Samsung Ice Maker Not Filling with Water [How to Fix]

If your Samsung ice maker is not filling with water, you are not alone. In this article, we discuss this problem and how to fix it.

Samsung ice maker not filling with water
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Samsung Ice Maker Does Not Fill with Water – Quick Fix

The following are possible reasons why a Samsung ice maker does not fill with water, or gets water but not enough, and how to fix them:

1. Ice Maker Is Off

Take a look at the On/Off button of the ice maker if it has one. Be sure it is in the On position otherwise, the ice maker won’t work.

If the ice maker does not have a button, take a look at the control panel. Some models have the Ice On or Ice Off icon to show when the ice maker is turned on to make ice. Be sure that the Ice Off icon is not lit. if it is, consult your user manual to determine how to change it.

While this sounds silly, it is one of the commonest reasons for this problem.

2. Water Filter Needs to Be Changed

Replace the water filter if it has been in use for more than 6 months. And if you recently changed it, check to be sure you installed it properly. This is because an improperly installed or clogged filter can reduce the flow of water into the ice maker.

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If you are not sure how to replace the water filter, consult the user manual for your specific Samsung refrigerator model. And be sure to get the right type of filter for the unit, otherwise, it won’t work.

3. Water Inlet Valve Is Defective

Low water pressure can affect how well the inlet valve allows water into the ice maker. Therefore, ensure that the water pressure is at least 20psi and not more than 120psi. If not, there will be no water in the ice maker.

To determine this, dispense water up to ¾ of a water glass in 10 seconds. If it is slower than this, the pressure is not enough. Increase it or have a professional come and fix it.

However, if the pressure is enough, test the solenoid of the valve to ensure it is getting power. If there is no power or continuity, replace the inlet valve as soon as possible.


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4. Water Line Is Frozen

Unplug the refrigerator and disconnect the water line from the valve and check to see if it is frozen or clogged. If it does not feel cold to the touch, it is probably blocked by deposits from the water over time.

Pour some distilled vinegar down the line to loosen the debris and remove it. Do it as many times as needed to clear the blockage.

But if it is frozen, leave the unit unplugged from power for some time so that the ice in the water line can melt. This also means storing the food in the unit somewhere else so they don’t defrost and spoil.

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5. Control Arm Is Off

If the control arm is up, it means the ice maker won’t be able to run the cycle of making ice. It also means water cannot fill the ice maker. Push it to the up position so that water can fill the ice mold and make ice.

It is easy to accidentally push the arm down, especially when trying to fix something in the ice maker.

6. Ice Maker Needs a Reset

Most ice makers in Samsung refrigerators need the ice bucket removed before you can reach the reset or test button. To find the button on your ice maker, check the user manual for the refrigerator.

Press the button when you find it and hold it until there is a beep or a chime. This indicates that the ice maker is testing or resetting. After a few minutes, another beep or chime tells you the cycle is complete and the test is successful.

Doing this usually fixes minor errors and faults in a Samsung ice maker. But if the problem continues, contact Samsung to request service. Alternatively, chat with any of our refrigerator technicians who can offer expert advice.

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Quick Note

Avoid pressing the test button multiple times. Doing this could damage it or cause an overfill of the ice maker when it resumes normal operations.

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If your Samsung ice maker is not filling with water and you want to troubleshoot, know when to unplug the refrigerator. Doing this prevents accidental electrocution and damage to the unit.

Additionally, if you are not sure about how to fix the issue, it is best to call a professional. It saves you time and money in the long run.


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