How to Reset Your Miele Refrigerator [Quick Guide]

Looking for how to reset your Miele refrigerator? Read our quick and easy guide here…

how to reset your Miele refrigerator

How Do You Reset the Filter Light on a Miele Refrigerator?

To reset the filter light or filter indicator on a Miele refrigerator after changing the water filter, press the Filter Indicator Reset key once. The indicator will turn green from red.

You can also press the filter light button and the thermometer button and hold them until you hear a beep. Release them and that resets the filter light.

If your model does not have the reset button, go to the fridge section and you will see a light switch. Press it 5 times in 10 seconds. This will cause the filter light to turn green again.

It is important you consult your owner’s manual to know how to reset the filter light for your model. That is, if you are not sure of the process explained above or if it doesn’t work for your model.

Watch the short video below to how to reset the filter light on a Miele refrigerator…

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How to Reset Your Miele Refrigerator

To reset your Miele refrigerator, it is possible you will have to power it down and leave it for about 6 seconds. Power it on again, and the unit will likely reset. But read the manual for your model because the reset method could differ.

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The best step is to perform a hard reset if you cannot have a dedicated reset button and there is no obvious method for a quick reset. Disconnect the refrigerator from the electric power. Do this by unplugging its power cord from the wall outlet or turning off the circuit breaker.

Wait about five to ten minutes before reconnecting it to the electric power. Allow the compressor and fan motors to run for a few minutes and monitor them to see how well they work.

You can also unplug the unit from the wall outlet, wait several minutes, and turn the temperature knob to 0 or Off. Plug the unit back into the outlet and turn on the temperature knob, setting it to a mid-point. Doing this resets the compressor and thermostat.

How to Reset a Miele Refrigerator Ice Maker

To reset a Miele refrigerator ice maker, disconnect it from power and allow it to sit unplugged for about ten to fifteen seconds. Reconnect the ice maker to power and press the On button. Wait until the power light comes on, indicating that the ice maker is working again.

You can also try using the shut-off arm to reset it; move the arm up to turn off the machine. Wait a few minutes and turn it on again. But if these reset methods do not work, turn off the ice maker and unplug the entire refrigerator for about five minutes.

This should reset the compressor and all the control boards, including that of the ice maker. Afterward, plug the refrigerator back into power and turn on the ice maker. Monitor it to ensure it starts making ice within the next few minutes. Otherwise, you may need to schedule service.

How to Reset Miele Freezer to Demo Mode

To reset your Miele freezer to demo mode, locate the lit thermostat icon on the control panel and press it once. Press any other button on the control panel and hold your thumb over the down arrow without pressing it. The control panel should go off at this point, with only the thermostat icon showing.

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Next, press the point where the down arrow was before it disappeared and press the thermostat icon once. The arrow should appear on the control panel; press it about five more times and hold it to enter the programming mode. P should appear on the control panel when you enter this mode.

Next, press the arrow up button until the P changes to a symbol that looks like a small ‘n’, and press the thermostat to put a minus sign beside the ‘n’. Press the arrow up button again until 0 appears beside the ‘n’ instead of the minus sign.

That means the freezer is not in demo mode, but ‘n1’ means it is in demo mode. Consult the user manual for specific steps for your model, or contact the Miele Help Center for further assistance.

Quick Note

If you find that any part of the reset process is proving too difficult, it is important to contact a professional technician. You can also call the service center of Miele to request for help. And if your warranty is still active, you will save some money from the service and bring no damage to your refrigerator.

Remember to unplug your refrigerator any time you want to clean or reset any part of it.

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