Frigidaire Fridge Keeps Turning Off [Quick Fix]

A few defective components make a fridge turn off on its own regularly. So if your Frigidaire fridge keeps turning off for no apparent reason, find out how to fix it quickly.

Frigidaire Fridge Keeps Turning Off

Frigidaire Fridge Keeps Turning Off – How to Fix

Do the following if a Frigidaire fridge keeps turning off:

1. Check the Power Cord

Disconnect the fridge from power and inspect the cord for visible signs of fraying or damage. If it looks worn or frayed, it will likely not deliver power or voltage to the compressor of the fridge. It is actually that compressor that shuts off constantly.

The best fix here is to replace the cord. It is not an expensive fix and you will find the right yep for your unit if you buy with your fridge model number.

However, if the cord is working fine and is not frayed, or you replace it yet the problem persists, check the wall outlet. It may not be delivering the right amount of voltage to the fridge.

Connect another appliance to it and see if it powers. If the appliance comes on, the outlet may be working well. Otherwise, consider replacing it or moving the fridge to another outlet.

Another factor to consider is the fuse or circuit breaker that controls the fridge. If there is a fault, it would likely cause the fridge to trip off regularly.

Get a qualified electrician to take a look at the fuse box and determine how to fix it if there is a fault.

2. Set the Thermostat Correctly

If you set or adjust the thermostat incorrectly, the fridge would keep turning off. The reason for this is that the thermostat determines when the cooling system kicks into action by sending power to it.

So if the thermostat is not at the correct setting, the cooling system would not work and the fridge would keep going off.

Adjust the thermostat in order to take it to the correct setting and observe the fridge. If this does not happen, the thermostat may be defective.

As you adjust it, you should hear an audible click as the compressor comes on. If you hear nothing, test the thermostat with a multimeter. And if there isn’t any infinite resistance, replace the thermostat.

3. Test the Start Relay and Capacitor/Overload

A malfunctioning, defective, or damaged start relay keeps the compressor from running smoothly. And if the compressor does not come on and stay on, the fridge will keep turning off.

Detach the relay or overload assembly from where it is mounted on the side of the compressor. Take a multimeter and check it for continuity between its run and start terminals.

If you find no continuity, replace the relay or overload assembly. This way, the compressor will run and the fridge will stop turning off.

A sudden power outage or power surge can cause damages to the relay. If there has been a recent one in your area, it may be the cause of the damaged relay. Fortunately, replacing it is not expensive or difficult.

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4. Inspect the Condenser Coils

Find the coils and see if there is an accumulation of dirt and debris on them. If there is, it would explain the constant turning off and on of the fridge.

Clean them using a condenser coil cleaning brush. If you don’t have one, a vacuum cleaner with a brush or hose attachment will do. Remove the debris and dust on the coils and wipe any remaining ones with a rag.

However, if the coils need cleaning but are hard to reach, employ the services of a professional to clean them. That is unless your fridge has the Never Clean type of condenser coils.

A buildup of dirt on the coils causes the compressor to become hot. The heat from the refrigeration process piles on and overloads the compressor and fan motor. Eventually, the compressor shuts down, as well as the fridge.


An overload of the compressor is the reason why your Frigidaire fridge keeps turning off. Dirty coils, faulty thermostats, and bad relays contribute to making this happen.

Therefore, find out which of these is making the fridge keep turning off and fix it. But if you cannot do the repairs yourself, contact Frigidaire for assistance.

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