Where To Buy Refrigerator Parts

Whether you are a repair professional or you are a DIY enthusiast who loves work on faulty appliances and fix them yourself, knowing where to buy refrigerator parts is definitely a must.

Our research on where to get refrigerator parts led us to a few places and here they are:

i. Local appliance store
ii. Refrigerator resale and pawnshops
iii. From the refrigerator company
iv. Big-box stores
v. At a garage sale
vi. Resale and auction websites
vii. Online retail stores

Not only do you want to get good quality accessories and parts, but you also want to get them at good prices, as this would reflect on the overall cost of repairing the refrigerator.

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Where To Buy Refrigerator Parts — Before You Buy

Be sure you actually need a replacement

Few things are worse than wasting your money on something that is actually not needed.

If your refrigerator has issues and you have confirmed it is a specific part that is causing trouble, go further and confirm if you actually need to replace it. Otherwise, it may suffice to just repair it and the fridge can function as normal.

However, if it will cost more to repair the fridge part and its efficient work after the repair is not guaranteed or it is simply irreparable, then go ahead and buy a replacement part instead.

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Know the model and part number of the refrigerator part required

This is to prevent buying the wrong type of part as some are model specific. For instance, most Samsung side by side, four flex, and French door refrigerators use a specific model part number for the water filter. Imagine needing to change your water filter and getting the wrong type.

This would cause more stress and also waste your time with the whole process of returning the wrong part and getting the right one. That itself even depends on whether it can be returned or not.

It is especially harder when the part in question is scarce or exclusive and/or has to be ordered only from the refrigerator company directly or even from outside the country.

Are you considering getting refrigerator parts for your Whirlpool Refrigerator? Watch this video for tips on how to get that done.

Where To Buy Refrigerator Parts

Your Local Appliance Store

Apart from the appliances themselves, appliance stores often have appliance parts and accessories for sale too.

So if you need a good place to get that refrigerator part you need, chances are that the local store will have it.

Refrigerator Resale and Pawn Shops

These are shops that buy whole or parts of used refrigerators that are still in good condition from former owners and then sell to those who need them.

Compared to actually buying new refrigerator parts, used ones are often cheaper. So, seeking the one you need from places like this will help you save costs.

When looking to buy from resale stores, you can check local newspapers or yellow pages for their locations and even call ahead to ask if the exact one you want is in stock, so you don’t have to waste a trip across town.

Also, ensure that you check the part properly to ascertain that it is in good condition.

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From The Refrigerator Company

Some people might want to play it safe and buy from the refrigerator company directly. Some of these brands have service outlets nearby where you can either drop your refrigerator to be repaired by one of their in-house professionals. Alternatively, you can buy the part you need and fix it by yourself or request the services of a professional.

Check the brand website for such outlet locations and confirm if they have the part you need available for sale before you go pick it up.

Where to Buy Refrigerator Parts

Big-Box Stores

Not to be confused with regular departmental stores (some of which also have refrigerator parts for sale), big-box stores (or megastores) like Home Depot, Walmart, Sears, Lowe’s, Best Buy, etc. also sell refrigerators and their parts and accessories.
Since they often operate as a chain of stores, simply locate the one closest to you and walk in to buy.

At A Garage Sale

If you love hunting for treasure among used stuff, then you may just find the refrigerator part you need at someone’s garage sale.
Look out for ads announcing one near you and go try your luck.

Some of those selling simply what to get rid of old or underused refrigerators and might be willing to sell a part to you, especially if most of the unit has stopped functioning well anyway.

As long as the specific part you want is in good condition, you can get a good deal out of the whole venture.

Resale and Auction Websites

Explore websites out there that deal in the sale of used items. With some, you simply carry out a product search, make your choice among the options listed and talk price with the seller who might be willing to negotiate with you or not. These include Craigslist, eBay, Facebook Marketplace, VarageSale, Depop, etc.

Some, on the other hand, offer you the opportunity to compete with other interested buyers and bid on the price of the refrigerator part. Examples of these include Bonanza, Auctionzip, etc.

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Online Retail Stores

Amazon is one such store that easily comes to mind. This virtual store offers many items for sale, including refrigerators and refrigerator parts. Many individual retailers and brands offer their products for sale here, so this is one good place to buy refrigerator parts.

Note that many megastores, like the ones mentioned above, and refrigerator companies also offer the option of online shopping, apart from their physical outlets. You can check out their website, place your order and have the refrigerator part delivered to you.

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Where To Buy Refrigerator Parts — Some Things To Consider


There is a lot of options to buy refrigerator parts from. One thing to consider when making your choice, especially on whether you should go for a new or used refrigerator part, is your budget.

This also applies when choosing between picking up the part at the store or having it delivered to you, considering extra delivery costs.

The Urgency

While the idea of a garage sale might seem fun, you might want to consider how soon you need the refrigerator part. For one, you might not find the exact part you need. Even if you do, it might not be the exact same one you are looking for.

Also, it might be easier to order online, but the delivery might take a longer time than the time it would take you to go to the nearest outlet and get it yourself.

Quick Recap

As a refrigerator repair professional or DIYer, knowing where to buy good quality refrigerator parts is important. You can get from physical or online stores and you have the options to get used or new refrigerator parts.

Do you have a refrigerator or refrigerator parts you would like to sell? Then read our detailed post on where to sell your refrigerator.

You can also take advantage of the video below to learn how that’s done: