How Much Does A Sub-Zero Refrigerator Cost?


How much does a sub zero refrigerator cost?
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Need answers to the question ‘how much does a Sub-Zero refrigerator cost?’ You are in the right place to get the information you need.

Sub-Zero refrigerators were manufactured over 70 years ago and have risen to the upper end of the price spectrum among other refrigerators.

Having said that, the price of Sub-Zero refrigerators varies with the style, design, and versatility of the different models.

For instance, Sub-Zero’s line of refrigerators includes side-by-side refrigerators, French-door refrigerators, bottom-mount fridges, and wine coolers; and they all have different price tags on them.

What’s more? Sub-Zero refrigerators are usually built-in models; which makes them pricier than freestanding refrigerators.

So, if you want to enjoy the benefit of a streamlined and neat profile look with a Sub-Zero fridge in your kitchen, then you need to be prepared to pay the not-so-cheap price to have it.

But that’s not all!

The price of a Sub-Zero refrigerator is also affected by the features (aka bells and whistles) that it offers.

So, in the next section, we will throw more light on the cost of a Sub-Zero refrigerator and features that contribute to its hefty price tag.

How Much Does A Sub-Zero Refrigerator Cost?

Sub-Zero refrigerators are very expensive because of their rich design and versatility. In fact, in some cases, you may be required to spend up to 9,000 dollars to get one.

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But just as we mentioned earlier there are certain features that affect the price of a Sub-Zero fridge that we will discuss shortly.

But first, is it worth it to by a Sub-Zero refrigerator? Find out in this short video below:

Features of a Sub-Zero Refrigerator

Here are some of the common features of a Sub-Zero refrigerator that affect its price:


The Sub-Zero refrigerator uses a microprocessor which is not common in most refrigerators.

This microprocessor is responsible for maintaining temperature and humidity levels.

It ensures that there are no temperature fluctuations and that your food stays cold all the time.

Vacuum seal

The Sub-Zero refrigerator makes food last longer because it is airtight.

Typically, unlike most other refrigerators from other brands, the drawers of the Sub-Zero refrigerator are magnetized to prevent leaks that may result in temperature inconsistencies.


Unlike your typical refrigerator, the Sub-Zero refrigerator has a compressor per compartment. In other words, one compressor works for the fridge while the other is for the freezer.

This prevents the moist air of the refrigerator section from mixing with the dry air in the freezer section.

Sub Zero 7006959 Replacement Refrigeration Compressor 1/10 HP R-134A R134A





Another amazing feature of the Sub-Zero refrigerator is that it comes in different designs. Regardless of your aesthetic preference, there’s usually one Sub-Zero fridge that will match your taste.

Here are some of the Sub-Zero styles:

i. Built-in: The built-in Sub-Zero refrigerators give your kitchen an elegant look.

Its doors are slightly protruded for easy access. Under this category, there are four different configurations: side-by-side, bottom freezer, column, and French door.

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ii. Integrated: The integrated Sub-Zero refrigerators are highly regarded among the Sub-Zero refrigerators. Their configuration options are almost limitless. Moreover, you can add your own cabinet panels wherever you want. So, you get to determine how your refrigerator looks.

iii. Pro-48: The Pro-48 refrigerators are the peak of the Sub-Zero refrigerators. They look and feel like a commercial grade fridge/freezer. Moreover, their elegant design makes them perfect for your home. The refrigerator, fridge drawers, and freezer have an evaporator each.

iv. Air purification filter: With the Sub-Zero refrigerator, food spoilage process is slowed down. When food gets spoilt, it emits ethylene gas. In such cases, the refrigerator uses an antimicrobial air scrubber to rid the air of this ethylene gas containing viruses, bacteria, and fungi every 20 minutes.

Nanotechnology Shelving

This is one of the features that make the Sub-Zero refrigerator expensive. Because every shelf in the refrigerator is coated with the nanotechnology feature.

By the way, this feature is incorporated into the fridge so that spills do not spread. So, rather than spread, spills thicken.


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How Much Does A Sub-Zero Refrigerator Cost? — A Recap

All that being said, there are different types of Sub-Zero refrigerators, each with its own price. However, most sub-Zero refrigerators are generally expensive.

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So, it helps to decide on what you actually want and why you want a Sub-Zero refrigerator before you buy one.

You may also check out our post on the general price of refrigerators for more information on what refrigerator to go for.