Maytag Refrigerator Stuck [Problems Solved]

Is your Maytag refrigerator stuck? Several things can cause it to happen, and we explain them in this article.

Maytag refrigerator stuck
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Maytag Refrigerator Stuck in Defrost Mode – Quick Fix

The defrost timer may be defective. Locate the timer and test it. You may find it at the back of the refrigerator, behind the front bottom toe grille, or in the control housing inside the unit. Use a small flat-head screwdriver and manually turn the timer. If it is the mechanical type, it usually goes in one direction.

If the timer turns and clicks, wait for the refrigerator to begin cooling. It should happen after a little while. But if not, you can run a continuity test using a multimeter, whether it is an adaptive type or a mechanical type. If the timer has no continuity, replace it. It is the timer that controls the defrost cycle, so it may be the primary cause of the problem.

However, if the timer is in good working condition, check other components of the system. Test the defrost thermostat; it should close contacts to allow electric power to flow to the defrost heater. Afterward, it opens contacts again, but this process is controlled by the timer. After determining that the timer is working, check the thermostat’s continuity using a multimeter. Replace it if there is no continuity.

The defrost heater may also be malfunctioning, causing it to remain stuck. If it keeps running even after the timer turns off the defrost cycle, it may have an electrical fault. Like the thermostat, check for continuity and replace the heater if you find none.

Finally, check the defrost control board. It governs the functions of the defrost system, including that of the timer. If it malfunctions, the system may not function as it should. Check for signs of arcing or burnt relays on the board. It is best to do it carefully because boards tend to be often diagnosed wrongly.

Maytag Refrigerator Stuck on Crushed Ice – Solved

Ensure you select the Crushed Ice option. Sometimes, it may be that you believe you selected crushed ice, while it is still on cubed ice. Therefore, check the selection and try the dispenser again. 

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If that is not the case, check to see if the Crushed Ice option was recently used. Typically, when you switch options from crushed to cubed, the ice dispenser dispenses some crushed ice before dispensing the cubes. If that is the case, wait patiently for the crushed remainder to dispense before getting ice cubes.

Another possible cause is that you recently removed the ice bucket. If you remove the bucket, it is crucial to insert it properly. Otherwise, the machine may not read it and keep dispensing the wrong ice option. Remove the bucket, check to see that no piece of ice is stuck behind or under it, and reinsert it. Push it as far back as it can go and ensure it is straight. Then, try using cubed ice.

If none of the above works, the ice bucket may have frozen ice in it, or the solenoid that activates the lever is defective. The lever has the job of lifting a hatch so that cubed ice can come out without being crushed. Without the solenoid, the lever does not work. You may need the services of a professional to check the metal rod and solenoid to ensure they are in good working condition.

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Maytag Refrigerator Water Filter Stuck – What to Do

If you own a Maytag refrigerator, the water filter is likely located in the bottom front grille. Typically, it is easy to remove and replace the filters because you only need to turn them slightly and pull them out or push a button to release them.

However, if the filter is stuck, it may be that you are not correctly pushing the button or turning the filter in the correct direction. Turn the filter a little to the left, a quarter turn. The vertical handle should turn to a 45-degree angle when you do so. Then, you can pull the filter out. If your model uses a button, push it until it is all the way in so that the filter disengages from the housing.

But if none of the above works, get a cloth and place it over the water filter cap. Next, get a pair of pliers and use it to turn the filter a quarter to the left. The cloth protects the cap from damage from the pliers. Then, pull the filter out when the cap turns correctly. Ensure you apply gentle pressure to avoid damaging the filter and causing the water system to stop working.

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These steps should help you remove a stuck water filter in your Maytag refrigerator. However, if they do not work, contact the Maytag Service Center, report the issue, and request service. Alternatively, hire a qualified appliance technician to inspect the filter and provide further assistance.

Maytag Refrigerator Ice Maker Stuck – Solution

Several reasons cause the ice maker in a Maytag refrigerator to become stuck. Check the dispenser chute to see if there is ice stuck in it. If that is the case, the flap or door cannot open to release the ice. 

Release the dispenser lever and open the door of the freezer. Look into the chute and remove ice fragments inside it if applies. You may need to flush the ice out using warm water or break it with a wooden spatula if the ice is in clumps.

Another part to check is the raker. If your ice bucket has a raking mechanism inside it, ice may be caught in it, preventing it from spreading the ice across the ice bucket to encourage proper dispensing. Turn off the refrigerator and check the ice maker. If there is ice caught in the raker, manually remove it to free the raker. Ensure it is completely free before trying the ice maker again.

You may not use the ice in the ice bucket as often as you make ice. If that happens, the ice may melt and refreeze, forming clumps in the bucket. As a result, you cannot dispense ice from the machine. Remove the ice bucket and check the ice in it. 

If there are large chunks, this explains the problem. Break the ice into smaller pieces and dump them out. Clean the bucket to ensure there are no ice pieces before putting the bucket back into place. Then, run another icemaking cycle and try dispensing again.

Maytag Refrigerator Ice Maker Arm Stuck – Fixed

The arm may be frozen. Typically, the arm goes up when the ice maker runs a full icemaking cycle to turn it off. After dumping the ice into the ice bucket, the arm automatically comes down to begin another cycle unless you turn it off. But if the arm does not come down, check to see if it is frozen.

Water may spill on the arm and over time, the constant running of the freezer freezes the arm. If you suspect the arm is frozen, take a blow dryer and hold it over the arm until the ice melts. Ensure you turn the refrigerator off before doing that. If that does not work, you may have a more complex problem.

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Loosen the ice maker and take the front cover off. Remove the screws securing the gear and motor mechanism, and check the lever. If the lever is not engaged, realign the mechanism following the tech sheet or other diagrams. Put the front cover back in place and turn on the ice maker. Allow it to run and cool for some time so that the thermal switch can cool enough to power the machine. If these do not work, have a professional inspect the machine.

Maytag Freezer Drawer Stuck – How to Fix

The first step is to check for ice obstruction. Ice may have built up inside the drawer over time, probably due to a malfunctioning defrost system. So, turn the freezer off and wait for a few hours for the ice to melt. Then, try opening the drawer.

If that does not work, it may be that an item inside the freezer is causing an obstruction. Pull the drawer out as far as it can go; jiggle it if necessary to loosen the item. Also, consider the rails; if the drawer is stuck, it may be that the rails need lubrication. Use a food-grade lubricant for this purpose. Pure mineral oil, unmedicated petroleum jelly, or pure paraffin wax can do the job.

The rails may also be broken or damaged. If that is the case, you will need to replace the rails. Hire a professional appliance technician or contact Maytag to report the issue and replace the rails. Furthermore, the defrost drain may be blocked, causing water to flow under the freezer, freeze, and lead to the freezer sticking. Clear the drain to encourage water flow and ensure the refrigerator is correctly leveled.

These steps should fix the stuck freezer drawer. However, if they do not fix the problem, it is crucial to seek professional help. Employ the services of a technician to check and service the refrigerator or inform Maytag about the problem for further assistance.


If you have a problem with a Maytag refrigerator stuck, it is crucial to find a permanent solution. The solution depends on the stuck part of the refrigerator; if it is the defrost cycle, check the defrost system. Check the freezer drawer, check for ice, items obstructing movement, rails, and defrost drain. This article is a comprehensive guide on fixing the refrigerator. However, contact Maytag for service or hire an appliance technician for further assistance.

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