GE Refrigerator Ice Maker Jammed [How to Fix]

There are a few reasons why a GE refrigerator ice maker becomes jammed. This article lists them and how to fix them.

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GE Ice Maker Jammed – Quick Fix

The following are possible causes why a GE ice maker jams and how to fix them:

1. Ice in Clumps

Take the ice bucket out of the freezer and inspect the ice in it. If it is in clumps, it means the ice maker has a hard time dispensing the ice. As a result, this makes it look jammed.

What it also means is that you don’t use or dispense the ice as often as needed. Therefore, break the clumped ice up with your hand, if you can. If you cannot, throw the ice out.

Then, allow the ice maker to make more ice. But this time, be sure to dispense it as soon as the bucket is full.

Lack of use of the ice maker or the ice in the bucket causes the ice to melt and freeze again. When this happens, the ice becomes misshapen, forming clumps. These clumps are difficult to dispense and could cause the ice maker not to make more ice.

2. Ice Chute Obstructed

Ice or even dirt and debris can obstruct the chute through which ice goes through to the dispenser. If it seems the ice maker is jammed and there is no ice from the dispenser, take a look into the chute.

Clear any piece of ice or debris blocking the passage and try dispensing again. You can clear the ice by using a wooden or plastic spatula to gently but firmly push the ice in the chute. Doing this breaks up the blockage and frees the chute.

There is also the option of using warm water. Pour some warm water down the chute to clear the passage. Keep doing it until the water runs free and clear.

Ensure that the ice bucket has no ice or frost sticking to it. Take it out and clean it thoroughly so that any moisture in it doesn’t refreeze and form clumps.

3. Raker Bar Jammed

If your GE ice maker has a raker, check to see if there is any piece of ice causing it to stick. Remove the ice so that the raker can spread out the ice in the bucket evenly. Otherwise, the dispenser won’t dispenser the ice and the ice maker will seem jammed.

Additionally, reduce the amount of ice in the ice bucket per time. Doing this cuts down the chances of ice causing the raker to jam.

If none of the above troubleshooting steps works, contact GE Cares to report the ice maker issue and request service. You also have the option of chatting with any of our repair technicians right here. They have the expertise and experience to find the cause of the problem and fix it.

Quick Note

Unplug the refrigerator before running diagnostics or fixing anything if your GE refrigerator ice maker is jammed. Don’t actively work on a refrigerator that is still connected to electric power; it is dangerous to do so.

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