How to Reset a Thermador Refrigerator [In Minutes]

If you are looking for how to reset a Thermador refrigerator, read our clear guide here.

how to reset a Thermador refrigerator
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How to Reset a Thermador Refrigerator Filter Light

To reset a Thermador refrigerator filter light, press the Super and Ice buttons simultaneously for about 5 seconds. The filter light will reset.

Press the Reset button or the Filter button on the display panel and hold it for about 5 seconds to reset the indicator if your unit comes with a water filter indicator showing on the display.

Consult your manual for help if none of the above works with your Thermador refrigerator model.

The same steps apply if you are looking for how to reset the filter change light in a Thermador freezer. The filter may be due for a replacement, causing the reezer to beep. Resetting the filter should stop the freezer’s beeping noise and get it back to normal functions.

How to Reset a Thermador Freezer from Error Code E33

If error code E33 appears on your Thermador freezer, reset it by unplugging the unit for about one minute, which is sixty seconds. Afterward, reconnect it to the electric power and wait for the freezer to run to check if the error comes back.

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The error appears when you try dispensing ice from the ice maker in your Thermador freezer column. So, try dispensing ice after resetting the ice maker. If the error code returns and the ice maker does not dispense ice, you may have an irreparable issue with the ice maker.

In such a case, replace the machine or have a technician check the electronic control for the ice maker and replace it if faulty. The problem may not be with the ice maker but with the control board. Therefore, troubleshooting is crucial.

How to Reset a Thermador Refrigerator Alarm

To reset the alarm of a Thermador refrigerator, find out which alarm is beeping first:

1. Change Water Filter

Thermador refrigerators beep to alert you that you need to change the water filter. Simply change the water filter and reset the indicator. This will take care of the alarm.

Remember to change the water every 6 months, at least. You don’t have to wait until the filter alert starts beeping before you change it.

If you don’t know how to change the water filter, watch the video below to learn how…

2. Close Doors

Check to see if the doors are open or properly closed. If they are not, the door ajar alarm will keep beeping so that the refrigerator will not lose cold air. Close the doors and the alarm will go off. Be sure that no content of the unit is blocking the door from closing. And check the door seals to see if they are broken so you can replace them.

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3. Check for Malfunction

The refrigerator will beep if there is any part that is malfunctioning. So if you hear it beeping non-stop and there is no evident reason why, call Thermador help center or a qualified technician to take a look at it.

4. Adjust Temperature

If the Thermador refrigerator is not cold enough or too cold, the temperature alarm will beep continuously. Set the temperature according to the settings your manual indicates. Then, make sure nothing is blocking the air vents and that there is good airflow.

How Do I Reset My Thermador Refrigerator?

To reset your Thermador refrigerator, unplug the unit and leave it unplugged for at least 30 minutes. Plug it back in again. This will give the refrigerator a hard reset. It will also correct minor faults with the unit.

Additionally, be aware that resetting the water filter light after changing the filter also resets the whole refrigerator. The same steps apply if you want to reset a Thermador freezer.

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How to Reset a Thermador Ice Maker

To reset the ice maker in your Thermador refrigerator, turn it off for a few seconds, at least ten seconds, and turn it on again. Wait to see if the ice maker turns or if the power light turns on when you reset it.

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Then, it shoud begin to make ice afterward, so you should get a full batch o ice afterward. Contact the Thermador Service Center if the ice maker does not reset or any ice maker problem continues. The machine may need servicing.

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