GE Refrigerator Sounds Like…[How to Fix]

If a GE refrigerator sounds like it has a problem, it probably does. In this article, we look at some of the sounds it could make and how to fix the causes.

GE refrigerator sounds like...

GE Refrigerator Sounds Like an Airplane

If your GE refrigerator sounds like an airplane, check the following and fix whichever is faulty using the steps given below…

1. Condenser Fan

If the sound is loud and coming from the back of the unit, then the likely origin is the condenser fan. Shift the refrigerator a little away from the wall behind. Take a look at the fan, which is usually beside the compressor.

You may find an external object caught in the blades. And as the blades try to turn, they make that sound. Therefore, remove such an object and clean the blades properly.

You may also oil the blades to reduce friction. Friction is a likely cause of the sound of an airplane.

However, if the blades are free of any restriction or obstruction, then check the motor. There may be something hooked to it. This is likely, considering its location on the refrigerator.

As with the blades, clean the external part of the motor, making sure nothing is caught in it. Then, test its bearings for continuity. A defective or poorly working motor could generate a lot of noise.

If the noise is coming from there and the motor has no continuity, replace it as soon as you can.

2. Evaporator Fan

Now, if the sound is coming from the freezer section, the evaporator fan is likely to be the origin. This is especially true if the sound increases when you open the door of the freezer.

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Unmount the screws that hold the interior rear panel of the freezer section in place. Remove the panel and inspect the fan. You are likely to find ice around it. The sound you hear would be the blades hitting it when they try to spin.

Defrost the freezer manually to melt the ice and stop the noise. Empty the refrigerator and store perishable food items in a well-insulated cooler or another refrigerator.

Unplug it from the wall outlet to which it is connected. Place towels around the bottom of the unit and open the doors.

Give the refrigerator and freezer compartments about 12 hours to fully defrost. This will take care of the ice around the fan.

However, it is important to find out why there is an ice buildup there in the first place. The most possible reason is that the defrost system has failed.

Therefore, test all the components of the defrost system to determine which of them is faulty. If you are not sure about handling this troubleshooting step on your own, have a qualified service agent handle it.

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GE Refrigerator Sounds Like a Jackhammer – Quick Fix

If you hear a sound like a jackhammer coming from your GE refrigerator, find the location from which the sound is coming.

If it is from the back of the refrigerator, then check the start relay attached to the side of the compressor. Without turning the unit off, wait for the sound to come again. You will be able to tell if it is coming from the compressor area.

If it is, you will have to replace the relay. This is because it has failed and is causing the compressor to have a hard time starting and running.

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However, if the sound is coming from the water line and valve area, turn off the refrigerator’s ice maker. Leave it off for about one hour, to see if the sound comes again within this period.

If the sound doesn’t come within that hour, then it was coming from the water inlet valve. It is likely to have developed a mechanical fault. Replace it because you cannot repair or fix the damaged one.

Buy from GE or a trusted refrigerator parts dealer. And be sure to use the old valve’s parts number or the model number of your refrigerator.

GE Profile Refrigerator Sounds Like a Woodpecker – Quick Fix

Check the fans – the condenser fan and the evaporator fan. One or both of them could have malfunctioning motors.

If the sound is coming from the back of the refrigerator, remove the bottom panel to see the compressor and condenser fan.

There could be something caught in the blades of the fan. Therefore, remove any debris or object there and clean the blades.

But if the sound comes when you open the freezer door, it is coming from the evaporator fan. Ice could be built around it. So, open the interior back panel inside the freezer and check for ice buildup.

If there is any ice, thaw it by defrosting the freezer manually. Just unplug it and leave the doors open for some hours. Be sure to remove food items and store them somewhere else.

What Else to Check

The sound that is like a woodpecker pecking inside your GE Profile refrigerator, or any other type of refrigerator, is a gurgling sound.

It could be the sound of the refrigeration oil working its way into the refrigerator’s evaporator, passing the capillary tube. The sound is generated when the oil passes the point where the evaporator meets the capillary tube.

While it is not a sound that is harmful or damaging to your refrigerator, it can be really disturbing. But the fix here is to replace the evaporator after cutting it out, which will cost you a lot of money.

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Another option is to buy a kit for anti-gurgling. The kit will greatly dampen the noise but won’t remove it entirely.

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GE Fridge Sounds Like Machine Gun – Quick Fix

Check the supports for the fridge’s compressor. One or more of them could be loose. And when they are, the compressor makes that machine gun-like sound when it is powering down.

Connect new springs to the loose support. It will stop the compressor from vibrating and hitting on metal. And the sound will stop. This is especially needed if the fridge is old.

However, if there is no loose support around the compressor, check the condenser coils for debris and dust. Clean them and check the blades of the condenser fan, too.

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When a GE refrigerator sounds like something is wrong, it is most likely that something is wrong. Therefore, don’t hesitate to find the cause of the unusual noise and fix it quickly.

If you have a hard time fixing the problem, contact GE Cares to request service. Otherwise, use the chat box to your right to speak with our repair technicians. No expensive in-house calls and no time-wasting.

Remember to disconnect the refrigerator from the wall outlet as it is dangerous to do any repair or diagnostic work on a unit still connected to electric power.


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