How To Change The Water Filter On Your Samsung Refrigerator

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So because you don’t know how to change the water filter on your Samsung refrigerator, you have been ignoring the dreaded red light on your display panel telling you to change it.  It doesn’t have to be so.

Here are simple steps on how to change the water filter in your Samsung refrigerator:

i. Shut off the water supply
ii. Remove the old water filter
iii. Insert the new water filter
iv. Place a reminder sticker
v. Turn on the water supply
vi. Flush your new water filter
vii. Reset your water filter indicator light

However, there’s more to learn.

In this post, we will show you how to change the water filter on your Samsung refrigerator with details and we will also let you in on when and why you need to make a change.

It’s simple and easy, we promise.

Why Should You Change the Water Filter On Your Samsung Refrigerator?

Your water filter serves to filter out impurities and keep your water clean, safe and of good quality and taste, because who knows what yucky microorganisms might be swimming around in your water?

Apart from microorganisms, a high percentage of water treatment residues, herbicides, pesticides, drugs, asbestos and other chemicals that might be in your water will be removed by a good quality water filter.

Moreso, you need to change your water filter to prevent sediments from building up and clogging your water supply valve and/or ice maker, especially if there is hard water in your area.

When Should You Change the Water Filter On Your Samsung Refrigerator?

Apart from knowing how to change the filter on your Samsung refrigerator, it is also important to know when to do so. Usually, you know it’s time to change your water filter when you see the red “Change Water Filter” indicator.

This usually comes on before the capacity of the filter is filled up (Samsung water filters have a capacity of 300 gallons before it has to be changed).

Even if this capacity is not met, you have to change your water filter every six months. You can anticipate and start preparing for the change ahead when it’s getting close to six months after the last change, or since you started using the unit.

Thankfully, your Samsung refrigerator has put measures in place to help you remember. The filter light will turn purple when it’s getting close to change time, and finally red when it’s time to change it.

Having this in mind will help you ensure timely change, keeping your water well-filtered and of good quality always.

How To Change The Water Filter On Your Samsung Refrigerator — Before You Change

Know The Type Of Water Filter

Check the model and part number on the old water filter. Refer to your refrigerator manual where it is sure to be written. If you’ve misplaced your manual, no worries, you can simply check the product sticker in or on your refrigerator where the model and serial number are written.

Then visit, type the model number into the search box and scroll to find the one you want which, in this case, is a water filter.

If you still have challenges finding a replacement, you can always reach out to Samsung support services.

Get Your Replacement Water Filter

Have your new water filter ready before you set about trying to change the old one. There is no point removing the old with nothing to replace it with.

Once you have gone through the first step and settled the type of water filter your particular refrigerator model uses, go ahead and buy it in preparation for the change day.

You can purchase from a local store near you, or order online on Amazon.  You can also purchase directly from Samsung by subscribing to the brand’s automatic water filter replacement plan. With this, you save more costs, get timely deliveries and can rest assured that you’re getting genuine water filters.

Please be sure that you get the right part on delivery because once opened, it cannot be returned.

Prepare The New Filter

Once you have it, prepare the filter for use by removing the carton and nylon used to package it. Also, remove the protective cap.

Locate The Water Filter

Note that this location varies across the different types and models of Samsung refrigerators. Read on below to get a detailed guide on where the water filter on a Samsung refrigerator is located, for different models.

Where Is The Water Filter On A Samsung Refrigerator?

As stated before, the location of the water filter on a Samsung refrigerator depends on the type of refrigerator you own. So if you have been trying to locate yours based on the configuration of a different model from the one you use, you won’t find it.

Side By Side Refrigerator

The water filter in a side by side unit can be found in the bottom drawer, right where fresh produce is stored on the right-hand side.

Here’s a video with details on how to change the water filter in a Samsung side-by-side refrigerator:



French Door Refrigerator

You’ll find the water filter for this model located in the fresh produce compartment, in between the crisper drawers.

Check out this video on how to replace the water filter in a Samsung French door refrigerator:


Four Flex Refrigerator

This model has the water filter located in the same place as the French door model, between the crisper drawers in the fresh produce compartment.

Note that these locations are common but not absolute. Sometimes, the water filter can be found in the freezer compartment (at the top right corner) or even at the refrigerator’s rear.

As always, the user’s manual will come in handy to be sure where your unit’s water filter is located.

Here’s a video on how to change the water filter in the refrigerator:


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How To Change The Water Filter On Your Samsung Refrigerator — Step-By-Step Guide

Now that you are ready, it’s time to change your water filter!

Step 1: Shut Off The Water Supply

Locate your water supply valve and shut it off before attempting to change the filter

Step 2: Remove The Old Water Filter

Once you have located where it is, remove the old filter from the housing by turning the knob in the counterclockwise (right to left) direction and pulling out as you go.

Remember to do this carefully and steadily as turning the filter might be difficult due to the tightness which helps to seal it in place. Apply extra pressure (gently please!) and go slowly if you need to.

If it is still very difficult, remove the water in the water dispenser completely to reduce the pressure in the filter housing. You should be able to remove the old filter more easily now.

Step 3: Insert The New Filter

After removing the old one completely, install the new water filter by doing the reverse of the removal process.

Insert it into the water filter housing and then turn the new filter knob in the clockwise direction (left to right), making sure that it locks into place.

Step 4: Place A Reminder Sticker

Samsung water filters come with date stickers in the packaging to help you remember the next change day.

Calculate 6 months from now and paste the corresponding sticker on the filter knob, so you can see it and remember.

Step 5: Turn On The Water Supply

Since the filter is now in place, go ahead and turn the water supply to your refrigerator back on.

Step 6: Flush Your New Filter

Before you start using your new filter, flush it by running about a gallon of water through it. Make sure to collect and discard the water.

Congratulations! Your new water filter is ready for use.

Step 7: Reset Your Water Filter Light

After installation is complete, you need to reset your filter indicator. Press the “Filter Reset”, “Ice Off” or “Crushed Ice” button, depending on what your refrigerator model uses (please refer to your product manual).

Hold the button for 3 seconds before releasing it. The filter light will change from red to its normal color.

Read our post on how to reset your Samsung refrigerator light to get more detailed information.

Meanwhile, if you want to learn how to reset your Samsung refrigerator, then click here to find out how to.

Quick Recap on How to Change the Water Filter on Your Samsung Refrigerator

Knowing how to change filter on Samsung refrigerator helps to ensure that you always have clean, safe and good quality water.

Make sure you get the right replacement water filter by checking the part number before purchase.

To change your Samsung refrigerator filter, locate the filter housing in your refrigerator, cut off the water supply and remove the old filter. Then insert the new one, reconnect the water supply, flush through and set reminders for the next change.

Enjoy your clean water!

This video will definitely come in handy someway somehow when you need to change your water filter. Check it out!


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