Maytag Refrigerator Not Making Ice [Proven Solutions]

A vital aspect of a refrigerator is icemaking. So, if you find your Maytag refrigerator not making ice, it is crucial to find a lasting solution. This article provides proven solutions step-by-step.

Maytag refrigerator not making ice

Maytag Refrigerator Not Making Ice or Water – How to Fix

A few faults cause a Maytag refrigerator to stop making ice or water. The primary cause is a lack of water. So, check the water inlet valve, main water supply valve, and water filter.

1. Water Inlet Valve

If the water pressure is too low, the water inlet valve cannot open to allow water into the refrigerator. And if the refrigerator does not have water, it cannot make ice or water. Try dispensing water from the waterline. While doing so, ensure the line is not kinked or twisted. If it is, straighten it and ensure water flows well through it. Otherwise, the waterline is damaged and cannot deliver water anymore. In such a case, replace the waterline.

But if not, dispense water and check how quickly it fills a cup. Typically, it should fill up a glass within ten seconds. So, if it takes longer, the pressure may be too low. Hire a plumber to check the water system and fix possible issues. If you have an in-house reverse osmosis filtration system, it can slow the water supply to the refrigerator. Try running a separate line to the unit to try to improve the water pressure.

2. Water Filter

If the house does not have a reverse osmosis filtration system, the water filter may be old or improperly installed. Also, the water inlet valve may be defective. Remove the filter and put a new one; ensure it is the correct type for the specific Maytag refrigerator model.

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Try dispensing water with the new filter and see if it works. Also, try making ice. If the problem stops, voila! You are good to go. However, if it continues, you may have to check the installation and ensure the filter is the correct type. Also, be sure there is no damage or dirt to the filter head, no damage to the filter housing, and nothing is blocking the insertion point.

If none of these works, the water inlet valve may have a fault. Test the valve using a multitester. The solenoid may be faulty or the screen filter may be clogged. If the filter is clogged, dismantle the valve and clean the filter. But if the solenoid is faulty, replace it. Finally, if the inlet valve is not supplying water at all, replace it.

3. Dispenser Lock

Maytag refrigerators have a lock feature that prevents accidental discharge from the ice or water dispenser. If the lock is active, ice and water cannot work in the refrigerator. Therefore, check the unit’s display to see whether or not the lock icon is lit. In some cases, the display may show Control Locked. Locate the Lock button on the control panel and press it for about three seconds. The feature will be disabled and you can try the water and ice again.

4. Dispenser Switch

Whenever you depress the dispenser lever, it activates a switch that directs voltage to the dispenser. That way, the dispenser can produce water or ice. However, if the switch is faulty, there will not be enough voltage for the dispenser to run. Consequently, the dispenser cannot produce water or ice. Run a continuity test on the switch using a multimeter and if there is no continuity, replace the switch. You may need professional help to perform this task.

5. Door Switch

When you open the refrigerator door, the door switch turns off the dispenser functions. If the switch becomes defective, the dispenser may not work to produce water or ice. A simple continuity test using a multimeter informs you whether or not the switch is working. If there is no continuity, replace the door switch. Contact the Maytag Service Center for professional assistance if nothing fixes the problem.

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Maytag Refrigerator Not Making Ice Cubes – Fixed

The first thing to check is the freezer temperature. If it is higher than 5 degrees Fahrenheit, the ice maker may not work as it should. Adjust the setting and give the machine time to make more ice. The freezer temperature setting must be at 0 degrees Fahrenheit or a few degrees lower for the best icemaking results.

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If the temperature is not the cause of the problem, check the arm beside or under the ice maker. The arm must be down for the ice maker to make ice. If it is up, try lowering it and wait for the ice maker to work. But if the arm is stuck, follow this guide to fix the stuck ice maker arm. Some refrigerators control ice makers through a switch or button on the control panel. Locate the switch or button and turn the ice maker off and on again.

Inspect the ice bucket for ice clumps or jammed ice in the ejector blades. Loosen the ice if it applies, ensuring the blades are free and there is no ice stuck in the bucket. While doing this, check the water filter and replace it if it is older than six months. Also, check the water inlet valve to be sure it is supplying water to the ice maker.

The water supply valve must also be fully open so that water can flow from the main source into the refrigerator. If the water inlet valve is not working, replace it. The same applies to the water filter. Otherwise, the water pressure will be too low to reach the ice maker.

Note: These steps apply to a Maytag fridge not making ice even though the water is working. The same applies to all Maytag refrigerator models with ice makers that are not working.

Maytag Refrigerator Not Making Enough Ice – Quick Fix

There may not be enough water going into the ice maker. The reason may be that the water line is not straight or the water pressure is too low. Typically, it should be up to 30 psi to produce enough force. So, if the pressure is lower than recommended, adjust it as required. Use a plumber for the job to get the best results.

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But if the water line is kinked or twisted, turn the refrigerator off and move it. Nest, inspect the waterline and untwist it. Then, check to see if there is any damage. If there is, replace the waterline. Also, change the water filter if it is too old because particles can restrict the flow of water into the refrigerator.


If you have the problem of a Maytag refrigerator not making ice, it may be that the ice maker is damaged and needs a replacement. However, check the water inlet valve, water line, water filter, door switch, power switch, or ice maker arm before replacing the machine. One or more of these parts may need attention.

Also, if the refrigerator does not make ice or water, ensure the filter is not too old and the inlet valve is in good working condition. The water line must also be straight, not twisted. You will find steps to troubleshoot your refrigerator in this article. But consult the user manual for further instructions on replacing the filter or testing the valve. If nothing works, contact Maytag or hire an independent appliance technician for further assistance.

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