Amana Refrigerator Not Cooling [What to Do]

If you have an Amana refrigerator that is not cooling or freezing, all hope is not lost. With this guide, you will be able to troubleshoot and fix your Amana refrigerator problems without breaking a sweat.

Amana AMAR43S1E 4.3 cu. Ft. One Door Compact Refrigerator, Stainless Steel


Amana Refrigerator Compressor Running But Not Cooling – How to Solve It

If you discover that your Amana refrigerator compressor is vibrating, but the refrigerator is not cooling, here is what you can do:

i. Clean the Condenser Coils

If you notice that your Amana refrigerator is not cooling, the first thing to do is to check the condenser coils. They are located at the bottom rare of the refrigerator. As you continue to use your refrigerator, debris, dust, and dirt will accumulate on the condenser coils, thereby impeding the ability of the refrigerator to give off heat.

If the condenser coils become too dirty, your refrigerator’s interior will be unable to get the amount of cold air it requires to function. So, clean the condenser coils of your Amana refrigerator if you notice any dirt or dust on them.

ii. Troubleshoot the Motors

Just like most refrigerators, the Amana refrigerator comes with two motors: condenser fan motor and evaporator fan motor. If either or both of these motors are defective, your refrigerator will not get cold, even if the compressor is running.

So, troubleshoot the motors by carrying out a continuity test to see where the problem is coming from, and get a new motor if you notice a defect.

iii. Ensure the Start Relay and Capacitor are Working Properly

If the start relay and capacitor are not working properly, the refrigerator will not cool, even if its compressor is running smoothly. So, if the start relay and capacitor are not in good working condition, get new ones.

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iv. Ensure There is No Coolant Leakage

According to a report by Appliance Aid, Amana refrigerators experience coolant leaks after using them for some time. So, if you have tried everything mentioned above and your Amana refrigerator is still not cooling, then consider checking for coolant leaks.

Homeowners should not handle coolants because of their harsh nature. So, once you notice there your refrigerator coolant is leaking, call a technician to help you fix and refill it.

v. Troubleshoot the Thermistor

Another possibility you should not rule out when checking to see why your refrigerator is not cooling is thermistor failure. Do a continuity test on the thermistor using a multimeter. If the cooling problem is coming from the thermistor, then get a new one.

Amana Refrigerator and Freezer Not Cooling — Solutions

If your Amana refrigerator is not cooling or freezing, do the following:

i. Ensure That the Condenser Coils are Clean

For refrigerators that their condenser coils are placed within the freezer section, you don’t need to bother about cleaning them. However, the condenser coils of Amana refrigerators are placed behind the unit. So, chances are high that they may be covered with dirt and dust if you haven’t cleaned them in the last 6 months.

If that is the case, clean the condenser coils and they will be able to dissipate heat efficiently.

ii. Examine the Evaporator Fan Motor

The evaporator fan motor sends air to the evaporator coils, which then spreads across the freezer. But then, if the evaporator fan motor is faulty, the freezer will not work.

Note that the fan motor does not when the freezer door of the Amana refrigerator is open. If the switch of the door is ON and the fan motor still does not work, then consider replacing it.

iii. Ensure that the Defrost Heater is Working Properly

A common reason why refrigerators fail to cool or freeze is when its evaporator coils are frosted over. If the defrost heater of your Amana refrigerator fails to turn on, then it means that frost will cover the evaporator coils. When this happens, the refrigerator and freezer will not be able to perform their functions.

Conduct a continuity test using a multimeter to know if the defrost heater is working properly. If it is, then troubleshoot other compartments of the refrigerator. However, if the problem is coming from the defrost heater, get a goof replacement.

iv. Examine the Temperature Control Thermostat

First off, the temperature control thermostat of a refrigerator is there to transmit voltage to the fan motor and compressor. If the temperature control thermostat fails, there will be no power transmission to the refrigerant system, and so, the freezer won’t work.

