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How To Reset Your Samsung Refrigerator [Detailed Guide]


Samsung RF220NCTASG 22 Cu. Ft. Black Stainless French Door Refrigerator RF220NCTASG/AA

Before we get into how to reset your Samsung refrigerator, it goes without saying that Samsung refrigerators are some of the smartest cooling units around. With features like touch buttons, intuitive features, and digital display panels, they offer convenience and smart living.

However, some situations arise in which you have to reset your appliance due to various reasons. If you’re wondering how to reset your Samsung refrigerator, or you’re worried about causing further damage by pressing the wrong buttons, stay calm, we’re here for you.

Where is the Reset Button on a Samsung refrigerator?

The reset button on a Samsung refrigerator is found on the interior side of the refrigerator, either on the control panel or behind the ice bucket.

Not all Samsung refrigerators have a reset button. Samsung refrigerator reset buttons are commonly found in refrigerators with a water filter or ice maker. The reset button helps you restore your Samsung Refrigerator to its normal working mode.

For Samsung refrigerators with water filter indicators, the reset button comes in handy after you change the refrigerator’s water filter.

Signs That Show That You Need to Reset Your Samsung Refrigerator

Here are some of the signs that show that you need to reset your Samsung refrigerator:

Erratic Temperature Display

Maybe the temperature display is erratic and blinking wildly or it’s not even working at all.

This itself could be due to a number of reasons, such as improper closing of the refrigerator door, or leaving the door open for too long.

It could also be that you have some hot food in the fridge (it is always advisable to let food cool a bit before placing it in the refrigerator).

Unit Still in Shop Mode

It might also be that your refrigerator is in shop mode which is the mode the refrigerator typically is in the showroom.

In this mode, the lights would be on but the compressor won’t run. So, the cooling action will be off. The same goes for the ice maker and water dispenser.

That way, potential customers can see the nice features of the refrigerator, without it running any cooling operation.

On getting the unit, it would definitely need to be reset to normal function (this is usually done for you in case you forgot).

Also, somewhere along the line while using in your home, you may have accidentally pressed a button that took it back to shop mode.

Either way, a reset is needed.

You can check out this video to learn how to take your Samsung refrigerator out of Shop (Demo) mode:

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It is also important to note that Samsung refrigerators have the ability to self-diagnose. So, when a glitch or error occurs, it is quickly detected.

These errors are reflected in the form of error codes that show on the display panel. An understanding of what each code stands for would be of help to know what went wrong and what to do next. This is why it is it’s important that you check out the Samsung error code directory.

You can click here for a detailed list of common error codes in Samsung fridges, what they mean, and how to resolve them.

Now, usually, if it’s a minor glitch, the refrigerator should reset itself after a while but if it doesn’t, you can follow the steps below to reset your Samsung refrigerator

How To Reset Your Samsung Refrigerator: General Hard Reset

  1. Turn it off and unplug.

This simple move works with our smartphones, laptops, and maybe now, for your refrigerator.

We are not sure why it works, but this shut down seems to give allowance for the device to cool down, reboot and refresh.

For your Samsung refrigerator, use the ‘power off’ button to turn it off and then unplug from the power outlet.

  1. Wait awhile:

To allow enough time for it to settle and refresh, leave your refrigerator off for up to 10 or 15 minutes. Some experts would even recommend up to 24 hours.

  1. Plug the refrigerator in again and turn it on

By now, the refrigerator most likely would have rebalanced and recalibrated itself. Plug it into the power socket and turn it on.

How To Reset A Samsung Refrigerator From Shop Mode

To reset your Samsung refrigerator and get it out of shop mode, press the power freezer and power cool buttons simultaneously, holding it for a while – for about 2 to 5 seconds.

Then release the buttons. The refrigerator would have been reset and the cooling function will resume.

Samsung RF220NCTASG 22 Cu. Ft. Black Stainless French Door Refrigerator RF220NCTASG/AA


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How To Reset Samsung Refrigerator From Demo Mode

To reset your Samsung refrigerator and get it out of demo mode, press the Energy Saver and Freezer buttons at the same time, and hold them for about 10 seconds. Do keep in mind that this method works only for Samsung refrigerators from 2014 and older.

For newer Samsung refrigerators, you will need to press Freezer, Energy Save, and Lighting simultaneously. In some cases you will need to press Freezer, Energy Save, and Fridge and hold them simultaneously for about 10 seconds.

