screw it back on.

3. Check the Drain Pan

The drain pan is often located under the refrigerator and it collects the melted water produced during defrosting.

There are three major reasons why the drain pan can begin to leak:

i. The drain pan is overflowing

The compressor usually blows warm air over the drain pan to evaporate the water it collects. So you do not need to manually empty the drain pan. However, if the compressor fails to do this due to a glitch, like the fridge’s temperature being set too low, the pan will overflow.

If this happens, the water will spew out of the refrigerator. The drain pan should be removed and the water emptied in this case.

Also, try to prevent reoccurrence by ensuring the refrigerator is always at the right temperature. However, if this keeps reoccurring, it may be an indication of a more serious problem. In which case, we recommend that you call a technician.

ii. The drain pan is not properly in place

Assuming you have taken out the pan for maintenance, there is a possibility you did not place it back properly. Remove the pan again and put it back in place. This time, ensure you fit it properly.

iii. There is a crack in the drain pan

If the pan has a crack, no matter how little it may be, it will cause the pan to leak. Inspect the pan for cracks, if you find any, it should be replaced.

4. Replace Leaking Water Supply Line

The water supply line can get torn and begin to leak. As it is not possible to repair the line if it has a tear, it has to be replaced.

Watch this video for how to replace the water line of your LG refrigerator.


LG Refrigerator Leaking Water from Dispenser – What to Do

If the leak is coming from the water dispenser, there are a few easy fixes that will solve the problem.

1. Level the refrigerator properly

A lot of refrigerator issues can be solved by simply leveling the appliance properly. So, ensure the fridge is properly leveled as this may be all that is needed to make the problem go away.

How to Level an LG Refrigerator

To level your refrigerator, do the following:

Step 1: If your refrigerator is a French door model or a top/bottom freezer model, open your freezer drawer. If it is a side-by-side model then open the freezer and refrigerator doors.

Step 2: Next, to get access to the leveling feet or wheels, remove the toe grille. Use a screwdriver to take out the screws holding the grille in place. Some models do not have a toe grille, so skip this step if yours doesn’t.

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Step 3: The leveling legs will be visible once you have the grille out. To aid the work, get someone to push the appliance a little bit backward or forward depending on which part you want to have leveled. This will make adjusting the legs easier.

Step 4: To raise the legs, turn them clockwise. And turn the legs counterclockwise to lower them.

Step 5: The front part of the fridge is meant to be ¼ inches higher than the back part of the fridge. So aim to achieve this tilt. After adjusting the legs, you may use a level to check and see if you got the right tilt.

2. Check the dispenser flap

If there is an excess buildup of condensation close to the dispenser, the water can drip down. And one way condensation can build up around the dispenser is when the flap does not close up properly.

Frost accumulating around the flap can make the dispenser flap not seal off properly. So check the flap for frost, if there is, dry it off with a hairdryer. Ensure to turn the hairdryer down to the lowest temperature. Or simply defrost the appliance, this article will show how to.

3. Release trapped air in the water line

If the drip from the dispenser is consistent, then it means that air is trapped in the water line. When there is air in the water line, pressure is put on the line and this is what causes the consistent drip.

To solve this, dispense about 2 gallons of water down the line. This will help push out the air. If the problem persists after you do this, then the water line may have a leak or is bent.

Inspect the line, and if that is the case, then the water line has to be replaced. A section of this article discusses LG refrigerator water line and has a video that will guide you to replace the water line.

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LG Refrigerator Ice Maker Leaking – What to Check

If the ice maker of your LG fridge is leaking, the following are what to check to solve the problem.

1. Fill Tube

Inspect the fill tube and if it is the origin of the leak, it has to be replaced.

How to Replace LG Refrigerator Ice Maker Fill Tube

The following are steps to replace the fill tube of your LG refrigerator’s ice maker

Step one: Disconnect the refrigerator from the power supply and also switch off the water supply.

Step two: Locate the water supply tube behind the appliance. Use the water supply tube as a guide to finding the freezer inlet.

Step three: The supply tube is held in place by a compressor filling; turn this counterclockwise to pull it out. Remove the fill tube by turning it counterclockwise and pull it out.

