GE Refrigerator Ice Maker Water Line Frozen [How to Fix]

If a GE refrigerator ice maker water line is frozen for no apparent reason, this article shows you how to fix the problem quickly.

GE WR30X10097 Icemaker Assembly for Refrigerator

GE Refrigerator Ice Maker Water Line Frozen – Quick Fix

Take the following steps if you find that the water line of your GE refrigerator ice maker is frozen and you want to use a hair dryer:

Step 1

Remove every content in the freezer. If there are perishable food items, find a well-insulated cooler and store them in it. Be sure to use ice packs in order to retain the coldness. Otherwise, use another freezer if you have access to one.

Step 2

Move the refrigerator a little away, to separate it from the wall behind it. Move it just enough to allow you to unplug the power cord. This also gives you the opportunity to turn off the water inlet valve. The valve is usually at the back of the refrigerator.

Step 3

Take a look at the ice maker inside the freezer. Remove the ice bucket under the ice maker. You will notice that there are 2 bolts or screws that hold it secure to the wall of the freezer. Loosen them but don’t remove them.

Now, there are 2 brackets on which the screws mount. After you loosen the screws, lift the ice maker up. Doing this releases the 2 brackets from the screws as they are attached to the ice maker.

Step 4

Next, locate the wiring harness that connects the wires of the ice maker to the freezer’s back wall. Squeeze the sides of the harness and disconnect it from the wall in order to free the ice machine.

Now, the machine is completely unentangled so you can remove it from the inside of the freezer. Place it on a thick towel on a flat surface.

Step 5

You will see the water line protruding from the back wall of the freezer. Take a hair dryer and plug it into the closest wall outlet that is grounded.

Turn it on and set it to the highest point. Point it to the water line and hold it steady until the ice clogging the line thaws and falls out of it.

However, you have to do this carefully. The water line is made of plastic and can get warped by heat easily. If you use high heat on it and channel the heat directly, it can destroy the line.

Therefore, move the dryer around from time to time to reduce the effect of the heat. You can also reduce and increase the heat intermittently for the same effect.

Step 6

Reconnect the wire harness to the freezer’s back wall, just beside the water line. Next, hang the brackets of the ice maker back on the loosened screws. Tighten the screws in order to keep the machine in place.

Step 7

Reinsert the ice bucket, turn on the water valve again and plug back the cord of the refrigerator into the electric outlet.

Allow the freezer to cool somewhat before restocking it with the items you removed earlier. However, ensure the temperature setting of the freezer is not higher than 5 degrees Fahrenheit or lower than 0 degrees Fahrenheit.

Anything lower is likely to cause the line to freeze again. And anything higher will cause cooling problems.

Important Note

Ensure there is no ice on the roof of the freezer when you are using the dryer. And be sure to hold the dryer level so that the back end does not point upwards.

If there is ice or even water droplets on the freezer’s roof and it drops on the upturned dryer, it can cause electric shock.

Additionally, most GE ice makers have power cords that connect them to the unit. Some also have On and Off switches. Be sure to turn the switch off and unplug the cord before following the steps above.

Other Ways to Thaw the Water Line

Apart from using a hair dryer, you can use a warm cloth to melt the ice in the water line. Just soak a cloth or towel in hot or warm water, squeeze it and apply it to the tube. Keep doing this until the ice melts.

It may take a longer time than using a hair dryer but it is safer.

You can also manually defrost the entire unit in order to thaw the ice in the water line. Empty the refrigerator of all contents, unplug it, place towels around it and leave the doors open.

When all the ice melts, the ice clogging the water line will also melt. It is also a long process but it is safe.

How to Unfreeze Water Line in a GE Freezer Door

If the water line in your GE refrigerator freezer door is frozen, you can use a water line buddy.

Place towels down in front of the unit, on the floor. Tuck a towel directly under the dispenser. These towels are to catch any dripping water from the dispenser as the ice thaws.

Next, fill the tube of the buddy with hot water. You can put some hot water in a cup and fill the tube from it.

Now, insert the hose of the buddy up the water line as far as the hose can go. Inject the hot water into the line until there is none left in the tube. Repeat the process until the ice starts melting and dripping onto the towel.

You will know if this worked by trying to dispense water out of the unit. If water comes out, you know the water line in the door of the freezer has thawed.

Here is a visual representation of how to thaw the ice in the line using a water buddy…

It is important to note here that using a hair dryer instead of a water buddy is effective. However, it is dangerous.

Not only is the heat likely to destroy the refrigerator but the dripping water could drop on the dryer and cause electric shocks.

Keep the water line from freezing by keeping the temperature in the freezer between 0 degrees Fahrenheit and 5 degrees Fahrenheit. If the temperature is lower than 0 degrees, the water line, along with other parts, is likely to freeze easily.

In addition, check the door seal. If there is a gap or the seal is weak, warm air will easily enter the refrigerator. And when this happens, the moisture in the warm air will form frost and lead to quick freezing.

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If your GE refrigerator ice maker water line is frozen, thaw it using the manual defrost method or the hair dryer method. However, using manual defrost is safer.

But if the line keeps freezing, there is more to it than just a freezer that is too cold. Contact GE Cares to report the issue and request service.

Alternatively, chat with our refrigerator technicians here. They are ready to offer assistance in fixing the water line issue.

Always unplug the refrigerator from the electric wall outlet before commencing any repair of this nature. Doing this keeps you safe from accidental electric shocks. It also keeps the refrigerator from getting damaged.


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