How to Install a GE Ice Maker [Quick Guide]

Installing a GE ice maker is not a difficult task at all. Learn how to install a GE ice maker by following the simple steps explained in this guide.

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Like other refrigerators, GE refrigerators have different models. The type of model determines the process of installing the ice maker. However, these steps work for different types of GE models, whether or not there is a water line.

How to Install a GE Ice Maker

Follow the steps below to install your GE ice maker:

Study the User Manual

Get the user manual and study it carefully. To do this, turn to the back of the refrigerator and locate the label first.

Then, check which letter represents the section for ice maker installation instructions. Go to the content page of the user manual and locate the letter and the corresponding page number. Then, open the page and go through the information there.

Get Acquainted with the Refrigerator Icemaker Assembly Kit

To get acquainted with the refrigerator ice maker assembly kit, place the kit on a flat surface. Then, bring out all the parts in it.

Next, match them with drawings displayed on the user manual. This way, you get to know the names of the ice maker parts and their uses.

Unplug the Refrigerator

Remove the power cord of the refrigerator from the wall outlet if it is reachable. If you cannot reach it, locate the circuit breaker and trip it.

You must always unplug your refrigerator before working on it to ensure safety. This will prevent any accidental discharge of power.

Install the Ice Maker

To install the ice maker, open the freezer door and bring out the shelves in it. Then, check for an ice maker water line.

If you cannot find it, it implies that you’ll have to install an ice maker water line first.

To do this, find a wire harness or circular filter cover on the top left corner of the freezer. Use a flat head screwdriver to remove the cover.

Then, pull out the wire in the hole. Get the water line from the ice maker assembly kit and pass it through the harness or circular opening. Connect the wire of the water line to the wire connector of the freezer, and tuck them back into the opening.

Next, adjust the ice maker water line clip to stay firmly on the freezer wall. This will help the water line to stick to the freezer wall

After fixing the ice maker water line, loosen the screws on the wall of the freezer but do not remove them.

Next, get the ice maker and switch it off. Then, assemble the ice maker correctly. Place it on the freezer wall where the screws are. Now, lift the ice maker brackets to rest on the loosened screws before tightening the screws firmly.

Now, plug the power cord of the ice maker in, through the port on the wall of the freezer. Snap it in tightly and lastly, place the ice bucket beneath the ice maker.

This video clearly explains how to install your GE ice maker…

However, if your GE refrigerator already has a water line, there is no need to install another water line. You just need to place your ice maker on the wall of the freezer, plug it in and tighten the screws.

Fix the Water Valve Assembly

With the icemaker in place, undo the screws at the back of the refrigerator and remove the panel. Next, locate the water valve assembly by the side of the compressor and insert the water line into it

After doing this, find the wire connector on the right side of the compressor. Plug the water valve into the terminal of the wire connector. Then, fasten it to the body of the refrigerator to position it firmly.

Next, use a plier to insert the water line into the plug that came with the icemaker kit. Check for the ice tube opening and stick the plug firmly to the opening. Then, place fasteners or sellotape to secure the position of the water line to the water valve.

Now, connect the ice supply wire to the water line wire with a Y-connector. With this, the ice maker wire, water valve and water line wire will be interconnected. Then, turn on the water supply to check if water will flow through the water line wire.

Finally, position the water line wire and mount the screws on the panel at the back of the refrigerator. Then, switch on the freezer and ice maker.

You can test-run it for about 24 hours to determine if the ice maker was installed properly.

If you need more information on how to install the water valve assembly, you can watch this video…

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Important to Note

After installing the ice maker in your GE refrigerator, it is important to note that you should not use the ice produced immediately. This is because there is a need to flush out any dirt in the water line.

Also, the parts of the ice maker should be handled carefully to avoid damage. In case there is any, it can be fixed quickly by replacing the damaged part.

To do this, purchase the part that is damaged. Unplug the refrigerator, open the freezer door. Then, disassemble the ice maker and replace the new part.

You can also purchase a new ice maker assembly that suits your GE model to replace the entire ice-making system.

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