Step four: Get the new fill tube and follow the steps in reverse order to install it.

This ice maker fill tube is compatible with the following models: LFC22770SB/00, 79579412810, 79572303210, LFC23760ST/04, LFCS22520B/00, 79578023311, 79576204901, 79578023312, 79578023310, LFC20760SW/06, 79579022311, 79579022312, 79579022313, 79579022310, 79571313311, LFC24770ST/02, 79571313310, LFC24770ST/01, LFC24770ST/00, 79571313314, 79571313313

LG MJU62186801 Refrigerator Ice Maker Fill Tube Genuine Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Part


2. Defrost drain

If the defrost drain is clogged, the leak may appear as if it is coming from the ice maker. In this case, the defrost drain has to be unclogged. We have discussed how to do this above in the section of the article that focuses on defrost drain.

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3. Water line

If the water line is not connected tightly, water may begin to leak from the gap. So, check to see if the water line is properly secured and if it is not, make sure it is.

LG Refrigerator Leaking Water and Not Cooling – Solution

The compressor is most likely the reason your LG refrigerator is leaking water and not cooling.

However, this is a complex situation that you need a service technician for. But, repairing the compressor may be expensive, and buying a new refrigerator may be more cost-effective.

You can also check out this article for more information on the problem of your LG refrigerator not cooling.


LG Refrigerator Water Filter Leaking – Why and Solutions

This section discusses why your LG refrigerator water filter is leaking and how to solve the problem.

1. The water filter seal is torn or missing

Uninstall the water filter by turning it counterclockwise and check the seal. If it is missing or torn, then it is likely the cause of the leak. The filter has to be replaced in this case.


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2. The water filter is the wrong size for your model

If the water filter is the wrong size for your fridge’s model, it will not fit properly in the filter housing. This will cause the filter to leak from the gap.

Buy a new filter that is compatible with your refrigerator’s model number and replace the wrong sized filter.

3. The water filter was not installed properly

Remove the water filter and reinstall it. Ensure you fix the filter into the filter housing properly this time. You may also check out this article for how to install the water filter of your LG refrigerator properly.

4. The water filter housing has a crack

If there is a crack on the water filter housing, then it will appear as though the leak is coming from the filter itself. Inspect the water filter housing for cracks. If any is found, the filter housing has to be replaced.

How to Replace the Water Filter Housing of an LG Refrigerator

The steps below will show you how to replace the water filter housing of your LG refrigerator

1: To avoid electrocution, disconnect the refrigerator from the power supply. Also, switch off the water supply to the fridge.

2: Open the fridge’s door, take out the water filter by turning it counterclockwise.

3: Once the water filter is out, remove the screw holding the filter housing in place.

4: Next, gently pull the holding to release it from the locking tab.

5: Go to the back of the appliance and locate the water line. Disconnect the water line from the valve it is connected to with an open-end wrench.

6: Now, bring out the housing assembly and remove the water line connected to it still with an open-end wrench.

7: Take the new filter housing to the fridge and do the steps in reverse order to fix it.

LG Refrigerator Water Inlet Valve Leaking – How to Fix

The water inlet valve has the role of taking water from the water source and supplying it throughout the refrigerator. As the major source of water supply to the refrigerator, if it gets torn or cracked, it will cause the refrigerator to leak.

The best step to do if the water inlet valve is leaking is to replace it.

How to Replace LG Refrigerator Water Inlet Valve

Do the following to replace the water inlet valve of your LG refrigerator

Step one: There may be water spillage during this replacement so the appliance should be disconnected from the power supply. The water source to the refrigerator should also be shut off.

Step two: Disconnect the water line from the refrigerator using a wrench. Next, with a Philip screwdriver, remove all screws holding the back panel in place. Remove the back panel so you can access the water inlet valve.



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Step three: To remove the water inlet valve, take off all the screws holding the mounting bracket. Disconnect all wire harness connected to the inlet valve and take it out.

Step four: The water hose is usually connected to a C-clip, squeeze this and pull out the hose from it. Next, remove the faulty inlet valve.

Step five: Install the new inlet valve by doing the steps in reverse order.


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