Samsung Refrigerator Hot Between Doors [How to Fix]

One of the commonest problems with many side-by-side refrigerators is that they get hot between the doors. So let us look at the problem of a Samsung refrigerator hot between doors.


Samsung refrigerator hot between doors
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Samsung Refrigerator Hot Between Doors

If your Samsung refrigerator is hot between the doors, check the following parts:

1. Condenser Fan

The condenser fan helps reduce the heat that the refrigerator carries. So if it is not working properly or not working at all, the unit will become hot. One of the places where the heat manifests is between the doors, on the center panel.

Therefore, check the condenser fan. If the blades are stuck together with gunk or dirt, clean them and remove every dirt. Ensure they are spinning freely. If they don’t spin well, it could be as a result of a bad motor or the blades need to be replaced.

Now, if the blades are fine, then check the motor of the fan. If the fan works overtime, it will affect the motor. It will stop working earlier than it should because of the extra burden.

Test the fan using a multimeter to check if there is continuity. You can test the bearings of the motor. If there is no continuity showing on the multimeter, replace the motor because it is damaged.

2. Condenser Coils

The main job of the condenser coils is to release the heat from the refrigerator. If they are even slightly dirty, it will affect how well they release the heat.

And if they are significantly dirty, they may not be able to release the heat at all. Therefore, the heat stays in the refrigerator, often reflected between the doors, on that center panel.

Take a look at the coils, often found behind or under the refrigerator. You can tell if they are dirty or how dirty they are just by looking at them.

Clean them thoroughly using a coil brush or the brush head of your vacuum cleaner. If there is any leftover dirt, clean it off with a soft cloth. And if there is grease on them, mix mild soap in warm water and clean them until they are no longer greasy.

The condenser coils should be cleaned at least every 6 months. And this routine should be maintained so that they can retain their ability to release heat from the refrigerator. Otherwise, the unit will overheat and the condenser will be worse for wear.

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3. Door Heater

Some older model refrigerators come with door heaters. Newer models don’t have this system; they usually have a hot condenser tubing in order to conserve energy.

The heating system usually runs down the panel between the doors in order to keep the unit from rusting and condensation from forming. It goes through the panel to leave it warm but it never leaves the panel hot.

However, there is a chance the heating system could malfunction, causing the panel between the doors to become hot.

If you have checked the condenser fan motor along with the condenser coils and they are working well, have a qualified refrigerator technician check the system to verify if it is causing the problem.

Chat with any of our experienced appliance technicians. They can give you expert advice and assist you in fixing the problem.


Before checking these parts, switch the refrigerator off by unplugging it from the wall socket. This is the first safety step when working with electrical appliances, to prevent accidental electrocution.


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