Once the demo mode is successfully reset (or deactivated), the display will show the refrigerator’s current temperature.

How To Reset Your Samsung Refrigerator: Control Panel

To reset your Samsung refrigerator control panel, simply press the Power Cool and Power Freeze buttons at the same time, and hold for about 10 seconds until you see the numbers on the display reset.

But what if your control panel is not displaying or the buttons are not working at all? Well, it could be that your refrigerator is in Child lock mode or there’s a glitch in the system.

Carry out a general reset by following the steps above. If that doesn’t work, deactivate the child lock mode (if it is on).

To deactivate the child lock feature on your Samsung refrigerator, simply press and hold the child lock button for a few seconds.

In the absence of one (depending on the model), follow the steps provided for your model in the product manual.

Another way is to carry out a control panel display reset.

To reset your control panel display, locate the reset switch at the top of the right door (interior side) and switch it off and then on again. The unit will reboot and the Samsung logo will appear on the panel.

If it doesn’t work, switch off again and leave for some time before switching it back on.

How To Reset Your Samsung Refrigerator: Wire Harness

At times, the display might blink an error code indicating that there is a communication problem between the refrigerator door and the main control unit.

This could be an issue with the wire harness connecting them.

Here again, knowing the type of problem through the specific error code would guide you.

To reset, switch off the unit and unplug. Then check the wire harness if it is disconnected.

If it is, simply reconnect. If it is in place, still disconnect it and then reconnect it back. Then plug it in and switch on the refrigerator. It would have removed the error code.

Here’s a video to guide you on how to check your Samsung refrigerator’s wire harness:


How To Reset Samsung Fridge Touch Screen

To reset a Samsung fridge touch screen, find a red switch on top of the fridge (This red switch is behind a small panel on the right door. The panel has Push written on it). Flip the red switch and then flip it back to its original position again. Your touch screen should start working now.

For a visual demonstration, watch the video below…

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How To Reset Samsung Fridge Temperature

To reset the temperature of your Samsung fridge, do the following…

1. Go to the control panel or touch screen display (Some Samsung refrigerator models have theirs inside the fridge while others have their displays outside).

2. Press the fridge button to display the current temperature (The temperature ranges from 34 to 44 degrees Fahrenheit).

3. Keep pressing the fridge button until you get to your desired temperature. Assuming you want to increase the temperature to 37 degrees and it is currently at 35 degrees, tapping the button once will take the temperature to 34 degrees which happens to be the lowest temperature for the fridge.

Tap the button again while it’s at 34 degrees and it will go up to 44 degrees which is the highest point. You can then press the button again to take it to 43 and so on until it gets to 37.

Important note: The temperature setting does NOT have up or down buttons but goes in circles from 44 degrees down to 34 degrees and back to 44 degrees.

For a visual walkthrough, watch the video below…


How To Reset/Change A Samsung Freezer Temperature

To reset or change a Samsung freezer temperature, do the following…

Step 1: Locate the control panel
Depending on the model of Samsung refrigerator you own, it could either be inside the fridge or outside. If it’s a model that has the control panel inside, make sure you turn off the child lock.

Step 2: Press the freezer button until you get to your desired temperature. Note that on some freezers, you will have to hold it for about 5 seconds so it stays on the temperature you set it on. Also note that the freezer temperature circles from -8 degrees to -7, -6, -5 and so on until you get to 5 degrees and back again.

For video demonstration of how to reset the temperature of the freezer of a Samsung refrigerator, watch the video below…


How Do I Reset my Samsung Refrigerator After a Power Outage?

To reset your Samsung fridge after a power outage, press the power save and lighting buttons for 10 seconds or press the fridge and freezer buttons at the same time for 10 seconds.

When you have a power outage, your Samsung refrigerator shows error codes 1E and/or SE. Holding the fridge and freezer buttons at the same time will reset the refrigerator and remove these error codes. However, you should try the power save and lighting buttons option first before resetting your refrigerator.

How To Reset Samsung Ice Maker After Power Outage

To reset the ice maker of your Samsung refrigerator after a power outage, do the following…

1. Pull out the ice tray. If this doesn’t come out you need to defrost your ice maker first.

2. Locate the reset button. Look to the side. You should see the blue reset button there.

3. Hold down the reset button till you hear a beep. This will reset your ice maker.

How do I Reset my Samsung Refrigerator 22E Error Code?

