Samsung Ice Maker Is Only Making Crushed Ice [How to Fix]

Looking for how to fix a Samsung ice maker that is only making crushed ice? Look no further for you have come to the right place.

Samsung ice maker is making only crushed ice
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Samsung Ice Maker Only Makes Crushed Ice – Solutions

If a Samsung ice maker only makes crushed ice, check the setting of the temperature of the freezer. It is likely to be set too low.

When the temperature is set too low, the ice becomes too brittle. So, when the ice maker is harvesting it into the ice bin, it shatters into bits.

Therefore, increase the temperature setting of the freezer to the recommended point. Don’t set it lower than 0 degrees Fahrenheit.

But if the temperature setting of the freezer is just right yet the ice maker only makes crushed ice, then the dispenser is not working properly.

To determine why this is so, do the following:

1. Be Sure to Select Cubed Option

It is important to be sure you selected the cubed ice option on the control panel. If you accidentally select the crushed ice option, the unit will dispense only crushed ice. It is easy to think you selected cubed ice when, in fact, you selected crushed ice.

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2. Take the Ice Bucket Out

If you are sure you have selected the cubed option yet you are getting only crushed ice, take the ice bucket out.

How you remove the ice bucket will depend on the refrigerator model you have. Consult the user manual of the refrigerator to see instructions.

But most ice makers are easy to remove. Just put your hand in the opening at the bottom or grab the bottom. Then. with the other hand at the top, lift the bucket slightly and pull it towards you.

If there is any ice in the bucket, dump it in another container that is suitable or throw it out completely.

3. Inspect the Bucket

Check the area from where the ice bucket discharges ice. You should see it set to the cubed position, that is, it should be open. If it is closed, it means that the dispenser is stuck in the crushed ice position.

This could be a result of ice stuck in the discharge area of the bucket. So, pour warm water into the ice bucket so that it runs through the opening. The water will melt or dislodge any ice wedged there.

Pour the water until it runs clear or until you are sure there is no longer any ice there.

4. Test the Actuator Rod

The actuator rod is that thin rod that protrudes from the bottom of the ice bucket when you take it out.

Turn the rod and as you do, monitor the discharge area of the ice bucket. If it is working properly, it should close and open as you turn the rod. If this does not happen, something is wrong with the bucket. It probably should be replaced.

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Samsung DA97-05239E Ice Bucket Assembly, 10x5x5, White






5. Put the Ice Bucket Back

However, if the discharge area closes and opens as it should, then reinsert the ice bucket and make sure it snaps into position. If not, the motor won’t sense it and there will be no ice production.

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Samsung Refrigerator Does Not Crush Ice – What to Do

Check the ice discharge area of the ice bucket if your Samsung refrigerator does not crush ice. A common reason is that the area is stuck in the wrong position, meaning that the area remains open when it should close.

As with when the ice maker gives only crushed ice, run some water through the ice bucket opening to dislodge any ice lodged there. The likeliest reason why the area is stuck in that position is that pieces of ice are keeping it from moving.

But after running the water through the opening, make sure the rod that turns to open and close the area is working as it should. If it is not, it means the ice bucket is defective and you may have to replace it.

Important Note

It is important to know when to replace the ice bucket. If you follow all the steps necessary yet you are not getting the result you want, replace the bucket or call for professional help.

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In addition, the problem may not be from the ice bucket. So, to determine the cause of the problem, call a professional refrigerator repair agent to inspect the ice maker, find the fault and fix it. And if there is any replacement part needed, they are in the best position to advise you.


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