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To know whether the temperature control thermostat is defective or not, spin it from the lowest level to the highest level, and then listen if you would hear a “click“ sound.

If you hear the sound, it means the temperature control thermostat is not working. Also, do a continuity test to be doubly sure that the temperature control thermostat is defective before you replace it.

v. Troubleshoot the Start Relay

The start relay sends power to the refrigerator compressor. So, if there is an issue with the start relay, the compressor will run poorly or, worst-case scenario, not at all. And if the compressor does not run, there is no way for the freezer to cool.

So, you may ask: how do I know if the start relay is working? Well, simply turn off the refrigerator and take out the start relay from the compressor. Next, run a continuity test from the start to the run terminal, using a multimeter.

If you don’t notice any continuity, or maybe the start relay smells like it is burnt, consider replacing it.


Amana Refrigerator Not Cooling Enough – What to Do

If your Amana refrigerator is not cooling as much as you want it to, then ask yourself the following questions:

i. Is the refrigerator plugged in?

ii. Is the refrigerator cooling system turned on?

iii. Are the temperature controls set properly?

It’s needless to say that your refrigerator won’t work if it is not turned on. So, if your Amana refrigerator happens to be one of those refrigerators that require manual turning on after a power surge or power outage, ensure you turn it back on before worrying that it is not cooling as you want it to.

It may be that you even turned off the refrigerator yourself during a routine clean up. If that is the case, turn it back on and observe its cooling behavior.

Once you are sure that the cooling problem is not coming from the power source, check if the cooling system is “ON”.

Note that some models of the Amana refrigerator come with “Demo” or “Showroom” modes, which allow retailers to display the refrigerator in their stores.

These modes also allow you to deactivate the cooling system and leave only the interior lighting. If your Amana refrigerator comes with these modes, check to see if the cooling system is turned off.

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Once you are sure that the power source and cooling system are not the problems, then it has to be the temperature controls.

When a refrigerator is made, the temperature is set at mid-level at the factory, which is the recommended temperature setting for household use. However, if you notice that your Amana refrigerator does not form ice after 24 hours of uninterrupted use, then you can increase the temperature setting by one level.

Wait for another 24 hours before increasing it again if it still does not form ice. Meanwhile, if you feel like the refrigerator is too cold, reduce the temperature to the preceding level. Repeat this until you get the temperature that works best for your food items.

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Amana Refrigerator Not Cooling But Freezer Is Working — How to Fix

If you have an Amana refrigerator that is not cooling, even though its freezer is working, do the following:

i. Check the Damper Control Assembly

The damper control assembly opens and closes to allow the flow of cold air into a refrigerator. However, that will not happen if the damper control is bad.

So, check the damper control to see if it is bad and needs replacement.

ii. Check the Defrost Control Board

You need the defrost control board to tell you how frequently you have to carry out a defrost cycle for your refrigerator. If the defrost board is not working properly, your refrigerator would not run a defrost cycle when it supposes to. The implication of this is that frost will have a field day on your evaporator coils, and that will lead make it difficult for your refrigerator to dissipate heat. In the long run, your refrigerator will become warm.

So, it is important to check the working condition of the defrost control board to know whether to get a new one.

iii. Check If the Evaporator Fan Motor is Working

Another reason why your Amana refrigerator is not cooling is probably that its evaporator fan motor is bad. The evaporator fan motor is there to circulate cold air throughout your refrigerator, but that would not happen if it is defective.

To know if your Amana refrigerator cooling problem is emanating from the evaporator fan motor, rotate the fan blade with your hands. If the blade rotates freely, everything is fine.

However, if the reverse is the case, go get a new evaporator fan motor. Check out the video below to see how you can quickly fix your Amana refrigerator that is not cooling…

Final Words

You do not have to worry about saving up to get a new refrigerator if your Amana refrigerator is not cooling or freezing. With the solutions in this article, you will not even need to hire a technician to fix your refrigerator.

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