You can reset your Samsung refrigerator 22E error code by pressing the power and lighting buttons on the display and holding them down for 8 to 10 seconds.

The 22E error code only shows when your machine is not performing well or is broken. This error code can be caused by blade lock, water stagnation in the drainage, clogged vent hole, circuit board damage, melting system failure, motor problems, or wiring discontinuity.

If you try pressing the recommended buttons on the display and the error code does not go off, then you can check each of the possible problems individually.

How do I reset my Samsung refrigerator 33E error code?

To reset your Samsung refrigerator 33E error code, reboot the electronic control board by plugging the refrigerator into the power outlet and press the energy saver and lighting buttons for 8 to 10 seconds.

If pressing down the lighting and energy saver buttons doesn’t fix the code, then you will need to take more serious actions.

Other things you can do to reset your Samsung refrigerator 33E error code include repairing or replacing the thin wire around the inlet hose, replacing the microcircuit chip, replacing a possibly damaged left door, or fixing the damaged wiring.

How Do I Reset My Samsung Refrigerator Ice Maker

To reset a Samsung refrigerator ice maker, start by pulling out the ice tray. If this doesn’t come out easily, you will need to defrost it. Afterwards, press and hold the blue reset button (this is usually located at the side of the ice maker) for around 5 seconds or until you hear a chime. Put the tray back in and then ENJOY!

How To Reset Your Samsung Refrigerator: Filter Indicator

This applies to those who use any of the Samsung French door refrigerators which come with filter indicators to remind users to change the water filter in the refrigerator on time.

If this filter indicator is giving you issues, you can solve the problem by pressing a few buttons.

However, the particular buttons depend on the refrigerator model. For yours, you might need to press the alarm button, ice/water button, ice type/water button, ice type, and child lock buttons, or the crushed ice button.

Whichever works for the model you use (check the user’s manual), the buttons should be pressed and held for a few seconds before releasing.

You can also click here to read our detailed post or check out this video below for a visual guide on how to reset your Samsung refrigerator water filter indicator:


Best Practices

Overall, if nothing happens after attempting to reset your Samsung refrigerator, your unit might be in need of service. So, call a professional to have it checked out.

Also, keep in mind that there might be slight differences in steps required due to the difference in models. So, always check and stick to the instructions for yours.

A Quick Recap!

Samsung refrigerators can self-diagnose and communicate errors.

Usually, a general reset by turning the unit off is enough to reboot the system.

However, for specific issues that can’t be solved with that, pressing the right buttons according to the refrigerator model will get the job done.

If not, have a professional take a look.

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How to Reset Your Samsung Refrigerator — Related FAQs

Do Samsung Refrigerators Have Reset Buttons?

Unfortunately, not all Samsung refrigerators have a reset button. However, you can reset your Samsung refrigerator by pressing Power Cool and Power Freeze buttons simultaneously and holding them for about 10 seconds.

How To Reset Samsung French Door Refrigerator After Power Outage

To reset your Samsung French door refrigerator after a power outage, locate the power freeze and power cool buttons.
Press and hold down these buttons simultaneously till you hear a beep. This will reset your refrigerator.

What is the First Thing to Check if My Samsung Refrigerator Stops Working?

The first thing to check if your Samsung refrigerator stops working is your electric circuit breaker supplying power to the fridge. If you find out that your breaker has tripped, flip the breaker back on. But if your Samsung fridge stops working because of a damaged fuse, then you will need to get a new fuse and change it.

If you try the steps above with no results, check the outlet your fridge is plugged into. Plug in a lamp to see if it comes on. If it doesn’t, it means a circuit wire is loose or the outlet is bad. However, if the lamp comes on then the problem may be from your power cord.

Why is my Samsung Refrigerator Temperature Display Blinking?

The Samsung Refrigerator temperature display blinks when the refrigerator has an ultra-high temperature (above 59 degrees Fahrenheit) that needs to cool down.

The reason the internal temperature of your fridge rises could be because one of the doors has been left open for too long or the refrigerator is recovering from a power outage.

Meanwhile, remember that it takes a refrigerator up to 4 hours to cool to normal temperatures. So, if you just plugged it in or the power just came back on, wait for a while.







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