Electrolux Refrigerator Alarm [Problems & Solutions]

A refrigerator alarm is vital in helping you use the appliance optimally. A faulty or malfunctioning Electrolux refrigerator alarm means the refrigerator needs servicing. Learn more about fixing this problem in this article.

Electrolux refrigerator alarm

Electrolux Refrigerator Power Failure Alarm – How to Turn Off

The power failure alarm will only sound when the power has been off for a few hours. By then, the temperature would have risen to a point where there is a danger to frozen foods. The alarm is a way for the refrigerator to alert you to the loss of cooling so you can fix it.

You can consult the refrigerator’s user manual for steps to turn off the power failure alarm or your specific model. But the alarm is usually a temperature alarm when it is high. You may notice that the refrigerator display shows the power failure icon to alert you to the refrigerator’s function. 

However, some models may keep blinking or beeping until the appliance’s internal temperature drops to food-safe levels. For others, simply pressing any button on the control panel should turn off the audible alarm. The blinking indicator may continue until the interior temperature drops. 

Keep the appliance doors closed for a long time while waiting for the temperature to return to normal. It helps to trap the cold air in the refrigerator and keep the warm air out. If there is still no power after the alarm starts beeping, find an alternative source of power, such as a generator, to power the refrigerator and get it cooling again.

Electrolux Refrigerator Door Ajar Alarm – How to Turn Off

The door alarm alerts you when the door is left open for up to two minutes. The alarm goes off when the refrigerator senses or detects the loss of cold air. It is a protective measure to keep the appliance from malfunctioning. 

If the door open alarm goes off, check to see if the door is open, even if it is only slightly. Check the door gasket to ensure it is not kinked or dirty. Clean it if dirty and straighten it if kinked. There is also the possibility that the gasket has become too weak to create a tight seal. Replace the seal if that is the case.

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Leveling the refrigerator should also fix the door problem. Poor leveling can keep the door from closing properly, even when the door seal works well. When properly leveled, the door typically swings shut without any problem. Follow the instructions in the user manual to level the refrigerator, and ensure there are a few inches of space between the appliance and the walls around it.

While doing this, inspect the refrigerator content to ensure nothing sticks out of place. It may be that a bin, rack, or shelf is out of place, keeping the door open. If you find that the gasket is in good condition, it may be that you need to rearrange the contents to accommodate the door. 

This includes the door bins; overloading them can affect the door works. The weight can cause the hinges to sag, which the refrigerator interprets as the door being open. Therefore, inspect these areas, rearrange the items, and ensure the door does not have too much load. Additionally, ensure the hinges are in perfect condition. Fix the necessary things that apply.

If the refrigerator is a new installation, the problem may stem from a poor installation job. If that happens, the door open alarm will go off from time to time to alert you to this fault. If inspecting the refrigerator shows no other fault, have a repair agent or the installation team check and fix the installation issues.

Once you properly shut the door, the alarm automatically goes off. But you can mute the alarm while the alarm indicator keeps blinking. The sound will go off after an hour if there is no action on the alarm, that is, you press no button.

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Electrolux Refrigerator Alarm Keeps Going Off – What to Do

The first thing to check is the door. If the alarm on your Electrolux refrigerator keeps going off, ensure the door is properly shut and tightly sealed. Also, ensure there is a power supply and the refrigerator is cooling. 

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The alarm may be a temperature issue or door-ajar problem; these are two alarms that can go off at any time on a refrigerator. You can follow the steps in the section above about door alarms and resolve issues with your refrigerator door alarm going off without apparent cause.

Temperature Alarm

For a temperature alarm issue, ensure the refrigerator and freezer temperatures are correctly set. Adjust the setting for both compartments and give the appliance time to run and cool. Do not frequently open the refrigerator door; instead, keep it shut for as long as possible to give the unit time to cool. This may fix the temperature issue.

However, if the problem persists, it may be that the cooling vents are obstructed or the door is leaking cold air. It may also be a problem with the amount of hot or room-temperature foods stored at the same time in the unit. Strong hot food compromises the cooling frequency and may trigger the temperature alarm. 

The same is true if you put too many foods and drinks at the same time in the refrigerator. If applicable, reduce the contents or remove the hot food. Give the refrigerator time to run and cool again while the hot food thaws. In the case of too many items, put them in batches or lower the set temperature for faster cooling. You can adjust it again after you have cold food and drinks.

Also, consider the circulation of cold air in the refrigerator. If there is a problem with cold air circulating in the appliance, it may be a problem with frozen evaporator coils or a defective evaporator fan. The coils produce the cold air required by the refrigerator, while the fan circulates it.

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If the coils are frozen, turn off the refrigerator for a few hours until they thaw. You can hasten the process by using a hair dryer, but it is not usually safe due to the electricity and the possibility of water dripping into the open end. Manually defrosting the coils by turning the unit off is your best bet.

It is also best to check the evaporator fan while inspecting the coils. If the blade is stuck or the motor no longer moves well, you may have to replace the entire fan assembly. But to ensure this, use a multimeter to test for continuity between the motor winding and replace it if there is no continuity. And if the blade is bent or damaged in any way, replace it.

The Super Freeze or Super Cool function, which is also Frostmatic or Coolmatic respectively, may be active. This feature does not apply to all Electrolux refrigerator models, so check yours to determine if the function is available. 

If that is the case, the function may go off after some hours, and the cooling capacity may drop. You may want to adjust the temperature to accommodate cooling in the freezer and refrigerator.

Contact the Electrolux Service Center if nothing seems to work and the alarm keeps going off. Alternatively, hire an independent appliance technician for further assistance.

Important Note

Resetting the appliance can fix minor errors, including alarm problems. If checking the doors and adjusting the temperature do not resolve the problem, consider turning the refrigerator off for about ten minutes. 

This is a soft reset to allow the control board time to reset itself. You can use the appliance’s power button if it has one to turn it off. Otherwise, disconnect it from electric power by unplugging it or turning off the circuit breaker. 

A hard reset also works in this case; simply turn off the refrigerator for about thirty to forty-five minutes before turning it on again. This should fix internal errors. Do this before calling for professional assistance.

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