How Much Does Refrigerator Repair Cost? [Detailed Guide]

How Much Does Refrigerator Repair Cost

We may attempt and succeed at carrying out minimal repairs on our refrigerators by ourselves. But, there are certain problems that may require the services of an expert. Of course, this will require coughing up some money. So, eventually, you need answers to the question “how much does refrigerator repair cost?”

The cost of refrigerator repair falls within the range of 200 and 500 dollars on average. However, it is important to note that this cost range is not fixed. It may vary with the type and the severity of the problem, the brand or model of the fridge, and the timeline required to fix the problem.

As much as we may hate having to do them, refrigerator repairs are necessary sometimes. This is because refrigerators are a long-term investment and we expect to enjoy some years on them.

While carrying out a repair may be inconvenient and costly, it is not as bad as dealing with an inefficient appliance. This is because an inefficient appliance will give you issues and may be risky for your food and drinks.

Now, there’s a varying number of reasons why your refrigerator may require a repair. For instance, it could be that the refrigerant is leaking, the evaporator fan is malfunctioning, the control panel is faulty, or the compressor has broken down.

Whatever the issue may be, it is important to carry out some research and know how much it costs to repair a refrigerator (or at least have an idea) to make an informed decision. If it’s very expensive or won’t be worth it in the long run, then buy a new refrigerator.

How Much Does Refrigerator Repair Cost? — Possible Cost Components

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As we mentioned earlier, the cost of refrigerator repairs varies. Here are some of the factors that will determine what you may be required to pay for a refrigerator repair:

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Cost of Diagnosis

Before any good professional sets about repairing your refrigerator, he/she would want to know what exactly the problem is first. This will help to guide in the next course of action to take.

Upon diagnosis, you might find that what is needed might not even be a full-on repair, but a minor tweak or a total refrigerator replacement.

Whatever it turns out to be, proper diagnosis calls on the knowledge, expertise, and experience of the repair professional, so this will be duly charged.

Labor Costs

The actual cost of repairing the unit is another cost to consider. This is known as workmanship.

Some repairs are straightforward and quick, while some require extra time, concentration and caution, especially for delicate parts of the appliance.

Labor costs are usually charged on a per-hour basis. Although, some professionals charge per service, per refrigerator part, etc.

Thus, depending on how long it takes to fix the problem and the difficulty level, the cost of repairing your refrigerator might be high, moderate or low.

Availability and Cost of Refrigerator Parts

If the problem requires that you replace some parts of the refrigerator, such as compressor, motor, etc., then you must factor in the cost of those parts as well as how readily available they are.

Some parts can be bought in any shop around, while some are not easy to access. You may even have to order directly from the manufacturer of your unit or from someplace outside your locality or country.

Usually, the harder it is to access a replacement part, the more expensive it is.

GE WR55X10942 Refrigerator Main Control Board




Transportation Costs

Say you live outside the city or the nearest service expert is a good distance away from you, you will need to factor in transportation costs.

While it may be cheaper to lug your appliance all the way to the repair shop to avoid transportation costs, it certainly isn’t advisable as this might cause more damage to the refrigerator, so it’s better to opt for home service and pay for transportation.

However, it is important to note that the farther you are from your repair person, the higher the cost.


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Making A Choice with a Faulty Refrigerator — To Repair or to Replace

Making a choice as to whether to replace your refrigerator completely or repair it can be a tough process.

Also, if you choose to repair, the question of which repair company to call would arise.

If you don’t want to commit yourself too early, you can call different repair companies around you. Then, get a quote on how much they charge on each item on the breakdown list and compare the rates.

You can also opt for a diagnosis-only visit, after which you can decide whether to repair or replace the unit.

Some refrigerator repair brands offer premium services, which cost more, such as post-repair checkup calls and servicing, appearance revamping, brand-specific expertise, etc.

While it is tempting to go for a cheaper option, it is better to go for quality service from a trusted professional.

Consider looking up reviews online and asking friends for recommendations on a trustworthy professional who would deliver quality service and won’t take advantage of your lack of in-depth knowledge about refrigerators to charge you exorbitantly.

Need expert advice on how to make a choice between repairing or replacing any of your home appliances? Natalie from has exactly what you are looking for. Find out what she has to say in the video below:


How Much Does Refrigerator Repair Cost? — Conclusion

Regular maintenance and repairs are necessary if you want to get more years of efficient performance out of your refrigerator.

An idea of the average cost of refrigerator repair will guide your decision-making and prepare you ahead for the expenses.

All that said, the average cost of refrigerator repair is usually between 200 and 500 dollars. This may vary based on a few factors.

To decide whether to repair or replace or to opt for a certain repair company over another, getting a repairs quote ahead and having a diagnostic check done on the fridge is a smart first step to take.

Seek recommendations from people in your locality and check for reviews in order to get a trustworthy and high-quality professional to repair your refrigerator.

Related FAQs — How Much Does Refrigerator Repair Cost?

Is It Worth Getting My Fridge Repaired?

It is not worth it to repair a fridge or freezer if it is really old or it is a cheap appliance. The best way to know if it is worth it to repair your fridge is to calculate how much money you’ve had to spend on the fridge including any prior repairs or part replacements.

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If you have spent a ton of money on your refrigerator or freezer before now then it is not advisable to repair it again. This may be a good time to consider getting a new fridge or freezer altogether.

How Much Does It Cost to Fix a Refrigerator That is Not Cooling?

A refrigerator that is not cooling most likely has a dirty coil or a bad thermostat. It will cost you about 50 to 200 dollars to fix these two problems if you have a faulty thermostat or dirty condenser coils.

If you are considering the kind of repairs that are worthwhile, then it may help to know that cleaning a coil and replacing a damaged thermostat are two of the most worthwhile refrigerator repairs to make. More so, you can complete these repairs in less than an hour.

This doesn’t rule out the possibilities of other reasons that the fridge is not cooling. However, more often than not, any other reason may require more intensive repairs that are usually more expensive.

What is the Lifespan of a Fridge?

The lifespan of most standard refrigerators is between 10 years to 18 years. And on average, the life expectancy of a standard refrigerator is about 14 years.

Compact refrigerators, on the other hand, have a shorter lifespan which is usually between 4 to 12 years with a life expectancy of about 8 years.

However, in both cases, how well the refrigerator is maintained plays a major role in how long it will last.

What Can Damage a Refrigerator?

Two of the leading causes of refrigerator damage are high voltage surge and poor maintenance or the lack of it.

Some of the damage that can be caused by a lack of maintenance include a locked compressor, dirty condenser coils, or a faulty fan motor.

A high voltage surge, on the other hand, creates excess heat that can damage the refrigerator’s control board. Good enough, a damaged refrigerator control board can be replaced easily and at a little cost.

It, however, because more serious if the refrigerator compressor gets damaged by a power surge. This is because compressor repairs or replacements are intensive and quite expensive that one may be required to replace the refrigerator altogether.

2 Pack Voltage Protector Brownout Surge Refrigerator 1800 Watts Appliance


What are the Signs of a Bad Compressor?

Here are a few signs that your refrigerator compressor is bad:

  1. The fan in the refrigerator compressor stops.
  2. The compressor stops frequently.
  3. The refrigerator temperature is higher than the set temperature.
  4. The refrigerator is not cool enough.
  5. The compressor suddenly becomes noisy.

Of all the signs that indicate that a compressor is faulty, the sound the compressor makes is an easy way to know if your refrigerator compressor is bad. To find out, pull the fridge away from the wall and listen for a soft humming sound from ‘the refrigerator running. If you don’t hear this sound, then your refrigerator compressor may be bad.


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