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How To Remove Samsung Refrigerator Doors

How to Remove Samsung Refrigerator Doors

So, you just bought your Samsung refrigerator and you’re yet to install it. If your refrigerator is quite large, you may have to remove the fridge and freezer doors before you can install it. If you are here for tips on how to remove Samsung refrigerator doors, then you can rest assured that this article will give you those answers.

For some people, removing the doors is not necessary. It is advisable not to even try to remove the doors if you don’t need to.

In fact, to keep your refrigerator intact and prevent all the stress of reinstalling the doors, don’t touch those hinges if you don’t have to.

But if you must, then come with us as we guide you on how to remove Samsung refrigerator doors.

How To Remove Samsung Refrigerator Doors — Step by Step Procedure

Unscrew the door

When you get your refrigerator to the point where you can’t move it anymore, open the doors.

Then, locate and remove the screws holding down the top table.

Afterward, separate the connected wires around those screws.

Disconnect the connectors

There are two connectors located on the door.

Depending on the type of Samsung refrigerator you purchased, they may either be on the left or right side of the doors.

Disconnect both connectors.

Then, remove the water coupler by twisting and pulling it from the hinge.

Note that if there’s a red clip on the water coupler, you should remove it before pulling out the coupler.

While pressing the round mouth of the water line coupler, remove the waterline.

Remove the hinge lever

To remove the hinge lever, simply pull it out.

Using a suitable lever (like a Philips Screwdriver), remove the ground screw attached to the door hinges.

Then, remove the left and right door hinges.

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Remove the door

After the door hinges are removed, there’s usually nothing else holding your door in place. But you must be very careful so that the door doesn’t fall to the ground to avoid further damages.

To remove the door, grab both ends and lift the door straight up. You can then continue with the moving and installation process of your refrigerator.

Re-installing your door can be done in the reverse order in which you removed it.

Need a video tutorial on how to remove your Samsung refrigerator doors? Check this one out!

How To Remove Samsung Refrigerator Doors Successfully — Quick Tips

  1. Ensure you know where the connector cables belong. One way to do this is by marking the wires or making a few notes when removing the door.
  2. If you already have your refrigerator plugged in, ensure you disconnect the fridge from the power source before you remove the refrigerator door or drawer.
  3. While removing the door, be careful not to scratch, damage, or drop the door in a way that it gets destroyed.
  4. Also, take proper care when carrying out the removal process (i.e. when handling all the equipment), so you don’t get injured.
  5. When you reattach the refrigerator door, ensure you don’t skip any step. If the door isn’t attached well, you could waste a lot of energy, and moisture would form in your refrigerator due to leakage from the door not being closed properly.


How To Remove Samsung Refrigerator Doors — A Recap

Removing your refrigerator door shouldn’t take you up to thirty minutes if you know the parts of your refrigerator well. If you don’t, you can still get this done, but at a much slower rate.

To remove your refrigerator door, unscrew the door, disconnect the connector and water line coupler, remove the hinges, and then raise the door out of its position.

If you find the process confusing or difficult, then it is advisable to call a professional to get it done.

Finally, be sure that it is absolutely necessary to remove your Samsung refrigerator doors before you remove them.

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